What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

No, come on, knock off this Christmas foolishness. Starting Christmas in October detracts from both Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, and that’s simply not on. Look, I adore Christmas music, Christmas movies, and Christmas decorations, but it’s not time yet. Stop it. Now get your coat on, we’re heading up the hills to watch fireworks. Oh, also something something video games weekend game video week game end?

Adam: I’ve fallen back into Civ 6, now that my robot-smooching adventures in Titanfall 2 are taking up less of my free time. That and Football Manager, where I’m doing so damn well with Manchester United that I’m tempted to put myself forward for the actual job as soon as it becomes available. I reckon that gives me at least another couple of months of Civ before I lose my weekends to the training ground and the team bus.
Alec: I’ve got an hour or two of Titanfall 2’s far-better-than-it-surely-should-be singleplayer mode left to play, so I’ll polish that off, then I suspect I’ll stare at the Multiplayer button with simmering anxiety for about 90 minutes before finally jumping in and then immediately become obsessed with unlocking that one mech with the giant sword.
Alice: I too am engaging in roboviolence.
Brendan: It’s a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare weekend for me. This past week I’ve been jumping onto the rock ’em sock ’em robots of Titanfall 2 and laughing with terror as I steal their Duracells, so it’ll be interesting to see if CoD can make a multiplayer that beats that feeling of being a futuristic bull-rider. My hope is that the campaign also indulges all the space nonsense we’ve been seeing with a full, ridiculous heart. My fear is that I will see Kit Harrington and instantly start shouting “It’s man from wall!” in my most expert northern English accent.
Graham: I’ve had Football Manager 2017 open for the past 24 hours, but I’ve barely touched it. I know how to play FM from all the previous years, but it’s still daunting trying to get into a new saved game. If I manage it, it may well swallow a couple hundred hours over the next year. Do I want that? I sort of want that. Will it offer me new stories or merely old comforts? I’m going to keep it open over the weekend and poke at it occasionally.
John: This weekend I would like to play Titanfall 2, COD Infowar, and an exciting game for which I’ve just received the review code. But I will instead have to be a grown up doing grown up things like having a stupid family, rather than fun things like pew-pewing angry soldiermen. GROWING UP IS STUPID.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing…. the trumpet. Oompa oompa oompapa oompapa, oompapa. Oompa oompa oompapa oompa oom pa paaaaaa.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Sarfrin says:

    Skyrim unremastered.

    • geldonyetich says:

      I never did get around to killing Alduin.

      I’m taking a week off to correct this oversight.

      • Lycan says:

        This was my plan, too – until I excitedly booted up Skyrim Special Edition to find that the new DoF feature made my FPS in the opening sequence (sitting in the wagon on the way to Helgen) jump from 80-90 FPS to 20-25 FPS every time I moved the mouse. Nope, I’ll wait for patches. Meanwhile, Age of Wonders 3 was on sale, so I picked it up and am thoroughly enjoying myself.

  2. dee says:

    im glad brendan is okay

  3. Drumclem says:

    Titanfall 2 all the way.

    The singleplayer is excellent (I just finished the “Effect and Cause” mission and… it’s as good as they say it is. No, really.)

    Besides, I’ve spent the past week making way more “healthy 10-minute pauses” than I thought I would. See, I suffer from recurring back problems, and standing and stretching every 30mns or so is a good thing to do. Problem is that in this case, “healthy” here meant “spent jetpacking around and harassing huge mechs”… sitting down at my computer.

    So my back is a mess, but bloody hell this game is good (although the servers are sadly depopulated)…

  4. Wowbagger says:

    Owlboy. Because I have some platforming mountains to climb.

  5. ButteringSundays says:

    “Starting Christmas in October detracts from both Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, and that’s simply not on.”

    Did I just wake up in the past or did somebody miss that it’s nearly a week into November?


    I’ll be mostly playing My Summer Car. My car is built and starts – just won’t move. Bet I’ve missed a bolt somewhere in the gear or clutch system :(

    It also runs like a dog and backfires like a sailor – but they’re problems for another day.

