Blight of the Immortals Cleaned Up And Put On Steam

The slow hordes of fantasy zombies from Blight of the Immortals [official site] were first spotted back in 2010. “Hmm, there’s some undead from a browser-based strategy on the horizon” we thought. “Spawned by the folks who made Neptune’s Pride, looks like. But that’s fine, they are very far away.” Six years later and the zombies on our doorstep. And by “doorstep” I mean Steam. The browser version has been out for yonks but has been heavily spruced up via Steam Greenlight over the past few months and was released yesterday. You can now indulge in time-hopping single-player or team up with friends for “the slowest real time game you’ve ever played”.

Blimmortals is set in a fantasy world where zombies are spewing out of every corner of the map. It’s a mix of strategy and collectible card game. You have to muster whatever support you can and order them around a map, finding and using over 100 special character cards to boost and augment your forces. The single-player mode lets you skip ahead in time, becoming a pseudo-turn-based game with 36 missions across 6 playable races.

But there’s also a real-time mode. If you’re familiar with Neptune’s Pride or the aquatic Subterfuge, you’ll know just how demanding and stressful this can be – it takes hours for units to travel from one city to another, and you face ruination if you forget to give an order at a critical moment or check in on the troops regularly. Mercifully, this one is co-op, not competitive, so there’s less chance of falling out with your mates over a double-crossing space invasion. Instead, you have to organise yourselves into a decent resistance force.

It seems much shinier than the version of yore and has seen some changes in that time. “It’s a much deeper game than the original,” says the developer. “We wanted to see if a much bigger, more involved game would have more success than the small games we made in the past.”

The horizon darkens with new games too. Iron Helmet are working on another turn-based digital board game, which they are calling Colossus and which they say is a mix of Settlers of Catan and Neptune’s Pride.

“It’s brutal already.”

And on top of that, there’s a Neptune’s Pride 3 in the works, currently undergoing some playtests. In the meantime, if you’re not bothered with the Steam version of Blimmortals, you can still login and play on the original website. There’s nothing stopping you.


  1. sdfex says:

    This looks pretty promising. I have been fascinated by what I feel is the rare “real”-real time strategy game before and still dream of doing a high tension office mode game of Defcon.

    I wanted to say that I hadn’t seen Neptune’s Pride before and that it reminded me a lot of a goon made browser based game called Warring Factions. Then I realized I made this same exact post four years ago on the original article for Neptune’s Pride.

    Astoundingly, War-Facts is still up and is more indiscretely real time vs the invisible 1 hr ticks of Neptune’s Pride.

    • Iron Helmet Games says:

      I really like the format, but I think the horrible free-to-play games have basically ruined the genre.

      We are finding that a lot of players, when they first try Blight, expect that we will ask them to spend money to speed up movement and power recharge timers.

      Blight will be our last slow-realtime game. Simultaneous Turn Based FTW!

      • Arctem says:

        I’m actually pretty excited to hear you guys moving to simultaneous turn-based games, since I feel like there’s been a lack of good games in that genre recently and it’s a lot easier to convince friends to play them. Especially since the best in that genre, Solium Infernum, doesn’t have any sort of central server to make managing an online game convenient.

        That said, it’s a shame to lose your brand of slow RTS. I absolutely love Neptune’s Pride and Subterfuge (though IIRC that wasn’t made directly by you guys?).

  2. Zankman says:

    I am drawn in by the aesthetic and whole “real time” thing, but, off-put by the zombie “gimmick”/premise and co-op nature.

    So, I think I’ll turn my attention to Neptune’s Pride.

    You say 3 is in the works? I didn’t even know 2 was a thing.

    If one was to play Neptune’s Pride, which one should I play, 1 or 2? Which one was the legendary RPS article written about?

    • Iron Helmet Games says:

      Unfortunately NP1 is no longer online. It was a flash game and the server infrastructure it was hosted on was discontinued. Rather than porting it over, we just moved everybody to NP2.

