Boop! Sombra Hits Overwatch Public Test Server

Sombra, the Overwatcher [official site] who boops noses, arrived on the public test server overnight. She’s not ready to start booping in earnest quite yet but you can hop on the PTS to jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace. As computer hackers are wont to do, she can turn invisible, teleport, and bwomp out electromagnetic pulses to futz with shields and hack everyone around her. The youth of today, eh? What ever happened to prank phone calls and Knock Down Ginger?

The PTS update boshes in Sombra, introduces the ‘Arcade’ mode with a rotating lineup of unusual modes and rulesets, errects the new map Ecopoint: Antarctica, fixes a number of bugs, and prepares for Season 3 of Competitive Play. Blizzard are still fiddling with balance on the test server too, most recently giving Pharah’s Hover Jets a hearty 35% increase in lift.

As for Sombra, here, this video shows off her abilities:

If you want to hop on the PTS, follow these instructions. The server is in North America so players elsewhere will face a little lag. It’s been mighty popular, enough that Blizzard are trying to raise the player cap a bit, so don’t be surprised if you need to queue a little.

Oh, what am I on about with the booping? It’s one of a very few fun or memorable parts of this six-minute animated short introducing her. She does something naughty with her naughty pals because they’re naughty, but she’s less naughty so SHE BOOPS HER! BOOP! GET BOOPED ON! Ah, I’m still not at all into these Overwatch videos. Meet the Heavy was almost eight years ago, you big sillies – surely you’ve seen it by now? You do know you too have made a game about silly people shouting silly things while doing silly stuff? That’s a good thing to have made! What are you ashamed of?


  1. sub-program 32 says:

    I like the shorts myself, they do good work of showing off character skills as well as being quite awesome to watch. Also this short in particular is the first one to not be a ‘backstory’ story, aka we might actually be going somewhere with what this short gives us.

    • Xocrates says:

      The shorts are well done, but suffer from the somewhat bizarre dissonance that Overwatch is a silly game with silly characters that for some reason has this super serious Lore.

      So while the TF2 videos fully embraced the dark comedy of the game, and feel a lot more “natural” because of it, the Overwatch ones feel like they’re trying too hard to be taken seriously.

  2. PiiSmith says:

    The world they are hinting at looks interesting. The gameplay itself is smooth and I like the team aspect.
    The community and the ranked mode are a real drag though.

  3. BuckFlanksteak says:

    One boop too many in this poster’s opinion. Booping Volskaya is funny, ending the video with a second boop is THIS IS A MEME NOW heavy-handedness. Which is pretty typical of Blizzard’s handling of Overwatch’s tone generally.