Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Jacks Into Linux

I’m sure Adam Jensen thinks himself a cool cyberpunk sticking it to The Man, with his cyberarm and cybershades and Beppebeard, but he doesn’t truly know what it means to hack the planet. We’ve never even seen him use Linux, let alone rip some sweet nollie flips on his skateboard. You can now show him up. Porting house Feral Interactive today launched the Linux version of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] so you can put Jensen to shame while playing as him. Maybe don’t play while skateboarding without serious augmentation, though.

Mankind Divided’s Linux port is bopped up on Steam, coming free for everyone who already owns the game. Or, from another perspective, if you buy it for Linux you’ll get a Windows version too. Feral’s planned Mac version is still in the works, coming later.

The system requirements are over here. Curiously, it doesn’t “currently” support AMD graphics cards. And no, you can’t use the open-source Nvidia drivers as right now they “do not support a number of the graphical features used in the game”, Feral say.

If you’ve been not paying much attention to Mankind Divided until it hit Linux, hey, check out Wot Graham Thought of it, why Alec thinks Jensen’s attitude sucks, and this screenshot gallery of lovely environments.


  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    [adam.j.shades]$ tar -zxvf praxis.tar.gz
    [adam.j.shades]$ cd praxis/
    [adam.j.shades]$ ./configure –prefix=/usr/local
    [adam.j.shades]$ make
    [adam.j.shades]$ sudo make install

    • Harlander says:

      “Makefile:328 missing separator!? I never asked for this…”

  2. dare says:

    I thought we did see Adam using some Unix variant (not necessarily Linux, admittedly) in DX:HR. Or is my memory playing tricks on me? I think I recall seeing actual commands scroll by and thinking it was a nice detail.

  3. Ghostwise says:

    Incidentally, the rumours that The Last of Us would be ported over to Linux as The ls of us are false.

  4. slerbal says:

    Does the linux edition have that horrible Denuvo stuff?

    • Catchcart says:

      Good question. According to Wikipedia and google searches, Denuvo is only on Windows. So either they must be using some other brand of DRM or relying on Steam DRM. Wish I had a machine powerful enough to find out.

      • neffo says:

        Should be DRM-free (except for the Steam thing). DRM is usually a publisher thing, and this is published by Feral. Porting the DRM would be counter-productive for a Linux publisher.

  5. tumocs says:

    It can be played with AMD cards if you have the latest open source drivers compiled with at least llvm 3.9.
    Performance can be bumpy but it gets really good if you disable the animehair from config files.

    • carewolf says:

      How is animehair different from mangahair?

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Oh, cool, thanks for the tip! I was excited to see it come to Linux, then irked to see the lack of AMD support, but I’ll give it a try now. I can play it on Windows if it doesn’t work out, but the Linux support has moved it from the waiting list to the cart.

  6. S.Belmont says:

    yeah! oh wait..

  7. Emeraude says:

    This is going to be a chicken and egg situation forever, isn’t it? As I much as I love the idea of system or platform-independent games (and am looking at Valve with forever pissed off eyes) I don’t think this recent game porting on Linux is going anywhere without the war for proper driver support happening first.

    Still good that this is happening – kudos to the people behind it. Any hand given to the gathering of momentum helps.