Deer MMO The Endless Forest Crowdfunding A Remake

While most MMOs are quest-based and involve some sort of conflict and grind, The Endless Forest [official site] simply isn’t. Instead, The Endless Forest is about playing as a carefree magical deer spending time doing deer things with other deer. Each deer is another player, and this antithesis of modern MMO design has attracted 170,000 registered players in its 10-year existence. Now developers Tale of Tales want to take the game further as it enters its second decade, and they’re asking for your help.

They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign asking for €40,000 (about £36k) to remake The Endless Forest in Unreal Engine, shedding the limitations of their current archaic setup (it was made with Quest3D). They’re planning for this to keep it ticking along for another decade and be the foundation of future expansions.

The campaign is using ‘flexible’ funding, meaning they still get the money if they don’t hit the full goal. If that happens, they’ll put the money towards making what they can, or perhaps adding new content to the original version, or simply paying The Endless Forest’s server costs.

The original version of The Endless Forest is free to play (but not that kind of free-to-play) and Tale of Tales assure that the remake will remain free as well.

If role-playing as a Magical Deer with others online sounds delightful to you, give The Endless Forest a try. It’s hardly a crowded genre but, curiously, the makers of Shelter released their own woodland playground, Meadow, only the other week.


  1. WJonathan says:

    But…will there be a nude mod?

  2. mepto says:

    In case anybody, including the writer, has forgotten: “Freeware” is what truely gratis software used to be called, before “free-to-play” made confusion possible between truely gratis software and that shady kind where you had to, let’s be honest, pay somewhere along the line to have some kind of fun. Thanks to cheap asian MMOs, by the way, and shifty western industrypeople.

  3. Uncle Fassbender says:

    Didn’t Tale of Tales quit videogames and proceed to tell all gamers how much they’ve always hated them?

    Well, nice to see they’re back asking us for money!

    • Gregoire Simpson says:

      That’s what I thought as well.
      Maybe they’ve decided to give gamers another chance.

    • Uncle Fassbender says:

      Also going to mention they both have patreon pages that earn them combined $500 per month:
      link to
      link to

      Not a lot of money to be fair, but I wonder if Michael’s patreon specifically awards you this game at the $10 tier, considering it says ‘You will receive a copy of every creation I release for free’.

      • Josh W says:

        They could do that you know, there are some tragedy of the commons type problems of people being willing to skip paying directly, but so long as their crowdfunding matches the real development costs (ie they can live and work and make it), then they could conceivably offer it for free to their patreon subscribers. I mean, that does mean that the retail price is $10 if you order on day 1, which is a fairly extreme form of discounting to build community, but not financially disastrous.

    • dragonfliet says:

      Not really. They did announce that they were going to stop making games for commercial release, because they were unable to make that work (Sunset was a huge commercial failure, which is a shame, because it’s a really interesting game). They slagged on PR and consultation opinions, but never attacked gamers. A reason they pushed into more commercial realms is that art funding had largely dried up, and they decided to try a slightly different arena. They were burned, and decided they didn’t want to do that anymore. I would expect their games that come forward to be entirely free, produced either in their spare time, or funded with grants and kickstarters and the like.

      I backed the kickstarter for Sunset, and they sent an email about this re-release thing, and the idea was that even though they’re more-or-less done with games, they wanted to preserve their legacy (or something along those lines), hence the remaster of endless forest. It also stays true to their no longer playing the commercial release game, as though they are asking money for the development, it’s being released for free. The pittance they’re fundraising isn’t going to be a lifestyle, that’s for sure.

      • Umberto Bongo says:


        ‘Perfect. Goodbye, gamers! May you die in the same agony that you caused to thousands of defenceless virtual creatures.’

        ‘I can say FUCK GAMES! FUCK GAMERS! FUCK THE GAME INDUSTRY! DIE! DIE!DIE! And rot in hell!’

        Sounds pretty definitive to me.

        • Turkey says:

          Wow. Move over, Phil Fish.

        • dragonfliet says:

          I like this other tweet, too: “People who remember I once said FUCK GAMERS but ignore the context make me want to repeat the offense. But not in jest as then.”

