Shadow Tactics demo offers Commandos-y stealth

Psst. Psst! Over here, in the shadows. If you’ve been missing the top-down, squad-based stealth-o-action of games like Desperados and Commandos, have a gander at Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun [official site]. It’s similar to that sort of real-time tactical game but set in Edo-period Japan, with classes like a ninja and marksman up to no good. It’s due in a few weeks and a demo arrived today with a sneaking sample.

So there you are in feudal Japan, leading an eclectic team of specialists on missions to infiltrate, sabotage, assassinate, and all that. It’s pretty obvious how your ninja might go about sneaking or your samurai might violently notsneak and a marksman is always handy, but more subtle approaches open up through characters like an urchin laying traps or a lady dressing as a geisha to distract people. Using their abilities will together will be key. As in the games which inspired it, you’ll likely find many different approaches to missions.

You can download the demo through GOG and Steam. It contains two missions. If you need a little more persuasion first, check out this developer walkthrough from June:

Shadow Tactics is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux on December 6th. It’s made by Mimimi Productions and published by Daedalic.

And as I lured you into this shadowy corner of the cybernet, my colleague Pip snuck up behind you and jacked all your Bitcoins. Good cyberday to you.


  1. Chairman_Meow says:

    Ha! I was prepared for your trap! If you ever want to see Pip again leave 5 million in Steam gift cards at the local pub under the grotty chair by the snooker table. You have until next year this time to respond, because Pip is actually quite nice and we enjoy her company.

  2. shagen454 says:

    Piqued my interest immediately to give it a shot. Cool concept, nice artwork flawed by terrible AI & janky controls.

    • mimimiprod says:

      Well, that’s a first. What don’t you like about the controls? Mouse+Keyboard or gamepad? Also, you can rebind nearly everything to your liking :)

      • shagen454 says:

        Playing mouse & keyboard. Just little things feel off – the jump is cool but it feels like the animation is too fast or not enough weight. Hard to describe – same thing with the map rotation, it feels like it needs some sort of gravity or dynamic weight to it.

        The AI definitely killed it for me, obviously all of that can be patched. But, after being spotted – I could find a door and hide right next to the goons and they would just go back to hanging out mode instead of opening that door up and cutting off my limbs.

        • mimimiprod says:

          If enemies spot you entering a door, they’ll follow you. If you can do it without being seen, they probably won’t find you. But they’ll search inside bushes etc :)

        • ramirezfm says:

          AI is your normal commandos, suspension of disbelief is needed, but I like everything else and I love both Japan and Commandos, so well… At least there is no “hmm, a second ago there was a guy next to me and now there is just a large pool of blood… oh well, I’m sure everything is fine” ;)

    • msd23 says:

      Controls are actually quite good.

  3. gruia says:

    YES . ive been saying theres a huge market for this, finally it starts.
    looks awesome also. impressive design . better than commandos and desperados and robinhood )
    can’t wait

    • mimimiprod says:

      Thank you so much, let us know what you are thinking of the demo :)

      • Cronstintein says:

        I liked it. Glad for the heads up from RPS. Was sad when it was over, but looking forward to release.

      • Scraphound says:

        The demo was great. Felt just like good ol’ Commandos.

        My one gripe, and it’s a small one, why the time limit? My approach to these games is slow and methodical. Just give me those two levels to play, or give me a much longer time limit so I can reasonably complete them without needing to rush.

        • mimimiprod says:

          Just because it’s a demo … there’s no time limit in the full game :) We wanted to provide you with a short glimpse into another, completely different level. By the way, some people already got all badges for BOTH levels … speedruns and such things … phew.

      • BoKKeR says:

        I know that there os a big market for this. I myself wanted to make a game or invest into one. How much money and time did you put into this project? I cant wait to get home and try it

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    This seems rather fun (on the basis of a whole one level played). I do like the rolling quicksave too, as an obsessive F5-er it’s a very comforting feature.

    There are some small quality of life issues (having to hold down control for almost ever action was a little tiresome – why would I ever not want to hide a body when I walk into a bush carrying one? And in the game etc. etc.) but nothing dealbreaking.

    Also, I never had any bitcoins, so nyah.

    • xHexx says:

      You may want to carry the body to throw it on another guard to knock him out ! It would be annoying if the game just assume you were there to hide the body.
      This kind of controls remind me of Commandos and I think they are pretty precise.

  5. slerbal says:

    Just been watching my friend play the demo on steam broadcasting for the last hour. Looks really good! Definitely going to get this :)

  6. Isendur says:

    If there is an archer with British accent – I’m in.

  7. nailertn says:

    Just tried the demo and I’m very impressed. Looking forward to full release.

  8. jellydonut says:

    The animations could stand to be better but on the whole I liked the demo a lot.

    If the final game has a decent amount of missions it’s a must buy for me.

  9. Norbert says:

    Even though they are showing some good efforts in being transparent with the community now after a few years of complete mess, I am pretty sure Cyberpunk 2077, the next CD Project Red baby, will be out before this game. SC is more like a dream or a nightmare than something real to me.

  10. unraveler says:

    As someone whose Desperados was part of my childhood, this is extremely strong nostalgia kicks!!
    The Japanese setting is great, the controls are conveniently perfect, and the gameplay feel great and smooth!
    Gonna buy this, and even might get another copy for my brother’s birthday!