Alice VR Blast Off Through the Looking Glass

Alice VR [official site] is yet another game in which your malfunctioning spacecraft forces you to crash land on some terrible planet where many complex things are afoot which may or may not have wiped out the entire population. However, this time you get to experience the whole thing in VR while solving puzzles inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland series of books. But it’s nothing like those Disney horrors, and there’s no awful-looking Johnny Depp involved.

Overused tropes aside, Alice VR looks like a stunning example of how virtual reality can enhance gameplay. Without VR, this game would more than likely be a run-of-the-mill, though well-executed puzzler. With VR immersing you in the game’s alien landscapes, deserted cities, and dark corridors, everything looks more immediate and threatening.

Alice VR is made supports pretty much every type of PC compatible VR: the Oculus Rift, Vive, and OSVR. If you fancy playing the game on an old-fashioned monitor you can do that too.

If you’re ready to see how far the rabbit hole goes, Alice VR is available now on Steam and GOG for £17.09/20,69€/$22.49.


  1. yusefsmith says:

    Are you sure the first screenshot isn’t from The Solus Project?

    • Regibo666 says:

      It uses the same Engine as Solus Project (UE4). That’s definitely Alice in the screenshot but it does have a very similar look.

      • yusefsmith says:

        Seems like all UE4 games have that strange “wet rock” look.

  2. int says:

    Mad as a spacecraft cockpit builder.

  3. Regibo666 says:

    It’s actually very good. Only managed an hour at the weekend but really enjoyed what I played. Will play more once they add teleport movement. I suffer motion sickness.