Growing stunning, strange blooms in Groundskeeper


Groundskeeper [ site]! Flowers! Weird unpredictable blooms with translucent petals and strange shapes! Some days yields not so much and I stomp about for a while, poking at half-finished things and one-note clunkers. Some days I find beautiful plant-generation tools. Today was a plant-generation tool day and I could not be happier.

Thomas Brinegar’s Groundskeeper is pay-what-you-want and lets you generate strange-looking blooms from seeds then faff about deciding which to move to pots and which to cast aside. Look!





I’m not very good at throwing plants away so I’ve strewn them all over the place to pretend there are flower beds and I’m in the process of making a wiggly pathway out of the seed-dropping yellow trees you can grow outside that leads between the greenhouse and the little seating area.

I also noticed you can carry on planting seeds in the seedbeds even if they’re already occupied. The stems will always overlap exactly but the blossoms clip through one another so you can actually make some complicated beautiful hybrid flowers that way, which is cool. I think the one thing I miss is plants which spread out a bit horizontally. Everything here is tall and with a single stem – the sort of plants you could put in a vase on their own as a table decoration. But then that would interfere with the ability to create those hybrid things I mentioned, so!

Anyway, yes. It’s lovely. Check it out.


  1. muki0 says:

    Something about the environment textures doesn’t sit quite well with me. Not the low-res-ness, I can handle that. And the flowers are fine.

    The graphic artist in me thinks the environment (and stems) should be less saturated than the flowers.

    • inspiredhandle says:

      The environment reminds me of the outdoor stages of micro machines v3.

      Just looked at mm, the colours were as you say this should be. Much less saturated

    • MikoSquiz says:

      In addition to everything being at 100% color saturation, everything’s also fullbright with no shadows. It’s visually excruciating, which doesn’t strike me as a great starting point for this.