Snow joke: Steep now preloading for open beta weekend

If you, like me, fancy hitting the slopes this weekend in the free open beta test for Ubisoft’s open-world xXtremewintersportsXx ’em up Steep [official site], fire up Uplay today. The beta doesn’t begin until Friday but you can now preload the game, which is handy as it’s a 19GB download. If that sounds big to you, hey, consider how big the Alps are. You could hardly take them home with you on the bus, could you?

Steep is a snowsports game combining the usual skiing and snowboarding with some less conventional deathtrips, like wingsuiting and paragliding. It’s set in an open, shared world, with all sorts of races and things going on if you want or you can simply going a-exploring. Here’s what Ubi have said is in the beta:

“The Open Beta will allow players to discover the diversity of Steep’s world by exploring, riding and completing dozens of challenges through three of the seven regions composing Steep’s massive open world inspired from the Alps – the Aravis, the Tyrol and the Needles. Players will also find nine Mountain Stories – narrative-based challenges that will delve deeper into unique moments in the world of Steep – throughout their journey. Completing these challenges and Mountain Stories will also unlock new gear for players to customize their characters.”

The open beta will run from Friday, November 18th through to Monday, November 21st. The full game is due to launch on December 2nd.


  1. Carighan Maconar says:

    This looked really interesting until I noticed it’s from Ubisoft. Meh, UPlay. Recently tried to play the free Blood Dragon, UPlay couldn’t even launch it, saying it needs to reinstall, then promptly after again saying the game isn’t installed.

    And that’s ignoring how it ate both Anno and Heroes savegames of my partner.

    Looks fun, but wrong publisher.

  2. Harlander says:

    Anyone else burdened with the persistent thought that this game will be about making a nice cup of tea?

    • Benratha says:

      Will there be a MiF (that’s Milk in First) mod?
      Or a longer duration run could be the ‘stew’ version?

  3. h_ashman says:

    Having had a go at it in the early access beta I’ve found it pretty good so far, apart from a few minor bits like some of the finer paragliding controls being slightly non-obvious, or occasionally finding it hard to get started when skiing (or switching from skiing backwards to forwards again).

    The main gripe I’ve had so far is that the tricks are a bit finicky. It’s got an option to stop you from trying a backflip if you’ve got no chance of landing it, but it doesn’t tell you until you try, so sometimes you go to do a trick and just end up doing a plain jump. It also just refuses to do spins if you’re slightly late with your timing.

    Another thing that would be nice is if it told you what tricks you’ve done, e.g. if it said next to the score “double cork” or something. (After all, it tells you how many G’s you’ve pulled when you go face first into a tree).

    • Henke says:

      Oooooooh! I also played it in last weekend’s open beta, and could not figure out how to make tricks happen consistently. Thanks for shedding some light on that.

      • Nokturnal says:

        Surely you mean shredding some light?

        Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    So is this basically the PS2/GC SSX games? Fart around on the mountains until you get to the bottom, then go back up and retread it?

    • crowleyhammer says:

      Im hoping its more like the Amped series on the xbox!

      Those games stories went off the rails in an insane way by the end.

    • teethslapper says:

      This is basically an open world game. You can do whatever. If you want to walk all the way to the top of the mountain, and the terrain allows it, you can. Once you discover events and camps you can fast travel there from ‘Mountain View’ which is an overhead view of the whole map. If you are doing an event you can also hold a button to restart the event immediately. You can also switch ‘disciplines’ at any time too.

      One of my favorite parts of the beta was doing an event and seeing other people around me doing the same event. You don’t have to group together but there is the option.

  5. fuggles says:

    Someone died making this game, I feel I should at least try it.

  6. racccoon says:

    Friggin awesome escape game! Love it! The snow is so sweet and moves so well they did a fantastic job last test.
    I hope they managed a few ask tweaks & set them in the game this time around. :)