Killing Floor 2 crawls out of early access to full launch

Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 [official site] has ended its time on Steam Early Access period and launched in full. The co-op wave survival horror FPS sold over one million copies during early access alone. Now those players, and all new ones, get to play with the new Survivalist character class thanks to the launch update. Also, there’s a lot of Zeds running around, but you probably knew that.

Killing Floor 2’s super bloody, body-exploding style harkens back to games like Duke Nukem and Doom. The amount of viscera generated during a typical co-op match usually ends up painting the walls red, and all the flashy violence is coupled with tight gameplay in which you and three others have to progress through levels while holding off waves of horrific creatures. It’s glorious.

If you’re into first-person shooters, but are more of a Call of Duty: Zombies fan, Killing Floor 2 features similar frantic, co-op gameplay. I find it a lot more fun when playing with friends to not have to compete against each other, so this sort of game is more of my style.

Now that Killing Floor 2 has launched, Tripwire is focusing on bringing even more content to the game. One definite future addition will be a Mace and Shield for the Berserker. This might seem like a minor addon, but this will be the first shield in the game and marks a fundamental update in playstyle. There will also be a new Zed coming, which is a double-bladed Gorefast.

If you already bought Killing Floor 2 during early access, you’ll now have the full version. If you’re looking to buy, now’s an excellent time as you can get it for £14.99/20,24€/$22.49 on Steam – 25% off the regular price.


  1. tonicer says:

    KF2 is still crap compared to KF1. Consolitis struck KF2 and i lost all interest in it.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Unsure if I’d diagnose it as consolitis, but something went seriously wrong somewhere down the line. The game really is nothing like as good as KF1.

    • Xzi says:

      I disagree entirely. The gameplay is virtually the exact same and KF2 is better in every other aspect. Graphics, aesthetic, physics, weapons effects and sounds, music (with lyrics off). All of this adds up to every headshot being that much more enjoyable than it was in KF1.

    • Viral Frog says:

      I did enjoy the original KF, but I’m with Xzi on this one. I think that KF2 is superior in every aspect.

      And can you define what you mean by consolitis? Because I don’t see how KF2 on PC could possibly feel like a console game. It handles almost identical to the first game. By this logic, the first game would have suffered from major consolitis as well.

    • Mochan says:

      That’s nonsense. Not only does Killing Floor 2 *NOT* suffer from consolitis, it is pretty much everything Killing Floor 1 was, and then some.

      Consolitis means that the game’s design was made with consoles and console gamers in mind, and this just simply isn’t the case with KF2. The controls are vintage PC FPS controls, and the handling and feel are as Quake as Quake gets. There is no hint of consolitis here.

      It is pretty much KF1, with new stuff added on and new graphics. The feel is a bit different, and the balance has also been totally re-worked, but it’s still Killing Floor in spirit in every way.

  2. keefybabe says:

    Only thing I don’t like is the lack of local hosting. Gameplay, in my eyes is even better than the first. Not sure where you’re getting “consolitis” from but hey, not everyone can like everything.

    • CherryPhosphate says:

      Local hosting is there, just hidden – you just have to make a batch file / download a bit from Steam. There’s a guide on the forums

  3. MikoSquiz says:

    How’s this one play? I tried the first one, but the controls and movement and the general feel overall made me think of a budget FPS from 2003.

    • Xzi says:

      I know what you mean, the first Killing Floor felt a little dated even right after release. KF2 on the other hand looks and sounds wonderful, with smooth animations and satisfying murderizing. It has no aiming crosshairs just like the first game, but all it takes is a little practice before you’ll be no-scoping headshots with half the classes. The sharper graphics definitely help in that regard.

      In summary, it’s surely deserving of a spot in the top 3 FPS games this year, right up there with DOOM(4) and Shadow Warrior 2, in no particular order.

    • w0bbl3r says:

      First one felt that way because it was a budget game. It was basically just the original mod, fleshed out slightly and sold for £15.
      Stick with it, get past the dated look, and you will find deep and tactical gameplay with excellent balance for all the different classes and perks.

      That said, the sequel is better in most ways. And it most certainly doesn’t look or feel dated. The graphics are nice, the physics are great, and the gibs and blood system they put in is just fabulous.

      Well worth the money, whether you played the original or not. Just don’t expect mindless run and gun. It won’t work.

    • Mochan says:

      KF2 still feels a little dated, it definitely feels like an anachronism. It doesn’t feel like a modern shooter at all, although it looks significantly better than KF1, but it still “feels” old and the movement feels old and kinda stiff. It feels like an old Run’n’Gun shooter but slowed down a bit.

  4. Doomsayer says:

    “in which you and three others” The max is six players total on a server, not four.

    • Viral Frog says:

      This is true, but (IMO) the scaling of enemies/bosses past 4 players is absolute trash. Party of 4 is optimal.

      • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

        I feel like it scales pretty well in both directions. Non-Firebug classes can solo pretty well, and parties of six work just fine as long as your team can agree that maybe you shouldn’t have six sharpshooters.

  5. Styxie says:

    There’s a small problem with the header image, the caption is supposed to read “your mum”.

  6. MOOncalF says:

    I don’t know if any handgun in a videogame will ever be as viscerally satisfying to me as KF1’s M9, but I bought into KF2 as soon as it hit early access – and I don’t normally ‘do’ early access. I think KF 2 polished the idea so much that it lost a bit of that charming pulp grit that had everyone in the first game wise-cracking in pub-going accents and buying their weapons from a trader who sounded like they wanted a few extra barrels to polish. Same with the graphics, it was a pretty spot-on alchemy of grime guns and a surprising amount of strategy. Conversely though I firmly believe KF 2 is the superior game even if it doesn’t ‘feel the same’ and the soundtrack was a stellar addition.