    • Sarfrin says:

      You missed the fact that the date now doesn’t affect when Christmas things started to appear in shops. Also that bonfire night is today.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        “… the date now doesn’t affect when Christmas things started to appear in shops”

        Well I assume this intro was intended for last weeks post, as it feels a bit untimely, was merely my point.

        But retailers have, and always will, start to sell things in advance of when they’re needed. This is both logical and sensibly logistical. I can’t imagine the hell-scape created by everybody shopping for everyone 2 weeks before Christmas (is that close enough?).

        Besides, if we’re going to rag on tired cliche’s then what IS the deal with airplane food? *slaps thigh*

        • lglethal says:

          October is still not a cool time to start selling christmas decorations and starting the christmas carols in stores. Wont someone think of the poor staff in the stores?

          It’s already started to happen here in Augsburg, and I hate it with a passion. I have done ever since I worked as a casual staff member at a department store in my teens where one year they played Maria Carey’s Christmas Carols on REPEAT for 6 WEEKS!!!! The fact that I am writing this to you, NOT from a prison, is testament to my mental strength (and inability to acquire firearms in Australia), as by the end of that period I was so close to going postal I probably constituted an immediate threat to society… :P

          • malkav11 says:

            There is a house in my neighborhood that already has their Christmas lights up. I maintain that this is an even worse travesty than shops selling them early.

          • DelrueOfDetroit says:

            Just replace one bulb with a burnt out bulb. Problem solved.

  6. Nate Gallardo says:

    I finished up a huge project last week, so I finally have time to actually play stuff. So…

    I’ve been playing Grim Fandango Remastered in the evening’s with a glass of red wine and a walkthrough. I’m struck by the decidedly 90’s (often just bad) puzzles, so the walkthrough is massively improving the experience. Which is a delight.

    I got that Day Of The Devs bundle too, so I’m really looking forward to checking out Oxenfree.

    I’m also going to make time for Kentucky Route Zero IV, which I have been saving for just the right afternoon.

    I also played a couple of fantastic student projects this week that I want people to play this weekend:

    link to slyce.itch.io
    Run about an infected forest, observe the forest’s behaviour to solve gentle puzzles. Lovely to look at and quite brief :)

    link to lucie-viatge.itch.io
    Not sure how to describe this one, it’s got some fighting bits and some interesting mechanics, but mostly it’s beautiful to look at for a bit. Also brief!

    • Captain Narol says:

      NIVA looks like a thing of pure beauty, thanks for sharing it.

  7. tayete says:

    Concrete Jungle. Strangely addictive once you get how it works.

  8. ButteringSundays says:


    Is it just me or have things gotten a bit depressingly mainstream around here? It’s all Civ6 and titanfalls and COD. Who comes here for that?

    • kwyjibo says:

      I guess the same people who come here for Foot-to-ball Commander.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        Fair cop – we could certainly bundle that title in as well.

        In fact it’s kind of an odd category that one – quirky, niche geekery, but yet somehow still mainstream. That at least is something to celebrate!

        By the way I hope my original comment doesn’t come across too dismissive, on reading it back it appears a bit… ‘get off my lawn’ – it was a mere observation. I guess blockbusters bring the boys to the yard – they just seem incredibly dull to write/read about to me. Same as how I don’t look up film critique’s of the latest Avengers flick. It isn’t a ‘I don’t like these games why are you writing about them!’ rant, I’d hate for it to be mistaken as such.

    • Andrew says:

      I think it’s more of a function of the time of year. It is pre-holiday blockbuster season after all.

      • Captain Narol says:

        Even if I prefer indie stuff, I think it’s fair to admit that sometimes blockbusters are good movies and AAA games are good games, even if it’s far to be always the case. So there is no reason not to talk about them, especially on a site like this one where writers are quite free to choose their subjects.

    • Vandelay says:

      I personally come here to read about good games. It doesn’t matter whether they are AAA games by teams of a couple of hundred people or an indie game that one person made sitting in their bedroom.

      What has always made RPS great is that they write about what interests them, no matter where it has come from. At the moment, these are the games that are interesting them (and rightfully so. Titanfall and Civ6 are superb. New CoD, I don’t know, but the setting shift and nods to something a bit different at least make it something interesting to read about, even if it ultimately is more of the same.)