          The dude on the team says a lot of shit (I always misspell his name, so I won’t even try), in the vain of Phil Fish. Take it with a grain of salt. I hate that gamers need to have their ass kissed all the time, and get so pissy about people lashing out. An angry dude said angry words that definitely weren’t how much they’ve always hated gamers, and they said they were done with commercial gaming. They still aren’t making commercial games, and are crowdfunding free things. It seems pretty easy to understand to me.

      • Ashabel says:

        As someone who also backed Sunset, I can confirm that they were considerably more polite over there than on the rest of the social media. In Sunset’s KS they mostly presented themselves as suffering artistes who were let down by the uncaring audience and evil marketing agency. Over on tumblr and their personal blog, they spewed vitriol about how gamers are the worst pieces of shit in existence and how the gaming industry should explode and take the lives of everyone involved with it in the process, all the while egotistically linking every single news article that spoke about how amazing they were and how the world will be blaker and poorer with their decision to quit.

        This is actually their third Kickstarter; there was another one called Cathedral in the Clouds, a digital art gallery of sorts, that came shortly after Sunset. My guess is that they ran out of government and charity funds to mooch off.

        If I had to summarize the Tale of Tales duo by everything I’ve seen of their behavior (which is tumblr, twitter and the Sunset KS), I would summarize them as egotistical, self-absorbed and blindly convinced that they are destined to revolutionize the game industry while essentially ignoring all the games that do their thing better than they do. Which is why I won’t be backing it.

        • STARFIGHTER says:

          I mean, gamers are – objectively, here – pretty terrible people. Let’s be real.

          • Premium User Badge

            Oakreef says:

            And the games industry is pretty widely known to be utterly soul crushing and awful to work in. I really can’t blame them for lashing out once under the stress of it. We can’t pretend that game devs are perfect angels who live and breath in order to make us happy and deliver us the beloved games – they’re people who do huge amounts of work under massive stress and (with indie devs) expected to be their own accountants, PR and advertisers all the while often getting constant abuse from the more shitheaded in the games community. And when they take to much and vent their frustrations a lot of otherwise quite reasonable people jump in to defend the shitheads rather than the developers.

    • basilisk says:

      Yep, they’ve burned their bridges very publicly. I’m not sure how to interpret them trying to come back.

      Quite honestly, I think they were mostly just lucky to be pretty much the pioneers of the artsy high-concept indie “game”, so they could easily dominate the field and get all the attention. Because the dirty secret is that none of their “games” was very good. Some of them actually were pretty bad in the worst art-wank sort of way.

      I always kept an eye of them because they were willing to go places no one else thought of going, but that’s no longer true. I wish them luck, but I’m not sure they have much more to say. I’d like to be wrong, though.

      • Gregoire Simpson says:

        It felt rather strange, and most self obsessed, to pour hate over gamers and the whole gaming industry in a time when internet and crowd funding are helping a wide range of different type of games to be succesful in a way they never could while the big publishers had all the say.
        We have seen how many developers have managed to expand on some of the ideas Tale of Tales helped introducing to give us some really fresh and well made games with decent sales figures.

        The response from the market have shown that there’s a big hunger for games that challenge traditional videogame concepts, when done in a meaningful way.
        Maybe someone is just bitter because it’s not his product?

      • dragonfliet says:

        Really? I’ve always quite liked them. Endless Forest, The Path, The Graveyard especially. Sunset was annoying (it was interesting, but didn’t live up mechanically to its attempts), and Salome was…interesting, but I’ve always loved the way they went about things and thought their art unique and worthwhile. I honestly wish they were more financially successful, so they could keep doing weird, interesting games that push against the conceptions of gaming. They would never make a game as good as even something like Gone Home, but they would always be interesting and strange.

  4. April March says:

    Tale of Tales have always appeared to be cursed for me. It’s strange that Dear Esther is considered the father of the walking simulator, when The Path and The Graveyard were much earlier and the former is much better, in my opinion. (I haven’t played the latter.) Perhaps it was a case of the gaming industry not being ready for it, or perhaps it was a case of their unstoppable pretension damaging work that was quite interesting by itself, I cannot tell.

    The debacle after Sunset was strange – they were basically complaining that they didn’t get any money, even after they sold out!

    At any case, I won’t give them any money because Indiegogo is shady as fuck.

    (Also, didn’t RPS bring up a game in much the same vein this very week, only you can play as several different animals and maybe eat each other? ♪ The Cycle of Liiiiife ♫)