Dead Rising 4 unveils separate co-op missions

With Christmas fast approaching and the seasonal zombie nightmare of Dead Rising 4 [official site] coming even sooner, Capcom have revealed more of its four-player co-op. Unlike earlier Dead Rising games, which supported co-op in the campaign, 4 is splitting co-op off into a separate mode with separate missions. I’d rather scamper freely across the winter wonderland with my pals, frolicking and playing as we please, but I suppose I should know by now that Christmas is a time for schedule-driven, purposeful, strict, enforced fun with no room for deviation. Finish your co-op and get the jumper your gave you on in time for the Christmas Doctor Who, you hooligans.

Each ‘episode’ of the co-op is timed, running across two in-game days. You might be killing a load of zombies, driving a combo of go karts, fighting nasty bosses, or goodness knows what else.

Then there’s persistent progression with skills, money, and unlockable fancy weapons. Here, Ian Games Network had a peek:

It looks fine, I suppose? Fine. I’d guess that adding structure to the multiplayer is meant to make it more inviting or exciting to certain types of player. I’d be happy dicking about in a zombie-infested mall at Christmastime, myself.

Dead Rising 4 is due out for Windows 10 on December 6th. It’ll be an ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ game, meaning folks who buy it digitally on Xbone get it on Win 10 to, and vice versa.


  1. OscarWilde1854 says:

    Is this a joke? I think this just went from a ‘day-one must buy’ to a ‘won’t get it… or maybe half price 6 months from now’

    Some of my all time favorite co-op gaming moments were just frolicking around in DR3 with my friends, discovering all the ridiculous things you could do and craft. Drop-in, drop-out co-op is a must have for a game like this…

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      I agree, Dead Rising 3 did the coop right.

      It was way too easy for my taste, but that was just how the game played, both in coop and in singleplayer.

    • Dave3d says:

      Yup, its now a ‘No buy, ever, even on sale’.
      Too bad, my buddy and I had loads of fun playing previous 2 co-op’ed.
      Having it like it says is just dumb really. Kind of like a gimmick or something.
      Buddies like to play together full coop campaign mode, not ‘random maps with random strategies’.
      Sigh, the way of the single player campaign mode (let alone coop) seem to be giving way to online play only which limits how you play the game (this seems to folllowing things like Vermintide and Evolve(yuk). :(

  2. caff says:

    Is this still due to be a Windows Store exclusive?

  3. Raoul Duke says:

    Does anyone in the universe still find the idea of a zombie game remotely interesting?