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Having finished the singleplayer campaign today: Titanfall 2 is smashing stuff and mighty surprising too. If I wrote features I’d enjoy writing about it because I’m smiling remembering parts now. Good video games.

  9. Faldrath says:

    My first Dishonored playthrough. Just got to the major “twist” (really, who couldn’t see that coming?), but the game is a delight – and I say that as someone who had never really played stealth games before (unless playing Elder Scrolls games as a ninja archer counts as stealth games). Brilliant world, brilliant level design. I’m trying to finish levels without killing anyone, but if I mess things up I carry on without (too much) savescumming.

    Now I’m wondering if I’d enjoy the Thief series, or if I’d find it too clunky.

    • Chorltonwheelie says:

      I tried to scratch my Dishonoured itch with Thief. Didn’t do it for me and left I it to fester in my ‘unfinished’ box.
      I’d recommend the Metro games played for sneak-o-thrills for similar atmospheric, story lead stealth kicks.

    • Sarfrin says:

      Thief is old but brilliant. You can’t really fight your way out of messing up though. Running and hiding is an option. If you do check it out, there are mods to make it look better.

    • malkav11 says:

      I recommend at least trying them. They’re really really good. But obviously the design’s a bit older and less gentle.

    • Karyogon says:

      Give it a try, the first two games are great and the third is worth your time if you liked those. They don’t contain a single superfluous mechanic and both the level design and world building are timeless so unless your definition of clunky somehow entails the absence of hand-holding it should be right up your alley. But you’ll have to do without teleporting.

      Check out TTLG forums for patches to make it play nice with widescreen resolutions.

  10. MadJax says:

    I’ll be playing “Get Married ffs!” today, and “Oh god, the hangover!!!” Tomorrow.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Woah, congratulations! I hope to get around to the former one day, but this backlog is killing me.

      …Hang on, that’s a slightly vulnerable metaphor. Backlog of life things in general?

    • ButteringSundays says:

      “I appreciate that commenting on video game blogs is important, MadJax, but you’re late for your wedding!”

      Good luck and congratulations! :)

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      I get the impression it’s not Madjax’s wedding, but someone else’s? Otherwise, yeah, get to the alter Madjax!

    • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

      I choose to interpret your post as you being the officiant and those being the formulas you’re going to use for, respectively: “You may now kiss the bride” and “You may now leave”.

  11. Unsheep says:

    ‘Theatre of War’, a WWII strategy game. I just finished a replay of ‘Men of War’ and wanted something similar but still quite different. I’m doing an alternating playthrough of both series.

    Continuing my ‘Ultima 1’ replay as well. I wish I had the boxed versions of these games since the GOG versions are very sparse, you don’t even get a map.

    Trying out ‘Bard’s Tale’ for the first time, the original 1985 version (not the 2004 version).

    ‘Blackhole’, a cool and challenging sci-fi platformer. It has an entertaining narrative and fun characters. Definitely not an easy game though, more of a puzzle game than a platformer at times.

    ‘The Marvelous Miss Take’, my first playthrough. A fun modern stealth game with easy controls but still quite challenging.

    On Sunday my plan is to do some console gaming with Gran Turismo 4, WRC Rally Evolved and Forza 4.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      I spent many, many hours playing Bard’s Tale, painstakingly copying out maps on square paper, facing death in the form of twelve nomads, trying to work out if this was the right time to cast a spell, and never really getting terribly far in the game, as I was pretty young and sooner or later always made bad decisions.

      Happy days in some ways, but the idea of playing a game of that design really doesn’t appeal to me any more.

      In any case, I wish you well! Spellcasters are the path to success in the longer run for whatever it’s worth, but have to be (in some cases literally, if they die) carried to that point by your melee members. Bards are also very powerful in the latter stages. Rogues are extremely useful at the beginning while your spellcasters have limited utility, but become pretty obsolete later on. Of course, these days there are probably extremely detailed guides on the Interweb…

    • Premium User Badge

      zinzan says:

      How do you find Theatre of War?

