Quest-O-A-Go-Go: Final King’s Quest Chapter Released

The fifth Chapter of The Demons Whispering Sierra’s Name in the Darkness’s revived episodic King’s Quest [official site] is now out. Old King Graham is dusting off his jaunty hat and squeezing into his adventuretrousers for one last quest. Let’s pretending I’m not all wistful about the hints that this character whose games I’ve never played will pop his clogs after he finally finishes telling his granddaughter his life’s story; it’s a weird time for me, okay.

Activision say Chapter 5, named The Good Knight, will have Graham gabbing about “his final battle with the Goblin Sorcerer Manannan and his final adventure.” They explain:

“Drawing together the characters, conflicts and choices from five acts of adventure, King’s Quest – Chapter 5: The Good Knight finds King Graham near the end of his days, going on one last journey to save his beloved Daventry against a threat born from his very first days in the kingdom.”

And then I’m sure they all have a party and it’s lovely and nothing bad happens and oh god, why am I such a soppy date right now. That One Episode of the new Black Mirror season can flipping do one.

While this is the final Chapter, an “epilogue” is still to come for folks who paid extra for the ‘Complete Collection’. The fact that it’s not included with the proper season pass would hopefully suggest it’s nothing vital. It’s still a bit cheeky. This is perhaps the flagship game for Activision’s revival of the Sierra name, so it is a bit odd to pull shenanigans with paid extras. Those big sillies.


  1. Stevostin says:

    I never noticed but the art is actually pretty gorgeous.

  2. Neurotic says:

    Again, I really would like John to be subjected to more of these. His review of the first one had me in tears. :D

  3. Mandrake42 says:

    There is talk that they will make the Epilogue available for those who bought the whole season as well as those who bought the complete collection. I sure hope so as the ending of the game finishes on a cliffhanger and with some loose ends not tied up. If the Epilogue ties those up, anyone who doesn’t get to play it is getting an incomplete story.