Galimulator Plays Through Millennia Of Galactic Events

I’ve always had a thing for 4x space strategy titles starting with the flawed yet mesmerizing Star Trek: Birth of the Federation. However, sometimes I just want all the war. diplomacy, and galactic scale destruction without having to have much input. Galimulator [official site] by snoddasmannen helps to sate this desire perfectly.

Galimulator is basically a huge space empire simulator, a bit like Conway’s Game of Life smashed into Stellaris. It’s up to you to choose whether just to observe the chaos and order of a randomly-generated galaxy, or to interfere by causing boon or calamity to specific civilizations or by taking direct control of one of the empires, and it’s addictive as all get-out.

I spent far more time than I originally planned to when clicking through all of the most recent free games via Itch, and I have a few reviews and other pieces ahead of me to work on today. Time melted away when I really sat down and got into Galimulator, and I feel like that’s a testament to all it does right. Plus, all those colors. Those colors, man.

If you’re a strategy buff who just wants to watch empires grow and crumble in moments, then give Galimulator a try. It’s out for Windows and Linux at $2 from Itch.


  1. LogicalDash says:

    The game is also available as a .jar file, so Mac users can play, too, as long as they have Java installed separately.

    • Snoddasmannen says:

      Hi! Developer of the game here. Yes I expect it should work on Mac, but I don’t have one to try it out :)

      • notcoffeetable says:

        As a heads up, I’ve tried running it on OSX with the latest JDK and there is an exception loading gdxlib64. I’ll post to the forums if you’d like.

  2. dsch says:

    BOTF was great. I imagine a remake with Endless Space’s aesthetic and become a bit sad it’ll never happen.

  3. GurtTractor says:

    Thanks for this. I had only recently spent the time to figure out how to run AI only games in Civ 5, and I’ve realised I would really like some more games that can just be run in the background with no input. I used to love running Darwin Pond for hours and days at a time, and coming back to see the critters that resulted from the primitive evolution.

    I think it could be interesting if more 4X type games started you off in this way, watching the AI go through the motions could give you a good idea of the strategy required.

    Like with Civ 5, Galimulator is strangely compelling to watch it all play out, I don’t really understand the mechanics just yet though.

    My favourite auto-generated empire name that I’ve seen so far is “Adherents of the Repeated Meme”.

    • oyog says:

      I haven’t tried it but you might be interested to know that you can type “observe” in the console in Crusader Kings II to watch the game play out without you.

      In EU4 it’s “observe mode”, according to eu4wiki.

      In case you’re interested. :D

      Edit: I think you have to start a game like you normally would first.

  4. Freud says:

    In the end entropy wins.

  5. Darth Gangrel says:

    Snoddasmannen? I haven’t had snoddas in a long time, but perhaps he took that name to honor link to I always think of the cake with that name when I hear snodddas.

    • Snoddasmannen says:

      I didn’t even know that was a cake, but no it’s more related to the singer, though that is not the fully story (the full story is no more interesting though).

  6. dargotrox says:

    can you play as a faction, or do you just watch ???

    • LogicalDash says:

      It starts out in observer mode, but you can take over for any of the players when you like.

  7. Blutsuechtiger says:

    Got that already on android. Now for PC it is just awesome.
    Bought it, love it.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I liked Galimulator on the phone, but buying it didn’t stop the ads and I became angry and deleted it.

    But still, it’s like Stellaris on auto-pilot. Kinda fun.

    • Snoddasmannen says:

      It should stop the ads, but due to a really annoying bug you may have to restart the app for that to kick in (swipe it out and restart it). If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll give you a refund, so far I didn’t have to give any – yay!

  9. tour86rocker says:

    So ah…have you played Star Trek Birth of the Federation? That’s an interesting topic for me. In high school I spent a week canoeing in Manitoba, wishing I was back home playing that game instead of paddling a boat through an endless cloud of mosquitos. Somehow it was as good as I was looking forward to it being, despite the substantial flaws. I’d still play it again, I wish the fan projects had panned out and I think Star Trek: Enterprise makes the formation of the Federation a little more interesting than BotF envisioned.

    Canon-wise, throwing cash at alien races as the Federation (cashless society) to win member races to your side made ZERO sense. That game needed to bake a lot longer but it was fun.