Unknown Pleasures: The Division 1.4 Mega-Update Out

The Division [official site] has today launched update 1.4, the patch so big and important that Ubisoft delayed the multiplayer shooter’s expansions while they improved its the fundamentals. Ubi’s goals with 1.4 include trying to make it feel “more like a shooter“, making character build choices more meaningful, improving enemy AI, and revamping difficulty scaling.

One of the bigger change is the new ‘World Tier’ system, which changes difficulty scaling at level 30 based on your gear score. It has four tiers of difficulty, affecting the level of the enemies you fight everywhere – and the rewards you reap. Read this blog post for the full scoop on that.

The full patch notes are huuuuge but I’ll pick out a few other bits that caught my eye:

  • Players can now mark weapon and gear items as ‘favorites’ which locks them in their inventory. Locked items cannot be sold, shared or dismantled.
  • Added a buyback option to vendor’s inventory. Players can now recover items they have accidentally sold.
  • Equipped items are now always displayed at the top of the inventory list.
  • Time-to-kill enemy NPCs has been lowered.
  • Many improvements were made to enemy AI.
  • When matchmaking the game will now attempt to refill empty slots if the group privacy allows it.
  • Shotgunner NPCs: their damage falloff and accuracy have been slightly reduced. This should limit their range and lower their lethality in long to mid-range combat.
  • Player health will now progressively regenerate to full when out of combat.
  • All NPCs will now have chances to drop High-End and Gear Set items, tougher enemies (veteran, elites) have higher chances to drop.
  • Roamer NPC groups and bosses are now back in the open world. They now respawn every 4 hours.
  • Removed Skill Bonus from all gear items. Instead, Backpack, Holster and Kneepads will now have additional slots dedicated to Performance Mods (Backpack = 2, Holster = 1, Kneepads = 1). Note that this change will not be retroactive.
  • Armor has been overhauled
  • Global Rebalance pass on Gear Talents
  • Weapon Talents have been rebalanced

I’ve surely missed some big changes in there, mind, so do point out anything you think is important. A whole lot of small, nice-to-have, fuss-removing touches are in there.


  1. leeder krenon says:

    +1 for the article title.

    • stiffkittin says:

      I think Alice may have lost control again of her desire to lend some atmosphere to her titles. Taken in isolation it’s hard to get insight into the article.

  2. Distec says:

    Not sure I can be assed at this point, tbh. The Division turned so dull and dreary at level cap and got stuck that way for too long. It seems like Massive never knew what they were doing, and I’m afraid too much time has passed for me to even consider returning.

    • vahnn says:

      It didn’t take until the level cap for it to get dull and dreary. I was bored to death by level 12, and by 15 I uninstalled the game and never looked back. At least a friend insisted on buying it for me. Plus, he quit before I did, and he paid for both our copies!

  3. Sian says:

    I never played the game, so I’m quite surprised to learn that there hasn’t been a buyback option until now. Isn’t that kind of a standard feature in games with vendors nowadays?

    • Provost says:

      That caught my eye as well. It just made me glad that I waited to see how the game progressed in development if ~8 months later they’re still adding basic features of the RPG 101 variety.

      • that_guy_strife says:

        Massive never had a clue as to what they were doing. For a very long time there was only 2 viable DPS builds and 1 support. Most of the open world was safe to be ignored once at level cap, forgetting the beautiful open streets of New York in favor of a few large rooms where you’d sit behind cover while fighting 10 or 15 waves of the same baddies you’ve been fighting since lvl 1.

        Seems like the high profile YouTubers they brought in helped a lot with QoL adjustments like batching crafting (because OF COURSE breaking down 50 items per hour one by one with a 5 second animation is what everyone likes to do) and making the random open world fights actually worth it and fun, instead of a one shot kill for absolutely useless XP.

        Like every title update so far, there’s probably going be a few game breaking bugs, exploits, and/or gross imbalances, but I’m looking forward to try this again in March 2017, when it’s hopefully out of beta.

  4. paddymaxson says:

    It’s a real shame that it’s probably WAY too late to save this game, I quite liked it, it was great fun at times, but so many simple, obvious things have only just been patched in that nobody really stuck around.