Parpy Birthday! Dirt 3 Free In Humble Store Sale

””””Wheely”””” great horseless carriage ’em up Dirt 3 is free for the next day-and-a-bit on the Humble Store as part of the virtuashop’s third birthday celebrations. A great many games are on sale too, as they always are somewhere these days. As the saying goes, “It’s always a sale somewhere. And it’s probably 5 o’clock there too, dear god please.” But if Humble are giving away Dirt 3 in party bags, what are you giving them as a birthday present?

Head on over here to grab a Steam key for the Dirt 3 Complete Edition, which includes all its DLC after Codemasters ripped Games for Windows – Live out its guts. The game’s on Windows and Mac.

You’ve got until 6pm on Saturday to grab that free. The Humble Store usually charge £23 for it.

As for the rest of the sale, yup, it sure has a lot of games discounted. Head on over to the store’s front page for their highlights but do be aware there’s so very much more.

What do I recommend? Oh, same as in every other big sale: Deadly Premonition for £1.99. I’ve been playing through again lately and yes, the PC port is a stinking mess but oh me oh my, it is still a wonderful game. A little of my heart lives in Greenvale, a little piece in a tranquil place.


  1. cannonballsimp says:

    link to store front page goes back to this page :)

  2. noom says:

    Claimed my free copy, then checked my steam account and I… uhh… already had it apparently… bought 5 years ago and never played.

    I am a terrible person.

  3. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Wait. It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere?


  4. Yachmenev says:

    Free is free, but is it worth spending time playing it still?

    • dystome says:

      I found the racing bits very enjoyable. Sadly you can’t progress through the campaign without having to do drift and gymkhana events as well, which just seem like a chore to me.

      Still, I’d say your answer is a yes overall.

    • ephesus64 says:

      I played a couple races with a friend online today, and I was surprised how fun it was. I didn’t get that subjective sense of enjoyment from the driving feel of other mildly arcade-y racing games like The Crew or Burnout Paradise, and it’s not as intense as Project Cars or Assetto Corsa. Just IMO.

      In addition to that, it’s so old that it would run acceptably well on a potato, especially if your potato supports DirectX 11.

  5. MajorLag says:

    This happens to me a lot. The problem isn’t so much that I buy too many games, just that I never end up playing any of them. I can only really justify it to myself because they’re either free or for charity, and I am deluded enough to believe that I’ll someday be able to retire and play them then.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Yeah but then every once in a while you’ll read an article or a bunch of people will be gushing about a game in the comments. You’ll think “Man I really want to play that!” and then holy crap! You already own it!

  6. ephesus64 says:

    Who else had never heard of car horns described as going “parp”? I appreciate RPS for broadening my knowledge of silly words for things. Parp parp!

  7. Harvey says:

    I like free games, but I don’t really want to link my humble account and steam account. Maybe that’s paranoid or dumb but I like my internet accounts seperate.

    • satan says:

      Yeah, wouldn’t link my Steam account with anything, for anything.

  8. fray_bentos says:

    You can link, get the game/key, then unlink here a few minutes later: link to

    I just did it.