StarCraft II Update Brings Separate MMR Per Race

Good news for StarCraft II players who play several factions: you’ll soon have a separate matchmaking rating for each one, meaning you can play/learn/try something different without tanking your ranking. Bad news for insecure SC2 players who try the “yeah but this is my first time ever playing Zerg ever in the world ever okay” excuse when losing: that won’t fly any more.

Update 3.7, which hits the North American servers today, also boshes in psychic superspy Nova as a new paid commander in the Co-op Missions mode.

As of 3.7, StarCraft II will track your MMR as each race – and as random – separately, which is a nice touch for people who don’t focus on one. You can be an amazing Zerg and a stinking awful Terran and still play opponents at your level as each. Also, you can now try your luck with the “Maybe I suck at Zerg but I’m a doublegold diamondplus Protoss champion Grandmaster Flash” excuse when you’re being stomping and want to spew desperation into the chat box.

I’ve not played SC2 in yonks but a pal still ladders and sends me regular highlights of furious chatflailing from losers. Oh, competitive multiplayer!

As for Nova, she’ll cost you $4.99 if you want to use her sneaky snipey nuclearlaunchy tactics on the Co-op Missions battlefield. Read this and watch this to see what she’s about:

There’s plenty more in the update 3.7, so do see the patch notes for the lot. It hits the North American servers today and will boogy into Europe on Wednesday.


  1. dontnormally says:

    Are the coop missions any fun?

    • Premium User Badge

      ooshp says:

      They’re okay, it’s a nice change to have goals for a change, and a few different units. Most of the ones I’ve played are an update on single player missions – destroy the trains as the chug along the map, or mine the special spacey crystals around the map while the Protoss try to stop you.

      The heroes are a bit… meh.

  2. Antongranis says:

    SC2 still has a competative scene? I was under the impression that its glorydays were over.

    • Oasx says:

      It doesn’t bring in LoL or CSGO numbers, but it is still doing fine.

  3. xfstef says:

    why would you put parachutes on bombs?!?!

  4. Swordfishtrombone says:

    Does this mean you can finally play as Andrew Wakefield?