      I’m a serious wargamer from way back and my main PC addiction is Combat Mission, always on the lookout for another WW2 game – however I do get “grouchy” over ahistorical units, weapons etc.

      Not a fan of non-turn based wargames either. Definitely more interested in good single player too.

      • Nokturnal says:

        Obviously I’m not the person you asked but I was/am a huge fan of Theatre of War so I thought I’d give my 2p.
        I can’t 100% vouch for the accuracy of every single unit in the given location of the specific missions because it’s been a while since I played them all but I do know that, as a fan of accuracy myself, I never found myself shouting at them for having a Tiger in 1939 or something…
        They went to to the trouble of actually making a campaign for the early Polish campaign, tiny tanks and all.

        They are usually on sale for crazy low prices and I think they’re at least worth a look if you’ve not got a huge backlog.

        In terms of control over units, you can move an individual soldier around, move that guy with the ATR or AT grenade into an ambush place, tell him to hold fire and only attack when you are ready etc.. Or you can just move them as a full group.
        You can also tell your vehicles to only use this/that ammunition, or tell them to hold fire entirely and you pick the targets. It relies on line of sight like CM games do, so you should feel at home here.

        It’s played in real-time but you can slow down/speed up time. Depending on the amount of enemy units present you can slow it down to (I think .5 speed) and then micro-manage your tanks and their targets. Or just set up a good LoS for your units and let them do their thing.

        There is “AI” which keeps your units from just being cannon fodder (as long as you don’t force them to not move/shoot). That said, you can also send in a wave of infantry to their death if you’re not paying attention!

        Vehicles have armour and ammo has penetration values, with charts you can look up and all. No health bars for the vehicles here.

        As for the SP/MP – I’m not sure if I ever played any MP for these…It’s SP all the way for me and these definitely delivered for me.

        My personal favourite was ToW 2, North Afrika, Kursk was pretty good too but I think the first had the most content, and 3 (Korea) was probably weakest for me.

        Probably rambled too much already but if you have further questions I’ll be happy to ramble a bit more.

  12. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I was going to try to make fun of Halloween by calling it a goth version of Mardi Gras/Carnival/Mummers Parade, but Pip’s trumpeting made me realize those all have music — something which Halloween lacks. So I conclude that Halloween is just useless. Bring on Horrendously Commercialized Jesusday! I can’t stand the tripe pouring out of the radio, but I love the traditional stuff the season puts me in the mood for. Orchestral and Mario’s Sleigh Ride get special exceptions, though. (Other things, too, but that’s the only game related one I can come up with, and it’s a doozy.)

  13. zsd says:

    Bionic Dues. 1 Exo, Ironman, No Exo Replacement, basically hammering the game into the shape of a roguelike.

    Exo: Brawler. They have the widest variety of useful weapons.
    Pilot: Emma. Having only one Exo with limited hacking means the loot you get is extremely limited and you need the shop to make up for that.

    So far it’s been a recipe for frustration, but I can’t stop now.

    • mgardner says:

      Good luck! That is a hard challenge indeed. I started a new campaign of Bionic Dues this morning, I have not played in a few years so I am relearning the game at normal / 4 Exo. Managed to get 2 killed in the first mission, I forgot how to deal with maps with lots of doors.

      • zsd says:

        Thanks! It’s not easy, but I’m very sure it’s (mostly) doable. New wrinkles in this playstyle include:

        1) Hostage rescue missions become extremely useful since they provide 1 loot for every intact pod rather than 1 for every surviving Exo. Even if that loot is bad Emma can sell it and buy something better.
        2) No mystery computers until very late game as there is always the chance that they will explode for 1000 damage.
        3) No hacker missions. You just won’t have the points.
        4) Trap skill is vital for not wasting your limited ammo on mines.

        I find that the pistol actually a good door opening tool along with the sniper laser and chain gun, since they can fire without taking a turn. If I had been more careful about that, my last run would still be going. It can also be useful to use 1 stealth point to nudge your way in.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      A challenge like that sounds like sheer masochism to me. I’d probably go with a ninja exo and focus on the trap skill personally, but the early missions might be a bit on the rough side.
      I’d say that with the ninja’s stealth, traps and good firepower, it’d probably be doable.

