Together For Victory: Hearts Of Iron IV’s First Expansion

As the remains of the British Empire crumble into the sea, here comes the first Hearts of Iron IV [official site] expansion to, er, in Paradox’s words, “[shine] a bright light on the British dominions and colonies that rallied around the flag in England’s darkest hour.” Hash tag topical. Hash tag good luck with that now pal. Mash tag two veggie sausages and beans, thanks. Paradox don’t say when Together for Victory will come out or how much it’ll cost but hey, they have whipped together a wee trailer to set the mood:

Yeah yeah, go on, yak it up you dastardly Swedes.

The heart of Together for Victory will be new National Focus trees for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the British Raj in India. They’ll get new portraits, new leaders, and new companies too. Paradox say the expansion will also have this grab bag of features:

  • New Autonomy system has different levels of dependency and status for subject nations – puppets, Dominions and fully independent states
  • Continuous National Focus ideas will add new bonuses and improvements to your country as you take it through the crucible of war
  • Nations can request a Lend-Lease agreement from their allies and friends if they are in dire need of equipment and vehicles
  • And much more, including updates and changes to the combat system

What may be more important than the expansion is the patch that will surely arrive alongside it. Paradox tend to reshape games for long after launch with free patches launching alongside paid DLC, and the patches are often even better. Stellaris certainly picked up a lot with the patch accompanying its Leviathans expansion. I wonder how many patches it’ll take to get Hearts of Iron IV into shape.

‘Dominion’, by the way, was a technical term for certain fractions of the British Empire. I point this out mostly for a perfect segue into…


  1. Dorga says:

    I bet those 90.000 indians who died in WWII couldn’t wait to rally around the English flag.

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      Grizzly says:

      Looking at the National Foci they’ve showcased so far, including a very extensive “Never another Gallipoli” path for the Australians, I suspect a bit more nuance on the subject then this trailer shows.

      • SuicideKing says:

        I sure hope so – this expansion has me more interested in HoI4. May actually pick it up in winter (was waiting for the initial stuff to be…ironed out.)

    • unguided says:

      Much sooner then they’d rally around a Japanese or Nazi flag. India is a large nation with diverse opinion. Plenty of army volunteers fought proudly for India as it was then (i.e. for Britain) and after the war felt abandoned by independence.

      And lets not forget white (European origin) Indians who fought in the Indian army were just as Indian as anyone else, but also felt great loyalty to the motherland.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Well the funny thing is, the Indian National Army did indeed seek the help of the Japanese and Nazis to overthrow the British. Nazis of course until it became clear what they were really up to.

        And frankly I think you’re over-stating the number of people who fought for the British empire because they wanted to – I imagine simply the pride of being in an army itself was a bigger motivator.

        India by itself really had no reason to participate in WWII. We had much bigger issues to deal with back home.

        (not to say your viewpoint is invalid, I just doubt that the subcontinent would have been involved in WWII had it not been under British rule).

    • unguided says:

      Sorry to belabour my point. But I have a serious bee in my bonnet on this topic.

      My grandfather, an Indian in Malaya, another part of ‘our’ empire, volunteered to fight with the British, went down with them to make a stand at Singapore and we know how that went. Generally, the suffering under Japanese occupation made British rule look like sunshine and rainbows.

    • SaunteringLion says:

      Both the Australian and Canadian National Focus trees revealed have options for breaking from the British Empire: either going Communist, going Fascist, or independent-neutral (alongside of course just sticking with the Commonwealth.)

      There’s absolutely going to be options for the British Raj to break free from Britain, in various ways.

  2. Solidstate89 says:

    I just want to ability to end a war after meeting the goals, even though said nation is in a faction.

    I instituted a fascist civil war in Canada to get them on my side (I was playing as the U.S.) and I went to help them out to end it, which put me at war with Britain and the rest of the Allies. However because you can only “request peace” if you’re losing a war, taking over all of Canada and having them capitulate wasn’t enough. And even though I’m all the way over on the other side of the Atlantic (having also kicked Britain out of the land they start with in North America) I’m stuck with this war state where neither side is in any position to do anything to the other.

    And because Canada is such an unimportant country, even though Unitary Canada took all of their territory, it didn’t move the faction war goal over in our favor in even the slightest. So for now until the end of the game (or the end of the Allies) I’m stuck in a war that neither side is properly equipped to handle or even wage for years. I can actually see Paradox’s reasoning, but it doesn’t make it any less dumb and frustrating from a gameplay perspective.

    • SaunteringLion says:

      Yeah, they definitely need a negotiate peace option. You can knock out continental Europe, and still end up fighting a war later against say South Africa (and because of Africa’s rate of attrition and low supply, you can be fighting for a loooong time).

  3. LennyLeonardUK says:

    I bought this game at release and have still yet to try it!!!. I think the fear of how much I have to learn has frozen me in place and every time I go to start it I change my mind. But I am determined to play it. I do have some experience with Paradox grand strategy games, I’ve spent nearly 100 hours in EUIV and about 50 on Stellaris.

    Maybe this weekend….

  4. King in Winter says:

    Giving +1 rep to Alice for referencing the Sisters of Mercy.

    • seroto9 says:

      +2 It’s pretty sad to think that Andy and Pattie would today probably get their pretty heads removed if they went to those locations to make a pop video.

  5. morganjah says:

    Is it playable yet? It normally takes two years before a Paradox game is out of paid-beta.

    • carewolf says:

      Well at least one paid patch (DLC), if it follows norm, this should be the fix, though they don’t mention fixing catatonic AI.

    • teije says:

      Definitely playable and finding it enjoyable but IMO much more enjoyable playing as a minor nation (e.g. Turkey) than one of the majors. With those majors, the AI inadequacies show up pretty quickly and the challenge goes away.

      But of course if you’re not in a hurry, wait 2 years and it’ll be much improved. I wouldn’t touch original EUIV or CKII now – they’d seem bland and boring now.

      With Stellaris, much the same situation. Played at release, left it, dropped in again after Leviathans, will enjoy it for awhile, and then will revisit after next major patch/DLC.

      Rinse and repeat is the way to consume Paradox GSGs, and hundreds of hours of gaming along the way.

  6. Darth Gangrel says:

    Clicking on the HOI IV tag I couldn’t see any WIT on it, but I don’t know why RPS wouldn’t review it.

  7. Cropduster says:

    I think HoI4 is a decent base game after a few AI patches, but it really doesn’t take long to devolve into “paint the map red(or colour of your choice)” the game. Even if the AI is much better than it was at launch.

    I was pretty bad at Hoi3/2 and all small victories were hard earned, but in 4 it wasn’t long before I could take the entire eurasian continent as Poland by 1944. A little shallow atm sadly. I hope DLC will flesh it out, but these features don’t really convince me we’re there yet.

    TIme will tell i guess.

  8. fearandloathing says:

    AI is still utterly bonkers though

  9. Danbanan says:

    Will there ever be a wot I think on hoi4?

  10. C159123 says:

    All I want in this game is an Order of Battle. I want Sergeants under Captains, Captains under Generals, and Generals under Field Marshalls. I want the FM’s to be in control of theaters and for their bonuses to apply to all units in the theater. I want there to be a structure to my armies. Also, some better AI on front lines would be glorious.

  11. Neutrino says:

    Does every Alice article have to begin with a paragraph or two of absolute nonsense?