Hitman Episode 6 Out Now, Closes Out Season One

The final episode of Hitman [official site] lands today, bringing an end to “Season One” of the assassination sim. This also puts a bullet to my “I’m waiting til it’s all done before I play it” excuse for not yet progressing beyond its tutorial. Now I’m stuck with my other well-worn excuse, that I’m too busy, but the launch trailer which features clips from all its levels does tempt me to make extra efforts to inhabit Agent 47 again.

Episode six, released today, is set in Hokkaido, Japan, “within the grounds of the hyper-exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort. This secluded facility is a fusion of Japanese beauty and cutting-edge technology, featuring its own Zen gardens, organic sushi restaurant and traditional Japanese hot spring.” You can find release notes about what the level contains, including features specific to PC, at the Hitman site.

Since I haven’t played beyond the tutorial, here’s a different anecdote about Japan: I once visited a sushi restaurant in Tokyo where you could take dishes from the standard conveyor belt, but which also had touch screens above every seat. After taking the food we wanted and eating, I began poking at the computer screen to see if there was a way to use it to pay. It was all in Japanese, but I managed to navigate through the menus, select the items we’d eaten, and press what I thought was a checkout button. I was impressed with my game-derived ability to navigate menus in foreign languages, until a model train drove out from a small door by the restaurant’s kitchen – we had not seen the train prior to this – and parked in front of us. Atop its carriages sat a second set of everything we’d already eaten. And this is how I was assassinated by embarrassment.

Hitman’s five previous episodes were set in Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok and Colorado. We’ve reviewed each of them in turn, including the slightly disappointing episode one, the joyful episode two, the gorgeous episode three, the not-quite-as-good episode four, and the forlorn episode five. Here’s a quote from episode two, Sapienza:

“In Paris, the level was the objective; in Sapienza, the objective is one part of a much larger and more vibrant location. There are so many stories to find and places to visit that the intricate design, as it relates to infiltration and assassination, isn’t immediately obvious. It’s a credible location, on the surface, rather than an obvious playground for the usual Hitman antics, but scratch beneath that surface and the brilliance of the architecture as a game-space becomes obvious.”

We’ll have a review of the full game later this week, taking into account Hokkaido, the previous levels, the Contracts mode, and everything else about season one.


  1. AutonomyLost says:

    I’m hesitant to give this yet another try, as each time I re-install it continues to run like dog shit… which is to say, badly, if dog shit has different connotations for different people.

    Has there been any meaningful performance upgrade since the last level/episode or two launched? I’m running a heavily over-clocked 1080 (two, in fact, but the SLI doesn’t seem to do much at all for this game) and still can not achieve even a 60 frames-per-second minimum, either on DX11 or DX12. I genuinely want to play all of these missions, as I’m a long-time Hitman fan, though the performance is straight uncalled-for.

    • Grant says:

      The dev posted on Steam that the new patch includes DX12 Multi GPU support. That might improve your performance especially if you’ve got an unused 1080 in your rig.

      link to steamcommunity.com

      • AutonomyLost says:

        Oh, shit!

        Very nice. I don’t have it currently installed, and thus wasn’t aware of a brand-new patch. Seems like two-way SLI is now officially supported for DX12, and that is a beautiful thing.

        Thanks for the reply! Gonna re-install this again and perhaps purchase all the “episodes” if it runs as well as I’m hoping.

      • AutonomyLost says:

        Just an update – downloaded the Prologue/First Episode pair again, cranked everything, ran it with the new DX12 MGPU configuration and… the benchmark gave me 105.6 FPS average. I have my monitor set to 90Hz refresh, so I think I’m good :)

        I’m smitten. I don’t have time at this moment to boot up the game and give it a go, though I imagine if it ends up playing perfectly throughout the first chapter I’ll begin downloading the rest of the episodes this evening.

        Thanks again for the heads-up! I’m stoked to play this game finally.

        • Jediben says:

          Sli 970s here – 133 fps in dx12 are 1440p max settings. Nice.

    • Unclepauly says:

      You wouldn’t happen to have an AMD processor would yaz?

  2. Turin Turambar says:

    I have 60 fps in most areas with a 290x, in Dx12.

  3. magogjack says:

    So do you also get the next season or does it cost full price again ?

    • Grant says:

      No second season has been announced. We have a single season which consists of six levels. You can now buy all of those and play them now with the Hitman season pass.

      Any future levels will be a new product that isn’t currently for sale.

      • magogjack says:

        In that case the price seems quite high.

        • freedomispopular says:

          I’ve gotten over 50 hours out of it so far, and haven’t even touched anything beyond Episode 3. Even if I had paid full price for it (I got one of the AMD keys on eBay for $25), I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth out of it.

        • kode says:

          If all you do is play through a mission once and then move on, and also never touch the other contents such as featured contracts (and for that matter, I guess, user created contracts), escalations (contracts that increase in difficulty in five steps) and elusive targets (whom are around for a limited time, most usual lately a week, giving you one shot at killing them before they’re gone), then yeah, you’d probably get very little out of it. But if you learn the workings of each level and try to at least do all the opportunities, and perhaps some featured contract or escalation for every episode, you’d probably feel it more worth the money. As I mentioned in my other comment, I’m at 71 hours played now, and estimate to be playing at least 15 more, not counting the future elusive targets (that also unlock more suits for Agent 47, if you’re into that).

  4. kode says:

    Gonna try and keep this low on spoilers:

    Well, I suppose it ended on a cliffhanger story-wise. Then again, the story didn’t feel too important, but if they announce a season 2, I assume there’ll be a bit of lore-dump going on there.

    Only put 2 hours into Hokkaido so far, but it feels like a really nice level. Interesting twist to start out without getting to select the gear (starting from no mastery, that is, it’ll unlock as you level up I believe) after getting really comfortable about that from the previous chapters. Given that I’m currently at 71 hours played, I guess not counting elusive targets and escalations, I’ll feel season 1 is complete for me at around 85-90 hours. Very well spent €50, I’d say, given the many intense hours trying to do that perfect route. Level design-wise, there are two bullshit objectives in the story that got tired pretty quick, and that’s 1) The virus in Sapienza (that level is near-perfect otherwise) and the thing at the end of Colorado. They really limit how you can play the story hits, imo, because having two carry out an objective in one of only 2 or 3 possible ways compared to the many more options to take out human targets gets old even before 10 hours mastering the mission. Hopefully Target #1 in Hokkaido doesn’t turn out to be the same way, though I have my suspicions.

    Oh, and they added multi-GPU support, which meant a bump in fps for me.

  5. Banks says:

    Best mission in the game. The yoga assassination was very funny.

  6. Jediben says:

    The yoga assassination? That was where I got her into downward dog and then buried a medium size fire axe into her spine, right?