      Sooner or later you’ll have to try your hand at the consoles though if only to get access to the one which gives you an ammo reload; some of those bots have monstrously high hp!

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        The advantage of the ninja, speaking of consoles, would be its immunity to splash damage – you’d be able to far more comfortably hack consoles because the ones that blow up or cause cover to blow up won’t just instakill you.

        • zsd says:

          Now I think I may have to try that out. Ninja always struck me as the weakest link when I had 4 Exos, given its IMO terrible weapon setup (low base damage on starting weapons, only gets 1 new one with the epic upgrade), but I had not considered the benefits for what I’m trying to do now. The extra computer slot will also be welcome.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I’m pretty convinced at this point that Emma is the strongest pilot. I have to turn the difficulty up if I use her, now, after I waltzed through normal (when I was still fairly new to the game, mind you), and the final mission consisted of killed seven regular enemies and no bosses. It was funny, certainly, but not much of a challenge.

      Of course, on a challenge-run as masochistic as yours, you absolutely need every advantage you can get. Best of luck to you.

  14. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Technobabylon for me. Been looking forward to this since release, and conveniently was bundleised last week, so now’s the time.

    Also got and played through Westarado the last week, that was ace and I’m fully tempted to try at least some of a second playthrough to muck around with its systems. Had one of those great “Oh, crap, I accidentally shot a really important character” moments on my first playthrough and the game just rolled with it. A later mission to deliver something to him was very brief indeed:

    “He dead, dog”.

    “Oh! Even better! You might as well have this quest reward now then!”.

    Love it when that happens.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Westerado is great but I wish there were different endings to it. Having to go through that same ending sequence every time is a drag.

  15. clippa says:

    This weekend I shall mostly be working on my score in “Blue Revolver” hyper mode for the reddit/shmups competition.
    I will play “spelunky” later whilst listening to the Frank Skinner podcast and I might have a few runs on “leap of fate” because I haven’t played that for a good while.

  16. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    THUMPER! Good golly, this game is fantastic. It finally melds music and game in a way I’m completely thrilled by, and it’s as if an actual professional, classically/diversely trained percussionist directed it or something. Not just a cavalcade of beats, but a barrage of interesting rhythms, and nothing but my own ineptness at anything more complex than multi-finger lap percussion to get in the way.

    Maybe I’m just enjoying it too much, but I don’t really get why people are disturbed/creeped out by it and profess their dread for the incoming VR version. I haven’t gotten this much joy out of a game since Devil Daggers! A very different kind of joy perhaps, but a joy of pure gaming goodness nonetheless. What times we live in.

    To balance that opinion slightly, I don’t like the scoring of the game. Devil Daggers has shown me the fun of arcade-style leaderboards, but S-ranks are not something I can get into. On the other hand, I don’t care and will just be enjoying the insanely pretty, driving ride. Weeee!

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Oh, and I guess Devil Daggers, Elder Scrolls Online, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc

    • Ben King says:

      I’m also doing some Thumper and enjoying listening in from the kitchen as my GF roars through it while I do dishes and bake apple pies. Revisited MGSV which I stalled out on a month or two back, it’s still fun but I find myself resorting to the same default strategies I used at the start… then I realized I’m still just using the same default weapon setup. I’m really negatively effected by the whole mission-stealth score, and cash budget thing that motivates me to run missions cheap, nonlethal and stealthy… Time to mix things up running some side missions alternate load outs using shotguns, rocket fists, and decoys. Also I would really like to put another couple hrs into Shadowrun: Dragonfall while I still remember what’s going on with the plot and all the characters.

    • Turkey says:

      Thumper is like if someone took a Steven King short story about a satanic arcade game that sucks out your soul if you lose and made it real.

  17. gabrielonuris says:

    Lords of The Fallen. You know, it’s like Dark Souls, but playable (now I think I should run).

    Seriously, it ‘s like a Souls game but with more checkpoints throughout the campaign and with less “fck you too player” mechanics. The problem with that game was how it was marketed: it burrows some ideas of a great series, but unfortunately one that isn’t for everybody.

