Open skies: EVE Online launches new free accounts

Intrigue generator/space MMO EVE Online [official site] now has a way to play forever without paying a penny. It’s sort of a permanent free trial, as non-paying players are limited to certain skills and ships – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have nothing to do or can’t dabble in the PvP shenanigans. The ‘Ascension’ update has also brought a friendlier new player experience to ease the fresh meat in. Roll up, roll up! Welcome to the wild frontier! Don’t get too attached to anything you find.

So, free accounts! All and sundry can download EVE, sign up, and start playing in ‘Alpha Clone State’ for free. That status means you can only learn how to fly the first few basic types of ship and you can only learn certain basic skills. That doesn’t mean you can’t join in with the big space sandbox fun, mind. With the right equipment and a little knowledge, even newbies can be mighty handy in spacewar.

Monthly subscriptions now, rather than letting people play at all, let subscribers play in ‘Omega Clone State’. They’re basically how EVE has worked all along: learn anything and do anything, if you’ve the time. If their subscriptions lapse, they’ll drop down to Alpha state and lose access to a lot of their skills until they resub.

EVE is hugely complex so I’m glad CCP have had another crack at improving the new player experience. Again. Over the years, I must have written a dozen posts about that.

You can download EVE from CCP or through Steam.

I’m currently trying to remember my old password to an account apparently registered to an old address. It’s time to dust off the ol’ Rifter as an Alpha clone.

Check the patch notes for the full run down on the Ascension update. You can see some of its additions (and some pretty space scenes) in this trailer:


  1. mpk says:

    Oh wait there’s new explosions ok I’m in.

  2. greenmurphy says:

    This format is perfect for Red Vs Blue. One of the oldest institutions in Eve. An endless war between two corps – mostly in cruisers and below. Cheap fun PvP for the masses. Join R-V-B chat in game for details. Hope to see loads of alphas on grid – should be fun to see faces old and new.

  3. racccoon says:

    CCP answer to using a PHISHING SCAM. NOT FREE!!
    Just a lock down!
    You may as well just float around in a pod, you may get some satisfaction there with all the nothing’s you can not do. Its worse than a Trial as it is a TRIAL with a complete brick wall. Pay up or be nothing.
    Even if you did pay up for a sub, you’ll always be behind vets, as they have paid big time in years clicking on skill training.
    Good luck though to those that want to see it & have fun with it.

    • greenmurphy says:

      Pointlessly miserable. There are loads of things you can do with an Alpha clone. But as always with Eve you need imagination and friends to help you. Its a sandbox.

    • cosmitz says:

      You’re completely wrong. Here’s a slightly humoristic but fully correct random tossup of shit you can do for free with an Alpha clone. link to

    • Sound says:

      I mean, if you don’t enjoy the game, cool. But that post really is nonsense.

    • Aetylus says:

      The free trial in Atlas Reactor got similar strange reactions. They basically launched the game at a $30 one off payment, but gave a time unlimited free trial – with constraints.

      The free-to-play crowd then went nuts, saying that it wasn’t “really free” because you couldn’t grind for a thousand hours to unlock everything. They accused it of being “pay to play” – which seems a particularly weak accusation for anything.

      I still remember the simple old days when everything was pay to play.

      • that_guy_strife says:

        Yes, quite strange indeed. F2P in Atlas Reactor means having access to only 6 of the heroes, which rotates weekly, and having some cosmetics locked away. I mean … they didn’t have to include F2P, even though it’s great for publicity.

        Speaking of, they also had an event where the first thousand players to register an account through a particular page and play a dozen PvP games would unlock the full game for free. A lot of whiners probably got it free then.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Let me guess, you fell for an ISK doubling scam in Jita right?

    • lordcooper says:

      So ignoring most of your (ridiculous) tirade, CCP have implemented skill injectors. It’s fully possible for a guy who has played a few months to have more SP than a guy who has played for years.

  4. tormos says:

    Does EVE still have the option of buying game time with in game currency? That is to say, could I start an Alpha Clone account, earn some gold, and then upgrade to an omega account without ever putting in real money?

    • Amake says:

      Yes. I think the extra cost for activating an account translates to a few days off your 30 day time card.

      Although a card currently costs over a thousand million stardollars, and probably even more by the time you grind that amount together with the skills you can use for free. It used to be held that training up a character enough to be self-sustainable would take about a year, but it could be even more if you have to take breaks in any advanced training while you collect money for a time card. And as someone who’s been playing since 2008, I wouldn’t bet money on the game being around a year from now.

    • Sound says:

      A PLEX is an in game item that can be bought off the in-game market from fellow players. It’s varying market price is currently about 1.2 billion ISK. But the price most certainly will fluctuate with supply & demand, market shocks, and player investment speculation.

      I used to play for free, activating a PLEX every month, as my income as a trader yielded a greater profit than the cost at the time.

      As for how you might fit in with this, your ability to make money relies heavily on
      A) your familiarity with the game, familiarity with peoples behavior in it, and your familiarity with where to look for profit opportunities,
      B) your willingness to put in MORE WORK than the average person to track down obscure info or opportunities. For example, taking time to comb backwater areas for un-met demands, or run a spreadsheet that folds data in useful ways,
      C) or your ability to just put in that much time grinding money. It’s possible, but time intensive, unless you’re a very successfully entrepreneurial person who can find those un-met demands.

      I’m logging back in today. But personally, I don’t see myself being able to make enough income to support free play anymore. Or at least, I don’t foresee enjoying the process required to do so, nor my ability to increase the scale of my profit-making activities. However I’ll likely buy a free month every 1 or two paid months on average, I’ll bet, as I’m a decent-ish trader.

      Hope this info helps.

  5. Sound says:


    Join KarmaFleet. It’s a newbie-oriented corporation thats pretty much the best Eve has to offer. It’s fun, funny, eventful, and a top-notch wealth of expertise, experience, help, and free stuff. You’d like it.

    And you’ll get a line into the coalition in Eve that’s involved in Everything that makes news. All the big battles, all the intrigue, all the clever gambits.

    I joined as a veteran, and I find it’s better than any other corp I’ve been in over many years.

  6. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I’m not likely to jummp in again any time soon, but it’s good to know.

    Because I like it so much, I’ll just leave one of my favourite game trailers here (from EVE). It also speaks to me of the wonder and potential within the vastness of space.

  7. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I hear the new, New Player Experience (the tutorial), is all shiny and stuff, so I might roll a new character just to give that a go.

  8. Wulfram says:

    I seem to recall this has a pretty cool character creation. If BT stops endlessly rescheduling the phone calls to reschedule the appointments they missed in order to install my new non-crappy broadband I’ll probably download just to have a play with that.

  9. Veles says:

    I’m in the same ship as Alice.

    Stopped playing years ago, had like a hulk and all sorts of awesome stuff.

    Can’t remember the password, can’t remember the character names, email address no longer working…

    • Sound says:

      There’s a silver lining to that loss of character:
      When you’re so long out, you’re practically starting from scratch in familiarizing yourself anyways, so your Skill Point gains can’t quite be leveraged(at least, not wisely). So you may as well start new, go through the tutorial.

      Weird thing here that plays in your favor is that old accounts don’t(yet) have access to the new player experience. You have to be a brand new account to get it. Additionally, new characters nowadays get more SP at the start.

      And if you wanted to jump forward a bit, you can always buy a character. Or go piecemeal with skill injectors.