One Night Stand Simulates That Awkward Morning After

If you’ve ever had too much to drink and woken up in a strange bed with no frame of reference, One Night Stand [official site] will ring some bells. Or if you played its original free version. The visual novel by kinmoku was originally created for the NaNoRenO game jam in March, but now you can play the expanded commercial version with new artwork and animation, new endings, and additional music.

One Night Stand was created in Ren’Py, the popular visual novel engine. Although Ren’Py-based games sometimes draw criticism as being too one-dimensional, the custom animation and artwork in One Night Stand looks incredible. The developer was able to use rotoscoping to great effect, and it’s another example of how great the technique can look when done right. It’s extremely fluid, but not off-putting.

The game is only about 25-35 minutes long, but getting all 12 endings will take a couple of hours, and I think One Night Stand is definitely worth the $2.99 price of entry. If you’re down for some awkward, well choreographed, visual novel action, then you can get One Night Stand now on Game Jolt, Itch, and, from November 8th, on Steam.


  1. Zankman says:

    RPS sure loves to push these “different” games about sex and related topics.

    • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

      Whoa there Tiger, the nuclear family isn’t going to abolish itself! Thank God for “Rock, Paper, Gramsci”

    • klops says:

      I’m pretty sure most of the indie games news that are posted in RPS are not about sex and related topics – even the news about game jam games.

    • gwop_the_derailer says:

      Why are you even here?

      • Ghostwise says:

        A recent article studying the code of a game (which was a really cool idea) resulted in the usual women-hating scum lighting up the Dick Signal (which shines a penis on passing clouds over Gotham City) to start trolling RPS.

        • Regicider 12.4% says:

          Object-oriented coding gonna objectify.

          • Tata_Nye says:

            WhatAShamefulDisplay and Regicider 12.4%: I love you, deeply and sincirely.
            Also, I’ve just created an account for the very purpose of telling you this.

    • satan says:

      Well… this is the only games journalism site that I frequent and endorse.

      I still check PCGamer now and then but I swear it gets more clickbaity by the day.

    • Synesthesia says:

      dude, is that a giant hammer above you?

    • Grizzly says:

      Yes they do! It’s great :-)

      • Xerophyte says:

        But what if someone misses out on the next game about shooting guns at men because they were distracted reading this article about a game in a different genre? What then? It’s like RPS don’t see the danger, the potential trauma they can inflict to society at large when they irresponsibly publish a short article about a game that’s not about shooting guns like this.

  2. something says:

    “One Night Stand Simulates That Awkward Morning After”

    Weird. Where/why would I buy such a nightstand? And why is RPS reporting on…

    Oh. One Night Stand. I get it now. Internet headlines have broken my brain.

  3. detarame says:

    I am a sucker for some rotoscope, now. Looks tremendous.

  4. Jediben says:

    I cannot begin playing this as I am a MGHOW and the potential ramifications of such an act (STD, unwanted offspring, rape accusations) are diametrically opposed to my life philosophy. Also I bet it tries to make you feel guilty no matter what you do. And £2.99!? Path.

    • Jediben says:

      Edit function has gone I see.

    • Dewal says:

      “Also I bet it tries to make you feel guilty no matter what you do”. And… you lost your bet.

      Not being appealed by the base idea of a game and thus not willing to try it is one thing, but it’s weird condemning it without even knowing what it is about. Even more when, from what I understand you’re saying, it’s not a real life situation you’re even familiar with ?

      • klops says:

        Also, condoms.

      • Jediben says:

        Correct I have never had a one night stand because the risks out weight the benefits considerably. Had long term relationships that proved to me that men and women are incompatible with the current socio-economic agenda which is doing its utmost to destroy male agency. Examples like Ched Evans just show what can happen.

        • GeoX says:

          Yes, fine, okay, you’re preserving your precious bodily fluids. Pretty sure no one else has any interest in them, though.

        • NeuroNiky says:

          Correct I have never had a one night stand because the risks out weight the benefits considerably. Had long term relationships that proved to me that men and women are incompatible with the current socio-economic agenda which is doing its utmost to destroy male agency.

          I think you might find the concepts of “love”, “being in love” and “having a lot of fun while having sex” quite amazing. But hey, I see you want to go your own way… please, go on, I don’t want to stop you from your species self destruction attempt.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      I am honestly sorry that you were hurt badly enough that you feel the need to adopt this way of thinking. I hope you can move past it eventually.

      A thread about a video game about relationships is a silly place to expound on your very, very silly philosophy.

    • mukuste says:

      Weird, I thought this post was clearly satirical in nature, and yet everyone else seems to take it at face value.


      • timzania says:

        I’m with you but I also just realized that I don’t take anything at face value at all anymore and it might be turning into a bit of a problem

      • Phasma Felis says:

        I hope you’re right. MGHOWs (“Man Going His Own Way”) are a real thing, though, and they actually do talk like that. Poe’s Law in full effect, either way.

  5. CartonofMilk says:

    Despite (the entirely anecdotal evidence) that i’m a 38 years old (hence non millenial) that has never had a one night stand (i ended up in a relationship with everyone i ever slept with. whatever you call the opposite of commitment issues, i may suffer from that) i still find it odd that the subtitle to this article reads aka Millenial Romance simulator. Millenials didn’t invent one night stands! :p Though i suppose it’s possible it’s been a more of a thing with this generation as with any other if only because of things like tinder.

    • Grizzly says:

      Tinder is only one thing though. Try settling down with someone in this economy.

    • Herring says:

      “whatever you call the opposite of commitment issues, i may suffer from that”

      Serial-monogamist I think :)

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I’m 36 and I had my first one night stand this year, mind you I think I might technically be a millennial.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Millennial is really more of a label applied to people who share a certain philosophy more than an actual age demographic. I’m 31 and fit most of the millennial stereotypes. You and I are the proto-millenials. Our thrones are awaiting!

  6. Risingson says:

    The amount of comments against this game, or better, to cover this game’s thematics, makes me think that gaming really needs more love between the gamers.

    In any case, we need a proper one night stand simulators. A real Splinter Cell-like where you slip out of the other’s bed, you sneakly go to the toilet and put on your clothes and tensely go to the door, closes it and calls the elevator. Then half of a very very hitchcockian tense moment happens, where you the player tries to see any of the possible escapes and emergency stairs and see that there is none in sight, and finally when it arrives, you hear the door.

    – Where are you going? Wait, you better have some breakfast!

    And then you have to have your breakfast with your one night stand. That half an hour breakfast. If you are lucky you can get out of there without the in-hangover post-breakfast post-post-self-loathing-please-leave-all-me-alone sex, where you are thinking more of the things you should do when you get home than of the sex itself. But you cannot escape, ever, the little kiss-in-the-mouth while saying goodbye, that faked and disgusting disguise of a marriage that, thankfully, lasted only that one night stand.

    Then you get home and take a shower that quite never gets that other’s smell off.

    So, a sneak game based on this. Delevopers, listen.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      It could be made into a 1v1 competitive game where one person has the be the ditcher as you describe but the other has to be suuuuuper clingy and needy. They win by getting the other’s number.