Book ‘Em Up: New Metro Game Coming In 2017

We’ll be revisiting the subways of post-apocalyptic Moscow next year, it seems, according to a website for the book series first-person shooters Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are based on. With the English edition of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s trilogy-capping novel Metro 2035 coming in December, the site has added of a timeline of the series with a little note saying yup, another game will follow.

Listing a new game for 2017, the site offers this teensy blurb:

“It all adds up to something. Where the books end their story, the game will pick it up. An era of great discoveries lies ahead…”

Ah yes, and where do the books end their story? I’ll avoid spoilers as the book’s not even out in English yet, but here’s the site’s synopsis for Metro 2035:

“The final part of the trilogy takes us back to Artyom and his struggle to get the people back to the above world they once ruled. This is a standalone story that can be read independently from the previous books and games — yet for those who have been following Artyom from the very beginning, Metro 2035 crowns the saga in its own way. Characters of all the books and games meet here, their destinies intertwine, and everything you knew about the world of Metro is turned upside down…”

Neither Metro developer 4A Games nor publisher Deep Silver have announced anything about a new game but hey, this site says so. I should mention that neither Dmitry Glukhovsky’s own site nor social media profiles, nor the official Metro 2033 site, nor the series’ social media profiles, have linked to this site. That’s not to say it’s a hoax but it is a bit odd. The domain was registered years ago with a different e-mail address to the Metro 2033 site, but who hasn’t had a few addresses? This would all be a weird amount of effort for such a minor, pointless hoax but hey, the Internet can be weird.

We’ve dropped Deep Silver’s PR peeps a line to ask what’s up.


  1. Zekiel says:

    Huh, that would be nice. I just finished Metro Last Light and wouldn’t mind another jaunt into the metro in a year or two.

    • nearly says:

      I’ve heard nothing but good things about Last Light but feel like I have to hold off because I never managed to finish 2033. Played it back when it came out, eventually abandoned it. Read the book more recently, was really excited to play 2033 Redux (and even grabbed Last Light also) but then ended up being put off by how different it is from the books.

      They captured an incredible amount of the spirit but the most important part to me (how few humans are even in the Metro and how squalid a living they are able to eke out) just doesn’t translate well to games. It was sort of the equivalent of seeing the survivor count front and center in every episode of Battlestar Galactica and then playing a game where there’s a sort of gleeful open civil war in the fleet (well, maybe not gleeful, but I’ve yet to come across the game where you’re not supposed to enjoy murdering Nazis or Orcs, though rarely one with both).

      That and the setting always struck me as more generic underground concrete passageways rather than actual Metro platforms/tunnels which the book gets so right. I’m excited about the book being translated, though, and I’ll have to give Last Light a shot sometime soon as I think the games get the surface pretty right and it sounded like Last Light had a fair amount of it.

      • Zekiel says:

        I played Last Light after Metro 2033 Redux and it is basically the same game (with a different plot, obviously). If you’ve only played Original Version 2033 though, Last Light apparently improved both gunplay and stealth by leaps and bounds.

        Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. It has a great atmosphere and some of the surface sections are outstanding.

        However I can tell you two problems it has. It *definitely* has a problem with sexism, which bothered me – unlike the first game there are several points with utterly unnecessary half-naked ladies. Also, it has a couple of annoying bullet spongy bosses, which is a bit of a problem in a game where limited ammo is a concern.

        I’d still recommend it though!

    • TheDyingScotsman says:

      Closer to 2 yrs for sure. It’s not coming in 2017 that much has been confirmed

  2. Stevostin says:

    I hope it will be open world. To me it’s not that much that Open World are a trend than linear shooter are down. Metro previous games were the best linear FPS around by a long shot, which made them poor games at best. Which is bad because they were brilliant in so many other ways.

    • Zenicetus says:

      The Metro series could learn a lot from Wolfenstein The New Order, which was a linear shooter, but it managed to disguise it fairly well. It felt more open than it was, due to the level design. DX Mankind Divided is like that too.

      Neither of those games are open world, but there’s enough freedom of movement and a few optional paths to finish a mission. Both 2033 and Last Light were far more drag-by-the-nose game design.

  3. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Fingers crossed this is true.
    I hope they don’t go down the “make it open world because we’ve run out of ideas” route and stick to what it does best.
    Atmosphere, storytelling, characterisation, beautiful graphics and multiple methods to tackle the “linear” problems in front of you.

    • wodin says:

      I’ve decided I’d much rather play a well crafted linear FPS than an Open world game which apart from the main story quests end up having say three different types of mission that are rinse and repeat constantly. Maybe in a few years when an Open World game will actually present you with a well inhabited open world with a huge diverse experience to enjoy I’ll take it over a well made linear game.

  4. hymnharmonia says:

    Not, true, sadly:

    “You may have noticed some sites have reported that a new Metro game would be released in 2017. Deep Silver has released the following statement…
    As the exclusive rights holder to videogames set in the Metro 2033 universe, Deep Silver has ambitious plans for the hugely successful Metro series.
    But just to manage our fans’ expectations – releasing the next Metro game in 2017 is not one of them.
    When we have more news to share, we will.
    Thank you for your patience.”

    (From the Metro Facebook and Twitter pages)

  5. Jerppa says:

    “We’ll be revisiting the subways of post-apocalyptic Moscow next year, it seems”

    Good for you. Some of us will be visiting the subways of post-apocalyptic Washington.

  6. TheDyingScotsman says:

    Except it’s not coming out in 2017 as the developer has recently stated