Who’s Boo In Halloween Video Game Events

The Big Spooky isn’t until Monday but plenty of games are already celebrating Halloween with special events for people with nerves of steel and eyes in the back of their head. If you’re feeling extra brave, check out our collection of spookyspoos going on this weekend. This isn’t a definitive list, mind, just a fair spread of things you might fancy trying. Do share your favourites too!

AdVenture Capitalist

Look, shut up. Maybe some of us just have this ticking away, okay. Like every other AdCap event, it’s… more AdCap. This time, with spooky things!

American Truck Simulator

ATS has released some totally \m/etal truck skins to celebrate Halloween, in a paid DLC that’s down to £0.54 until Tuesday. Combine this bad boy with that six-shooter steering wheel and I’ll have my dream American Truck.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Fear Evolved is back, filling the land with graves, pumpkin patches, skeletal dinosaurs, zombie dodos, the terrifying DodoRex, and other nasties. Players can also collect spooky costumes and decorations, take Zomdodos and ZombieWyverns, and more.


Battlerite has boshed in a spooky boneman and is celebrating Spookyday with some cute little items. Here, check them out.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Chickens have cute little pumpkin hats. Boo!

Dead By Daylight

The 1v4 slasherfest has gone proper Halloweenie, adding Michael Myers and Laurie Strode from John Carpenter’s Halloween in its latest DLC.

Dying Light

The ‘Zombiefest’ Community Bounty is pitting players against each other with Invasions and ‘Be the Zombie’ mode. Take part and you can get a special rank and a gold-tier weapon. It’s no Terry’s All Gold but, y’know, can’t be picky with what people hand out on Halloween.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Japes include a spooky skullface motorbike with glowing eyes, a new ‘Lost vs Damned’ Adversary mode with angels fighting demons, horror movie t-shirts for keepsies, spooky masks, and more.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars is always been good with Halloween, and Shadow of the Mad King event is back again this year. Trick, treat, battle the pumpkinhead Mad King, explore his Labyrinth, climb his haunted Clock Tower, play Mad King Says with him, and collect spooky items like weapon skins and pets.


The Halloween Terror event has brought spooky outfits and a spooky co-op PvE mode.

Payday 2

The special Halloween level hasn’t arrived quite yet but, in the meantime, you can get a spooky van skin through the new safe house.

Rocket League

Rocket League has introduced new spooky cosmetic items and brought back last year’s too.

Slayer Shock

The Buffy ’em up has launched a Halloween update introducing trick-or-treating and rituals as mission types, along with new plot points, dialogue, a shotgun, and more. If Wot Alec Thought had you interested but not quite enough to buy at full-price, hey, it’s on sale too – down to £10.49.

Team Fortress 2

TF2 is celebrating Scream Fortress VIII and oh my, aren’t we all so very old? Spooky new maps are in, old Scream Fortress maps are back, new spooky items are in… it’s all quite nice. I’ve always enjoyed the Scream Fortress event maps with their weird goals, and it’s just not the same playing them outside spookseason.


Pumpkin lairs, spooky mounts, and more are in Shadow’s Eve.

World of Warcraft

As ever, WoW is celebrating Hallow’s End with trick-or-treating, costumes, masks, burning wickermen, spooky bests, a battle with a Headless Horseman, and buckets of spooky loot.

This screenshot is really old but I like seeing that old character model again. Almost makes me want to fire up WoW again. Not quite.

Do pipe up if there are any other Halloween events you’re digging!


  1. plugav says:

    I’ve always loved Halloween in The Secret World. Always their best event, as it should be in a spooky (if increasingly silly) urban fantasy game. Too bad I won’t be playing this year.

  2. Wisq says:

    Careful with Grand Theft Auto Online. I hear that — rather than solve any of the technical issues leading to disruptive modding and hacking — they’re just doing a massive ban campaign. Lots of people are saying they were “caught” having a game overlay (like Discord), or nothing at all, or even while they’re not even online. Rockstar don’t seem to care about false positives, and often they’ll admit fault but still refuse to reverse a ban.

    It’s possisble that these are all just actual hackers whining about it, but it seems widespread enough that it’s more than that. Or maybe hacking was really just that widespread to begin with, who knows. Either way, something to be careful of.

  3. MiniMatt says:

    Chris Isaak alt-text? Yay!

  4. Petuko says:

    You’re completely skipping over the (very very lovely!) halloween event currently going on in world of warships?


  5. SaintAn says:

    Be aware that the promised Ark werewolf and vampire Halloween event has been canceled. I guess they put their effort into making a Halloween event for their finished but poorly optimized expansion instead of for the actual unfinished Early Access game that people want content for. Really disappointed because I was really looking forward to the werewolf and vampire stuff.

  6. metaly says:

    Final Fantasy XIV has got an instanced haunted manor with a handful of scavenger hunt minigames you can play (while tiptoeing around the manor’s creepy inhabitants). I was very impressed; it’s definitely a few levels more involved than their usual seasonal events.

    Story-wise, it’s another episode of “inept spooks attempt to invade the realm, end up delighting everyone instead.” It’s silly but still fun to see them try year after year.

    • stuw23 says:

      I always liked the Halloween events in Final Fantasy XI, where there would be undead wandering about that you could give sweets to, in order to get items; and how NPCs would dress up as undead. And by dress up, I mean they had their models temporarily swapped for skeletons or ghosts or whatever. Very silly stuff, and thinking of it hits me right in the nostalgia, even if it was mainly considered an easy way of getting items to travel to major cities.

  7. KungFuMassa says:

    The Long Dark is doing a “4 days of night” event where the sun won’t come up for four days, wolves are now “Demon Wolves”, and there’s food and stamina replenishing candy scattered hither and yon. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. Turkey says:

    Going to check all the billions of roguelites I’ve got installed to see if they’re doing anything.

  9. April March says:

    There’s also a Halloween special in Team Fortress 2! It’s the same Halloween special it was last year, which in turn was a rerun of all the Halloween specials there had been last years!

    I’m mocking it but I actually like it.

  10. sabrage says:

    Apparently Fallout 4 has some Halloween content too (though I don’t own it to confirm myself.)

  11. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I’ve not played any of it but Brigador has added a new level, pilots and a mech as part of a Halloween update. Looks to be more coming.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Just played it. Nothing Halloween about it other than the level is in a cemetery. Ignore the previous comment or pretend Alice just posted a bunch of random games that have recently updated.

  12. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    ESO has received a slew of new crafting stuff, a double-XP thing, and appropriate skeletons for Argonians and Khajiits. They even updated the pre-existing skeleton NPCs appropriately!

    The items and XP thing look farmy at first glance, but I’ve gotten most of the available items through largely indifferent, infrequent play over the past week or so. Also, the groups to be found around dungeon bosses can be pretty entertaining, even if you’re not there for the farming.

  13. Crossbones says:

    Superhot has a pumpkin mode, which is amazing. All the red guys have their heads replaced with giant pumpkins which shatter in a very lovely manner.