Unsheltered: Meadow Brings Sandbox Multiplayer Antics

Shelter and its sequel starred animal mothers on serious missions, trying to escort their children to safety through hostile lands. They’re lovely-looking games but, y’know, a bit grim. Meadow [official site], the latest game from creators Might and Delight, takes those adorable animals into a safer, sillier space. It’s a multiplayer sandbox where everyone just larks about. It sounds a lot like Tale of Tales’s magical deer playground The Endless Forest, though with new animals taking the fun to the skies and waters. If you fancy seeing what animal parents get up to after their kids leave home (or get eaten by eagles), it’s only £2.

So! Meadow has a big land to wander and gambol around. Playing as an animal – deer, rabbit, lynx, eagle, badger, and more – you, well, lark about? You can explore, or not. Join up with other players, or not. Like in The Endless Forest, communication is through emotes, symbols, and sounds. Might and Delight call it “a forum in games clothing”.

If you demand progression, hey, you can unlock new emotes and skins and things.

I’m probably up for a spot of larking about. I really enjoyed The Endless Forest so I’m curious to see how its gentle playground ideas work in a larger space with more to do.

Meadows is out on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £1.99/2,99€/$2.99. Players who also Shelter or Shelter 2 will get to play as their starring creature, and if you own both plus the platforming spin-off Paws you can be its bear cub.

Here, have a gander at this pretty place:


  1. Uberwolfe says:

    Graphics Card Failure Simulator 2016

    • RaoulDuke says:

      This got a good laugh from me, thanks for cheering me up.

  2. RaoulDuke says:

    The visual style of this game is a lot like a recurring nightmare I had when I was a child:

    I was stuck in world made of newspapers and scrunched up paper and my eyes were telescopically zoomed in [My FoV was super low if that makes more sense] and I had to read everything piece of text I saw as I “swept” my eyes around the world before I could move on.

    Sort of like a variation on never being able to reach a certain point/falling dreams? I could never get my eyes to the point I wanted to look at.

    It was so horrible I used to wake up soaking with sweat, thanks for the memories game! Nice music too!

  3. Jalan says:

    I actually thought this WAS the Endless Forest, just rebranded, until I read the store page for it.