    So you’ve got players that love Dark Souls and won’t touch anything different, and players that would probably find LoTF better because it’s easier, but won’t touch it because they hate DS, and it was inspired by that one. CI Games got the worst of two worlds, that’s why it sold 900k copies while DS sold almost 3 million.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      900k is not an inconsiquential chunk of Chin-Yen, I’d say. Compared to DS anyway.

      As for your heathenous Dark Souls comments, I will leave, but know this! Your name will go down on the list! {Brandishes pen menacingly} You will know your fate…when the time comes. (Probably when you realise DS wasn’t hard, you just die a lot but that’s fine really, and oh it’s just such a good game why didn’t I play it sooner). Something like that.

    • Poolback says:

      The problem is not that Lord of the Fallen is easy, it actually isn’t, I find it quite similar to DS in terms of difficulty. Personnaly, my problem with it is that the level deisgn just cannot compete even remotely to Dark Souls. Also the general athmosphere. Too bad, because it’s got some really interesting mechanics ! And the gameplay feels quite smooth and powerful.

  18. Land says:

    Hearthstone. Overwatch. And maybe some Grim Dawn.

  19. Vacuity729 says:

    I’m partaking of the Talisman: Horus Heresy free weekend on Steam. It’s a game that I’d been wondering about in an am-I-even-interested-in-this kind of way. Having played a complete game, I think I am interested in it, though I don’t think its a game I’d sit down and play for several days at a time.

  20. Herzog says:

    Reflex: Playing some more rounds of clan arena and good old ffa. Very few players online, but one or two servers fill up on the weekends and in the evening. Not so much into duel, as I find it too stressful. Engine and netcode is super awesome. Never played an afps that felt that good! Just super smooth everything.

    Also should continue with the last story mission in Prison Architect…

  21. Morph says:

    Witcher 3. Got both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine at the same time. Playing through them in order, though everyone raves about B&W so I was feeling a bit down on HoS at first. Turns out I needn’t have worried, having a great time in HoS – just been to a wedding and it was brill.

  22. Mi-24 says:

    bits and bobs of the new hitman episode (which is pretty good). Also black mesa.

  23. NetharSpinos says:

    Impire, War for the Overworld, Carmageddon: Max Damage & GTA Online.

    It’s good to be bad.

  24. yogibbear says:

    Playing Dota 2, as well as trying to convince myself to stop playing Dota 2 so I can play the expansion to Dishonored before Dishonored 2 drops.

  25. Darth Gangrel says:

    Vermintide is free for the weekend, so I’ll play that. Nothing better than a first hand account of how fun it is as a solo experience (who needs other people?).

  26. Kitsunin says:

    Mostly on my phone, but it’s Blight of the Immortals for me, which is like, satisfying as hell. It was boring on Normal difficulty (where you’re really just trying to be efficient because losing isn’t really even a risk), but jumping up to hard, you feel so overwhelmed, and using your hero abilities to win anyways makes you feel heroic. The real-time play actually works really well.

  27. dangermouse76 says:

    Just turned forty so playing the life sim, how much whiskey can my friends, and my wife and I drink without falling over. Also finishing the minutemen quest line for Fallout 4.Short and sweet, loved it. Although the railroad were a bit bitchy about the whole affair.

    Also settling into the realisation that settlements are kinda broken in this game. They have a lifeless joyless feel to them, with no sense of community built through them. Shame they had potential.

    Better than all that, I have a new job so can start dreaming about a new rig for after christmas. Hoping those GTX 1060 prices come a little lower down.

  28. Thulsa Hex says:

    I started Silent Hill 2 for the first time, last night. I didn’t get very far, but it is pretty spoooooky. I’ve played a few 1999/2000-era games this year, and this is the first time that the (relatively) low-fi graphixx actually enhance the atmosphere — even though I am using emulation to render the game at 1080p60.