      NP3 (Proteus) will have some cool new features. I’m implementing wormholes today that will allow carrier to teleport from one side of the galaxy to the other. This will allow us to fold maps back on themselves to create intresting borders.

      • Zankman says:

        Thanks for the info, I’ll look into NP2.

        The changes you mention for NP3 sound cool!

    • Scandalon says:

      It’s not really zombies though, at least in my recollection, it’s “the blight” causing all manner of corruption. (Zombified dwarves are different than corrupted not-ents). I’m not a big “fantasy” genre fan, but for some reason I liked this. (It calls to mind the Myth series, now that i think about it.)

      If the demo has single player speedup option, then I’d say give it a spin.

      • Zankman says:

        I mean, same difference; I just generally don’t find that premise interesting.

    • shde2e says:

      I actually prefer Blight because of the co-op.

      It means you don’t have to worry about being online all the time, or about people backstabbing you. You can just look at the map once or twice a day, make a rough prediction of what the zombies will do, and you’ll be perfectly fine.

      On the other hand, when I tried NP once I got more stressed than in all of my games of Blight combined :P

  3. nickclarkson says:

    “Free to play”….”In-App Purchases”…no thanks. And I even liked the look of this. Oh well.
    Well, I just read up a bit more, and it seems it’s even worse than just “In-App Purchases”; limited scenarios are free, then you need a premium membership @ $48 to unlock the full game.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      They offer a free, full featured demo and then charge you $48. How terrible of them.

      • shde2e says:

        Actually it’s more like: they give you most of the game for free, then ask if you want to buy a (possibly temporary) membership for some extra features and to support the devs.

        You can play as much multiplayer you want (no restrictions on the nr of games or something like that), and you’ll have the same position as anyone who actually paid for it.

        Sure, you need to assemble your deck with coins, which you can buy if you want to, but it’s perfectly possible to just play the game and get your coins that way. After all, any cards you buy are permanent, and every map gives you enough coins for another 1-4 cards (depending on player numbers and performance). Also you get a starter deck, so you can actually do quite a lot as a starting player.

        Really, the biggest problem the game has is on the players themselves. Some players (especially new ones) often leave a game, meaning the remaining players are understaffed and often allowing the zombies in one area to run rampant.
        Nothing you can’t pull back from with some determination or micro, but it can be troublesome if multiple people leave at the same time (you can post in the forums to ask people to replace them btw, the community is pretty good).

        Boy, this turned into a bit of a rant didn’t it?

    • Iron Helmet Games says:

      Hey Nick, we updated the prices a few months ago so now you can unlock the full game for just $24USD.

      If you still like the look of it, please give it a try and I will fix you up with free premium so you can try some of the other missions.

      Its a quirky game and not for everybody, but I hope you will like it.

  4. derbius says:

    Why didn’t you or the devs in the comments mention that there is an official Android version as well (and iOs coming?)

    • Scandalon says:

      There a mobile version too?! Why did nobody mention this? (Why did you mention this? You monster.)

  5. Scandalon says:

    “There’s nothing stopping you.” Other than I value my sanity and can’t air the time. ;)

    (I really liked the original, but it was a big commitment so I dropped and then forgot it.)

    • shde2e says:

      If you can come online once or twice a day for 5-10 minutes, and you stick to normal difficulty, you’ll probably be fine in my experience :)

  6. blind_boy_grunt says:

    I liked this more than their other games, because while you have a common goal you are still ranked, so the blight putting pressure on another player? Not always a bad thing. If the blight takes a city from a player you could capture it for yourself, but if you’re too slow, the blight gets reinforcements and you are dead. The fuckery with other players was always a lot more subtle.

    • blind_boy_grunt says:

      Maybe this one is just better with internet strangers than the others. A game of blimmos with friends would probably be too nice.

  7. shoptroll says:

    I really couldn’t get into Neptune’s Pride, and I don’t think I ever tried this but there was a stretch in the summer where I put a significant amount of time into Jupiter’s Folly which seems to be the one no one ever talks about :( Glad to see IH is on Steam and I hope Neptune’s Pride and/or Jupiter’s Folly show up at some point.