Parp Parp! Make Way! Motorsport Manager Released

It’s only three days ago — on the 7th — that Adam told us all Wot He Thought of new sportsdad ’em up Motorsport Manager [official site] yet it feels so much longer. Should you have been dazed and possibly a bit drunk this week, slightly out of sync with the world, you might well appreciate a reminder that the game has now actually come out, launched overnight. This here Motorsport Manager is an expanded spin-off from Playsport Games’ mobile series of the same name, but don’t be put off by that. Adam will tell you this is good stuff.

As he said in his Wot I Think:

“I’m unlikely to be hooked on Motorsport Manager for the rest of the year, as will be the case with Football Manager, but that’s mostly because I don’t particularly care for real life racing. It’s far from impenetrable if you don’t understand the sport itself though and the pit stops are a more immediately responsive tactical instruction than anything in Football Manager, which gives a good sense of direct control. Success is hard-won, a process of long hours developing headquarters and parts, as well as finding the right staff, but failure can be the result of a momentary loss of control or courage.”

Motorsport Manager is out on Steam for £24.99/34,99€/$34.99. It’s launched on Windows and Mac and is due on Linux “soon”.

Here, this trailer goes over some of what the PC version adds and changes:


  1. Philopoemen says:

    Its currently 1930hrs in Perth, Western Australia. I’m at my brother’s for dinner.

    Only there is no dinner, because he changed the downforce on his practice lap, and now the session has gone to hell.

    Damn you international release times.

  2. mitthrawnuruodo says:

    Great game. Surprisingly unpopular it seems (in steam, and even here).

    A fun bonus – go to this game’s steam forum and see nerds throwing psychotic fits over “too many female drivers”.