    Right now, as I drink my morning coffee: Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The new, unexpectedly-generous update has me revisiting my town for the first time in a year. I would have picked it up sooner if it wasn’t for the weird anxiety that everything has gone to hell and all my villagers hate me that sets in if you haven’t played in a little while. It’s silly because, in reality, the game is extremely forgiving and about as meditative as it gets!

    I have a little over a week before starting a new full-time job, and want to use some of that guilt-free time to take on one of the meatier titles in my back catalogue. Decisions, decisions.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I just played Silent Hill 2 a few weeks ago and yeah, it is still great!

  29. Stepout says:

    Legend of Grimrock 2. Bought it during the Halloween sale and have been obsessed with it since.

  30. Claudia Lo says:

    Dwarf Fortress.

    I’m also tempted to pick up Titanfall 2, and maybe this will be the week I finally learn to play Cataclysm DDA.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Cataclysm can be a little frustrating to start out with, as your immediate second-to-second survival can be so rough initially that you don’t get time to learn much, but if you’ve learned DF, you’ll have no problem getting to grips with Cata if you stick with it.

      It’s well worth the effort, trust me on that.

  31. lglethal says:

    Stellaris, Deus Ex:MD, Thief 4.

    Stellaris – I’m loving it, but the minor point that any mods means you dont get any achievements bugs me. Yes, I know achievements are not important but still, it’s nice to have them. However, I like to micromanage my planets and hate sectors, so let me play it the way I want (with a mod to allow that), and dont punish me for it.

    Thief 4 – I love this game, dont know why everyone hates it – going back for a master difficulty, no kill, playthrough. I love it… The rest of you are just wrong… ;)

    DX:MD – Still trying to finish it, I love it when I’m playing it, but it’s missing something compared to HR that keeps me from rushing back into it every spare moment (like HR did!). Having thought about it a lot, and I dont know if its the whole problem, but the music (or lack of music) is the problem. I still listen to the DX:HR soundtrack when I’m working and as soon as a track starts I can remember exactly where that happens in the game, and the cool feelings associated with that. With DX:MD, I’ve listened to the soundtrack and it’s good, really good, but I have no recollection of hearing any of the tracks during the game. How the heck is that possible, when the first got it so right? Oh well, time to actually finish the game. I am enjoying it, but it just lacks the atmosphere of the previous Human Revolution. Pity.

  32. angryhenrik says:

    Just finished Titanfall 2, I get the comparison to Portal some have made. The actual shooting feels as good as in Doom 2016 as well – all in all a very good game.

  33. LuckyDenver says:

    Orwell and Skyrim Remaster. I’m just killing time until Tyranny is released!

  34. kud13 says:

    I wrapped up “the Longest Journey”, so now I’m free to move on further with my backlog.

    I’ve felt ambitious and finally installed Arx Fatalis yesterday. After spending 10 minutes with it, I realized I need to read the manual before playing.

    I’ve also installed “a shooter/sneaker with a story”- Chaser from GOG.

    Oh, and when I was perusing yesterday’s GOG sale offerings, I noticed they have “Prehistorik” 1 + 2. 1 was the first computer game I remember playing. Ever.

    Still trying to beat that first level….

  35. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    Replaying the 3 episodes of Orwell that have been released to see alternate story branches. This game is really scratching an investigative itch. Something about seeing conflicting stories and deciding which one more closely resembles reality and watching the story develop from that choice is very cool.

    • LuckyDenver says:

      I’m loving Orwell. I haven’t gotten to start episode 3 yet but thankfully I don’t work tomorrow. It is something that I will definitely replay down the line to see how it changes though.

  36. Zenicetus says:

    My wife and I finished Divinity OS, and we’re now running through Torchlight 2 while waiting for the Divinity sequel to be finished. I’m getting index finger fatigue. I forgot how these action RPGs are such a click-fest, but it’s mindless fun.

    Aside from that, maybe a bit of Stellaris and some XCOM 2 for a slower-paced strategy fix.

  37. Aetylus says:

    Atlas Reactor. They seem to have done the impossible and made an online brawler suitable for turn-based grognards. Luverly.

