Have You Played… McPixel?

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McPixel is a game about weeing on things.

I’m not sure there’s a great deal to add to that. It’s a game about weeing on things. You should buy that.


  1. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    This was one of those “get it in a bundle and try it on a whim” games that I ended up really enjoying. It’s exactly as stupid as it sounds, but it keeps the nonsense coming so fast that I rarely stopped smiling.

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      particlese says:

      Yup! Non-stop nonsense is a good way to put it. I also couldn’t stop smiling, despite never being able to logically guess the correct answers to the puzzles.

  2. Kollega says:

    Yes. Yes I have. And it was awesome.

  3. Konservenknilch says:

    Hell yeah I have. The fast pace, soundtrack and general stupidity all combine to one great glorious… thing.

  4. skorpeyon says:

    I did back when the developer basically said “If you all want to pirate it, here it is for free” for a little bit. Dunno how long that lasted, or if that’s exactly how it went down. It was free, I snagged it. Was a fun game.

    • Jalan says:

      I think he had it promoted openly on The Pirate Bay when it became clear people were… well, pirating it.

  5. Spacewalk says:

    Which makes it a game about being a cat.