You And Me Against The World: XCOM 2 Co-op Mod Out

Two-player co-op has arrived in XCOM 2 [official site] with the first beta release of a mod which hopes to one day support twelve-player co-op. Two seems a good number to start with, though. You have someone to bounce ideas off, someone for moral support and encouragement, someone to plan and scheme with, and someone to blame when snakes are choking out your champ.

The Tactical Co-op mod [official site] from Team Dragonpunk is now up on the Steam Workshop. It’s not a full co-op campaign, to be clear.

This first public release lets two players team up, with one player hosting and the other able to bring in characters from their own campaign. Each controls their own characters. At the end of a mission, the secondary player will return to their own campaign with any XP and loot they earned. Because of how the mod is built, missions with turn timers may be wonky – which is a fair chunk of XCOM 2.

It sounds fairly simple but hey, I enjoyed playing Dawn of War 2 co-op with its similar unit-splitting way.

Team Dragonpunk have big plans, mind. They want to make 12-player co-op and say they “are waiting on Firaxis to approve code” that would enable it. Beyond that, they’re planning to make a whopping great total conversion named Dragonpunk. It sounds a bit Shadowrun-y, mixing cyberpunk with dragons and metahumans and magic and whatnot. They’re trying to fund that through GoFundMe.

Anyway! As for XCOM 2 co-op, hit the Steam Workshop to download it and follow the instructions to get playing. This here video from the Dragonpunk gang shows the process:


  1. dystome says:

    Really must go back and finish this. Was halfway through it and then Doom came and broke my concentration.

    • Deston says:

      I went back to xcom 2 yesterday coincidentally, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it again. It’s a solid contender for game of the year in my mind. Just make sure you skim through the Steam Workshop beforehand as there are a ton of superb quality of life mods out now which improve the whole experience.

      • ryth says:


        • Slazer says:

          For a better experience without really changing anything in the game:
          Blackmarket usage, Gotcha, Free Camera Rotation, Overwatch All/Others, Evac All, Stop Wasting my time

          Then there are some mods adding to the gameplay, especially everything from Long War Studios, and some additional cosmetic stuff and Voice Packs (Geralt, Deadpool…)

          For additional soldiers you are better off searching the internet and downloading them directly. I was running with Teddy Roosevelt, Super Mario, BA Barachus and Nathan Drake for some time, but that depends on how goofy you want your game to be

  2. DrollRemark says:

    Glad to hear some people are planning on bigger things than skins and camera/gameplay/cutscene tweaks for XCOM 2. I enjoy (some of) those, but I’ve been worried that, after making such a big deal of adding mod support to the game, I wouldn’t see the big changes that could possibly provide.