  38. FeloniousMonk says:

    I just booted up Endless Legend (I guess I was commemorating the arrival of Civ?) for the first time and I’m just staring at it. So many systems…

    (squints, clicks for a few minutes, goes back to playing Sunless Sea in a stupor)

  39. AutonomyLost says:

    I’ve been delighting in finally being able to play the new Hitman. I’m loving it, and am only about half-done with the Paris level. I’m role-playing it fairly strictly and am taking my sweet time casing the entire joint, which happens to be enormous. I’m very excited for the next five areas/missions!

  40. Anvilfolk says:

    With so many RPSers playing Titanfall 2, won’t someone create an official Network so we can find ourselves?

    I am partial to Bounty mode, since it gives you some really interesting tactical decisions to make.

  41. LennyLeonardUK says:

    I’m very close to finishing my first Civ 6 game. I started out hoping to win by domination with Victoria, but circumstances changed and now I’m pushing for a science victory whilst also having a humungous army sat at home doing nothing. Well, doing nothing until Ghandi decided to denounce my warmongering ways despite him having barely half the fire power of my army. The peace loving git will surely come to regret that action in the very near future.

    I’m also knee deep into the Titanfall 2 single player campaign. It really is as good as others have said, and with the fantastic multiplayer aspect of the game also taking up a lot of my free time, it could well be a surprise late contender for my own personal game of 2016.

    Oh, and I also have Owlboy waiting for my attention, so maybe some of that if I get the time.

  42. samination says:

    You guys should play…idk, fun games? So mainstream. Isn’t that what you normally complain about each week with Steams top ten best selling games?

  43. hughie522 says:

    I’m replaying Dishonored; I think I gave up after the 4th mission because the stealth was a little bit frustrating :P.

  44. fish99 says:

    About to fire up DS3 and have a proper go at that final DLC boss.

  45. caff says:

    Brigador because loads of people here recommended it recently.

    Contrast which I picked in a recent steam sale.

    And hopefully some Sunless Sea because I love it.

    But probably too much Rocket League because it is stupidly addictive and seems to have an infinite skill cap.

  46. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Owlboy! Oh my what a pretty game and I’m loving the story, the characters are great. I kind of wish the flying mechanics were a little more interesting though.

    Hopefully play some Titanfall 2 on Monday. I am waiting for my CD-Key to arrive in the mail as that was the cheapest way to buy it and I kind of like the ludicrousness of purchasing something off the internet and then waiting for a box with a piece of paper in it with a number written on it that lets me download a thing off the internet.

  47. DevilishEggs says:

    Influenza. It’s sort of like Phantasmagoria but with the slowness of a no-fast-travel playthrough of Oblivion.

  48. Stragman says:

    Ultima Underworld for the first time and enjoying it so far.

  49. AutonomyLost says:

    I’m about to embark on the Sapienza mission in Hitman, which seems to be, by way of popular opinion, the best of the six locations. I loved Paris and am already thinking how my next attempt will go, about all the ways around the place and various methods I discovered while completing it. Good stuff!

    Also, might kick around some more Modern Warfare RM, since I’m not able to play the new Infinite Warfare campaign due to some insane hitching. Don’t know why it’s happening, but I’m positive it’s not on the hardware side… I am hoping they roll out a patch in the next few days for it. It might just be entirely eclipsed by the Dishonored 2 release if they don’t act soon, thus being relegated to the ol’ backlog.

  50. stuw23 says:

    Mainly the new version of Skyrim, and Sunless Sea now that achievements are working. Yeah, I know achievements shouldn’t be a big deal, but I like the little rush of dopamine they give, and it annoys me when a game has broken achievements, even when said game is one of my absolute favourites. Zubmariner is an excellent addition to the game, thoroughly enjoying the content it has added, and I’m now trying to complete the new ambition it has added.

    As for Skyrim, it’s my first time playing beyond level 10 without any mods, and it’s a little bit depressing how bad the UI is, and how many mods I took for granted. I’m thinking of it as a self-imposed challenge though, given that mods are a big reason why my last character ended up being an unkillable one-person army.

    Oh and also Clicker Heroes, forever running in the background. And a little GemCraft – Chasing Shadows, which hasn’t taken with me in the way I expected it to.