Battlefield 1 adds Hardcore servers and Fog of War mode

‘Hardcore’ servers have arrived in Battlefield 1 [official site], crammed full of warsettings to make the WW1 FPS’s multiplayer deadlier and more difficult. The official custom game mode ‘Fog of War’ has arrived too, chucking players into a foggy forest for team deathmatch action. These have both launched as part of the first BF1 ‘Battlefest’ event, which kicked off yesterday – hot on the warheels of this week’s BF1 Fall Update.

Hardcore mode you’ll likely know from earlier Battlefields. Depending on each specific Hardcore server’s settings, you’ll find things like friendly fire, no minimap, no crosshair, increased damage, and so on. It’s tougher and you need to think a little more. Hit up the server browser or Custom Games menu to get hardcore.

Fog of War is also a tricky one but quite different. It’s a team deathmatch mode tossing soldiers into the Argonne Forest with a thick fog rolling through it. They’re armed only with pistols, with no minimap and no crosshairs to help them find or shoot enemies. Enjoy the surprise and confusion of shadowy figures suddenly appearing out of the fog. Read a bit about that and other Official Custom Games over here.

Annnd the Battlefest. Its other festivities include giving away virtual dog tags for your virtual armymen, challenges giving fancy weapon skins, a sale, and double XP days in older Battlefield games. Head over here for the full schedule.


  1. Bullett00th says:

    Hardcore is nice but I don’t like the friendly fire that leads to randomness and the reduced HP which upsets the balance.

    Would be awesome if they added the Classic mode like in BF4. It’s not nearly as popular but imo is the best way to experience Battlefield.

    • DailyFrankPeter says:

      What does classic mode change exactly? I keep hearing is more strategic and team-oriented but what does that entail?

      • TormDK says:

        Classic mode is like Hardcore in a number of ways, except the one that matters the most – no lower health.

        So you get no 3D spotting
        Each reload costs you the remaining rounds in your clip
        No health regen
        Spawn on Squadleader only
        No killcam

        But your soldier health remains what it is in vanilla, so there’s not as big a focus on playing scouts (even if scouts remain hugely popular for some reason.), and thus balance is largely preserved.

        • Grizzly says:

          IIRC, Classic mode also doesn’t remove the minimap, so spotted enemies still show up. This is great as it makes the recon/scout’s tools (other then that gun) usable.

  2. Antongranis says:

    If hardcore is anything like previus games, its a mess. Sniper rifles gets an huge bonus and you dont have a kill camera. You constantly get one-shotted with little chanse to feasibly react.

    • Ztox says:

      It wasn’t so bad when you found one of the servers that limited snipers/DMRs to 3 per team.

      Unfortunately though, I fear that on this game it might reduce the scout class to 3 which would be rather silly quite frankly. I play scout as it’s the only way to get a bolt-action rifle without a scope, which is a problem in itself IMO. I think everyone should be able to use a bolt-action with only scouts having access to the scopes.

      Hopefully there is a way to limit just the scoped rifles…

      • sosolidshoe says:

        Yup, the fact they’re just doing “normal” Battlefield hardcore mode is yet another opportunity to take advantage of the setting they chose.

        A mode where every class has access to unscoped bolt actions and all other weapons including scoped bolt actions are heavily limited to various degrees, that would have been something interesting enough to make me buy the game. But apparently some crappy pistol-only mode was much more important.

        DICE plz.

    • khalilravanna says:

      IIRC from Vietnam’s hardcore mode from Bad Company 2, all noise shows up on the map so snipers are pretty easy to root out. It just means you have to be very strategic about running out in the open because you *will* pay for it dearly. I really enjoyed hardcore mode because it added more strategy to my mind. You have to be a little bit more clever about finding people and picking spots to hide as a sniper. That and it makes you focus on using your senses a bit more instead of just relying on pings showing up on your minimap.

  3. Aetylus says:

    Hardcore mode does things like remove the minimap?

    When will they make an ultra hardcore mode that involves sitting in the mud for two months, then running in a straight line forward and being shot in the head by a machine gun before you even lift your rifle?