Oil painting drift into being with The Exhibition of Babel

The Exhibition of Babel

One more ProcJam gem and then I’ll get on with my transcriptions, I promise. This one is The Exhibition Of Babel [Itch.io page] – a procedurally generated landscape of abstract oil paintings which come into being as you look at them.

It’s inspired by the Jorge Luis Borges short story, The Library of Babel, as well as last year’s Borges-inspired ProcJam entry, Library of Blabber. There are also shades of Secret Habitat because it involves a contemplative art space.

I put some more thoughts in the video above because it was more helpful to show the paintings growing brighter as you look at them, as well as returning to pallor/blankness when you walk away.


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    subdog says:

    Yeah between this and that procedural flower gardening game that also got posted today, it’s cool to see others following (or working in parallel to) Strangethink.

  2. sagredo1632 says:

    Just like to add I am thoroughly pleased that the tag “Jorge Luis Borges” has multiple entries on this site. Any chance for a “Gabriel Garcia Marquez” too?