Tactical FPS Squad Holding Free Steam Trial Weekend

Fancy some different FPS action this weekend? Rainbow Six Siege has a free trial with a taste of its wall-busting tactical action, as we’ve already mentioned, and the realistic action of Squad [official site] is open to all too. Squad is made by some folks who worked on the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality and follows a similar path, offering 50v50 realistic-ish combined arms action. It’s still in early access but has been coming along, as you can see by playing it yourself. The full game is free to try this weekend on Steam and it’s on sale as well.

If you demand testimony before you start downloading, you can read Marsh’s Premature Evaluation for a broad overview. Do be aware that was almost a year ago, before developers Offworld Industries even added vehicles.

Hey, you there, reading this now: can you fill-in your fellow dear readers on how Squad is nowadays? A few folks have kicked us in the shin for mentioning Siege’s free weekend but overlooking Squad, which you can take as either enthusiasm for Squad or a desire to kick us. Or both, I suppose. Please do stop with the kicking. John’s hobbling something fierce and keeps asking us to carry him places. “It’s a joke” he insists but you can clearly see he’s hoping one of us will give in and either schlep him over to the kitchenette or deliver hot buttery toast direct to his desk.

Hit Steam to download Squad. You’ve got until 1pm Pacific Time (9pm UK time) on Sunday to play.

If you want it for keepsies after that, hey, it’s half-price at £14.99/18,49€/$19.99 until Monday. Offworld Industries plan to leave early access and release the full game in mid-2017.


  1. Slazia says:

    Gave it a quick try… I think you need to either play with friends or stumble across a good group of randoms to enjoy this. I guess it’s even worse than usual on a free weekend, but I saw a lot of tking, and very little teamwork. The game itself seemed alright.

    • Slazia says:

      Watching the trailer video, it seems nobody on the server I was playing on built a spawn point. Perhaps that was the problem.

    • Baron von Noodles says:

      Long time member of the squad community. I have never had problems making new friends just about every single match. The game basically requires having a mic so usually, when there’s not a free weekend at least, all that’s required to enjoy yourself is speaking up and being polite. If you have questions, people will answer them.

      As for the TKing, I haven’t joined the free weekend yet myself, but I do imagine that it adds quite a bit to what is already a chaotic and confusing situation. Most times you have no idea where you’re being shot from and if you’re not sticking with your team and your squad lead isn’t communicating with the other squad leads, then you’ll never find the enemy or reach your objective.

      My point here being that you have gotten unlucky and that such lack of luck is sadly going to be more probable with so many new people attempting to test out the game.

      For reference, this game just jumped from an average of 1500 users per day to nearly 6000.

    • Fakedom says:

      I’ve got about 300 hours in game now.

      Just been playing a bit in the free weekend and it is much more chaotic than normal, which it will be when you have a higher ratio of new players to old.

      Normally it is no problem joining a server and a good squad of randoms who know what to do. If you stick to the same few servers, you’ll end up getting to know who to go in squads with. Being in a good squad makes the game.

      As for actually playing, when I first started I found it very very difficult see enemy, let alone shoot them. You have to get used to the pacing of the game. Also remember that a moving target is much easier to see than a still one, so if you’re always moving about it is more likely you will be seen than seeing them. Also, when you’re still in the early stage, if your squad starts shooting in a direction, just start spraying at likely enemy positions in the general area…. at least you’ll suppress/discourage the enemy, possibly :)

      This is the only early access game I’ve gone in on and I consider it a great investment. Obviously I have 300 hours in already, so I’ve got my monies worth, but they update nearly every month with optimisation, bug fixes, map updates, new maps, new weapons, adding vehicles, graphical updates etc. The developers are also very active with the community. Great game.

  2. kpengwin says:

    I’ve not played a *lot* of Squad as the performance on my computer has only been really playable after the latest patch (it’s pretty fine now) but since then I’ve played 10 or so full rounds of it and in most cases had a lot of fun. Some squads are better than others but I saw *many* examples of people willing to walk newbies like me through any confusing aspects.

    If you have a mic and want to play a somewhat slower, more strategic game where you coordinate with a team and get to feel like your actions matter as part of an emergent narrative military action, this is probably the best option at the moment and quite a lot of fun.

    I think the price is quite fair, this is a game that is fun now regardless of what things are coming in the future (and it has been steadily upgraded as time goes on.) There are occasional bugs sure but for the most part it was a pretty stable experience, there are several different large maps and the nature of the game means that even the same map can unfold in a variety of different ways depending on what your squad ends up doing.

    Also a note: while the game population isn’t huge I’ve always been able to find a populated server to play on.

  3. rochrist says:

    Looks like it’s $24.99, not $19.99.

  4. Artemas says:

    Yeah, the free weekend has made a lot of the servers a bit of a clusterfuck at the moment. Lots of people not knowing what they’re doing, etc. Join at any other point, and most of the people will help you out, and know what to do, and will be happy to walk you through stuff if you ask. A mic is pretty much mandatory though.

    But when you do find a good squad, its like magic.

  5. DanMan says:

    I don’t like playing these type of games for one simple reason: if you’re buying it late, most will be way more experienced and hate on you for screwing up their… enjoyment – usually. I don’t have the time or will to find out, if this particular community is any better. So I stick to more simplistic shooters.

    Also, I don’t do VOIP in games. Ever. And it seems like a factual requirement here.

    • syndrome says:

      All valid points.

      I expect community to be pretty much the same as in Project Reality. Hardcore at best, shitty elitistic at worst. It’s hard not to remember how one simple accident was enough for the entire team to ban me in an instant, just for not knowing me. It happened to me on a half a dozen servers, while I was still learning the game and figuring out whether I’m able to like it or not.

      It might have been passable for me due to its more mature pacing, but VoIP is obligatory without mention, which isn’t (and won’t be) compatible with my current living standards, so meh.

    • wengart says:

      My experience with Squad has generally been a lot more positive than PR. The game actually being standalone opens it up to more casual folks than PR ever was. Fewer hoops and all that.

      The strictest I’ve experienced in my 70 hours of play was people demanding you stay with the squad. But that is pretty rare.

      Having a headset isn’t an absolute necessity, but you’ll essentially be stuck outside of any command position. And half the fun is shooting the shit with folks when you are immediately in contact.

    • P.Funk says:

      In years of playing Project Reality people are much less cranky about newbies and the nature of the game is much less about twitch skills and more about using your brain. A prone noob told to look at a door and shoot a bad guy is more useful to most SLs than someone who has elite skills but doesn’t play well with others. It shouldn’t be any different with Squad. The PR community was always very open to teaching people too so I don’t think its like most AAA games that bitch at newbies. Every experienced player in this type of game knows its a steep learning curve for new people.

      As long as you don’t mind being told what to do you should be fine. As for VOIP… well yea you should use it.

  6. Avus says:

    does this game has PvE? (like player vs AI) or only has PvP?

    • SprintJack says:

      It has no PVE and no support for it is planned ATM.
      But iirc there are some AI mods being worked on. So some form of PVE might be available in future.
      Yay, mods!

  7. psychowitch says:

    I have over 600 hours on the game and yes the free weekend did not show the game off as it should be due to many new players just trying to create havoc or not having a mic, however many clans like my own (20r) welcome any new players and are happy to help bring people up to speed. It is a difficult game to get into and unforgiving (even with my hours I still get owned but others) but so rewarding when you start playing with a good group. It has a very supportive clanbase that is absolutely willing to help they will really only get on your back if you are acting like a dick …