Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Patch Adds Solo Private Play

I’ve not had a crack at multiplayer in Titanfall 2 [official site] because oooh isn’t that singleplayer fun. However, folks who have leapt into competitive action will be glad to hear that developers Respawn Entertainment gave multiplayer a touch-up with a patch over the weekend. Along with tweaking balance a bit, it also added a support for playing private matches on your tod. If you’ve fretted about falling flat on your face in the online playground, hey, now you can practise movement and learn maps in quiet solo study.

And oh me oh my, what movement it is! Titanfall 2 understands that moving around an FPS can be rewarding in itself. My favourite level is not That One Everyone Talks About but That One With All The Moving Parts because it was such a joy to navigate.

Anyway! Respawn posted the patch notes on Reddit. They’ve rebalanced the Legion (minigun) and Tone (semi-auto cannon) titans, fixed a few bugs and problems, and changed the Map Hack power. Rather than being always on, it’ll reveal players’ locations in pulses. And yes, you can start Private Matches without anyone else.

I’m quite keen to launch into Titanfall 2’s multiplayer when I get the time this week. I know I’ve grumped about its mega-chunky Wingman revolver being quite far down the unlock tree but, after carrying it through half the singleplayer campaign, it’s the Mozambique shotgun pistol I really want – and that unlocks at only level 10. I’m sure I can get that quick enough! Some of my other favourites are in the starting unlocks anyway.


  1. Ansob says:

    The Legion and Tone changes consisted of making their respective shields slightly weaker, and did nothing to actually bring them in line with the other titans, sadly.

    Legion is at least counterable by picking Ion, but Tone is still very overpowered.

    • mcnostril says:

      Yeah, Tone is still a beast. The salvo core is a one hit kill in most situations, and it’s surprisingly hard to notice it at short/medium range (I’m not sure if there’s a kit for ion that can catch all the rockets, I don’t have any unlocks on ion but last time I tried it murdered my shield almost instantly and still did massive damage). That, coupled with the 40mm being quite possibly the best weapon to fight pilots with means that most games end up with mostly a combo of Tones and Legions, which isn’t particularly fun to fight against.
      I’m pretty rubbish at playing most titans, but with Tone I can consistently wreck things and shoot pilots out of the sky with ease.

      It’s still tremendous fun though, and respawn seem pretty receptive (the nerf wasn’t all that big, but given that it didn’t improve anything they might go bigger on the next one?) so hopefully they sort it out soon-ish.
      I’d definitely like to see a small buff to Ronin to make it a little scarier up close, because right now going full melee with Ronin is tricky as hell. I mean it should be since it’s a highly specialized kit, but considering that people can do an execution as soon as your health is gone, going heavy on melee is most often a suicide run (probably the only balanced thing about legion’s shield is that it can’t melee with it, so you can actually get up in its face and not get executed).

      • Shadow says:

        Yeah, I’d say the Tone is a pretty easy titan to pilot. You’ve got the shield for protection and all you need to do is land shots till a lock-on is achieved, and then let the missiles loose.

        I used it for a bunch of matches, but I’ve now switched to the Ronin, which seems more interesting but obviously harder to play effectively. My technique isn’t particularly advanced at this point, but I suppose the key is to maintain mobility and strafe and circle around an enemy in close range while hacking away.

        People tend to panic when engaged in melee: it’s chaotic, and keeping that agility and some degree of situational awareness can be enough to confuse the opponent and have him miss a lot of shots while you’re slicing and dicing. The extra dash power-up helps, but I’m also tempted to take the nuclear detonation on ejection, due to the often banzai nature of charging into melee.

    • crazyd says:

      The shields are a large part of the reason they are OP, though. They have the most versatile defense methods. In any case, I’m glad they are going for subtle changes and iterating rather than making sweeping major nerfs. Best way to handle things.

      • Ansob says:

        The shields definitely contributed, but weren’t the real problem – the issue is Tone’s primary is too accurate and has splash so it’s too good against pilots, fires too fast and therefore has too much sustained DPS against titans, and the rockets are too much burst damage. Legion’s problem is that the long-range minigun has a bit too much DPS (it should ramp fire rate up gradually in long-range mode to give you more time to notice the damage and avoid it).

        Tone’s issues would all be fixed by swapping its and Northstar’s primary around, which would a) halve Tone’s rate of fire and therefore lower its sustain and burst damage; b) make it less good against pilots; c) buff Northstar a bit.

        Tone’s kit would work better with the railgun anyway.

        • theliel says:

          The general issue is the dodgy decision to lock each Titan into a specific weapon.
          The 40mm autocannon was always the most forgiving in TF1 because of the reasons you’ve cited – I think the Ion would fare better if it could equip it.

          The fact that titan==abilities&&==weapon causes most of the problems.

          It’s one of the few regressions (that and map design) that TF2 has in comparison to TF1

    • Janichsan says:

      So, you say it should be… toned down?


  2. Darth Gangrel says:

    So you can now play the MP maps without other people disturbing you? That’s great if you just want a change of scenery and goof around outside the main campaign.

    • Shadow says:

      That seems to be the case. However, progression seems to be disabled in these private matches, so if you’ve never played the multiplayer side, you’ll have a pretty limited selection of weapons, accessories, boosts, titans and titan kits.

  3. Anvilfolk says:

    And let’s not forget that that you can join the RPS network, “Rock, Paper, Scorch” and find fellow RPSers to play with! Not entirely sure how it *actually* works, but hey, it exists.

    So far I’ve stuck with exploring a few Pilot weapons but have only played the Ion Titan so far. I quite like that being accurate with it replenishes ammo and makes it fire for longer, but I’ve definitely felt like there are a few titans that people always play and that are really hard to fight against when their shields are up.

    I am going to assume those are the Tone and Legion, though I think I’ve played this weekend and they still felt really strong and hard to counter, at least with the Ion.

    • vahnn says:

      Ate you sure it exists? I just checked Saturday night and there was no RPS network at the time.

      • Anvilfolk says:

        I joined it, so I think it must exist!

        Try searching for the tag RPS – that’s not the first search box, it’s the second one!

    • mcnostril says:

      Yeah, if you’re using the default search thing, you actually have to search for “Rock,” and it should display “Rock, Paper, Scorch”

  4. vahnn says:

    Alice, you can use your cash to unlock the Wingman early, if you like. You might have enough cash to do so by level 10, maybe before. But the Mozambique is fantastic, as well.

  5. TheSplund says:

    hmm, will it have bots?

    • Deakul says:

      That would be awesome but unfortunately right now it’s only ai cannon fodder grunts and there’s no progression either.

      Still, cool to learn the maps.