The Division’s Survival expansion is coming tomorrow

The Division [official site], the Clancy manshoot with MMO delusions, is getting its penultimate expansion tomorrow, along with a patch to the base game. The Survival DLC will add a new game mode in which 24 players are thrown into the full map of New York in the middle of a blizzard, where they’ll have to find warm clothing, food, water and medicine while searching for a cure to the virus that has ravaged the big apple. Oh, and there’s some big fellas chasing you too. It’s been in public beta for the past couple of weeks but now it’s hitting the big time. Ubisoft say a game of Survival can take up to two hours. Stressful.

There’ll be two ways to play the new mode. In PvP you’ll be able to shoot and kill other agents but the usual ‘rogue’ mechanic won’t apply (in the city’s PvPish Dark Zone you are normally marked as a rogue when attacking other people and players are encouraged to hunt you down). Meanwhile, in the PvE version, such friendly fire is off by default.

This seems, to me, an odd way to approach what ought to be a hardcore mode. In the PvP version, for instance, you can still choose not to kill the other players and see if they want to work together – but why take the risk when you know a PvE version exists and all the “nice” people are probably hanging out there? By segregating two types of player on arrival, it risks stripping out some of the tension of meeting people in the street. This is in keeping with the developer’s practice of watering down The Division’s DayZ-inspired multiplayer elements, and it likely makes it more accessible to folks who just what some mindless shooty fun. But it also feels like a wasted opportunity. Having said that, it’s still the first piece of DLC that makes me want to go back and have a run around, so that’s good.

Alongside the new mode, there’s also a big patch, adding 12 new high-level guns and some other special gear. There’s also plenty of tweaks. Your stash can now hold twice as many items, for example, and hip fire now has much stronger recoil. You can read all the changes and additions in the patch notes.

There’s one last expansion coming in this season of DLC, which so far has also included the Underground expansion. The final one, Last Stand, is set to be a fight in which “you and your squad must prepare to defend against a relentless foe, recruit other agents and build your defences to help you hold the line.” It was originally scheduled for winter, but has recently been delayed into early 2017.


  1. Daigoji_Gai says:

    “This is in keeping with the developer’s practice of watering down The Division’s DayZ-inspired multiplayer elements, and it likely makes it more accessible to folks who just what some mindless shooty fun.”

    That is forced and being critical just for the sake of being critical. Yes, there are two modes and that greatly expands the player base for this new mode. Believe it or not, some people don’t like to be forced into PVP environments, nor are big fans of multiplayer but look to enjoy the shooting aspects of the game. The PVE option, and not forcing PVP options gives them the chance to experience it, likewise, after building some courage and feeling like taking additional risks for the greater rewards they may migrate into the PVP. It is far from a foolish design decision but a brilliant wont that in no way compromises or waters down the experience as you seem to misguidedly hint at. There is a dedicated PVP base for Division that will keep servers populated and thankfully with a PVE option, those that don’t have the tolerance for PVP won’t enter and spam voice chat about griefing. Win for everyone- far from a wasted opportunity.

    • shagen454 says:

      I recently picked this up and have logged about 20 hours. I’m definitely not pulled into this thing like some sort of addiction but it’s fun to play for 30 minutes to an hour. The atmosphere it so damn good. Teaming up with people for PVE is A LOT of fun, matchmaking can take too long sometimes though. PVP, didn’t really care for it. Excited for this mode, though. I think it’s a good time to throw in $20 for this, glad I never paid retail for it.

  2. StAUG says:

    Had a quick look on Steam, last time I played this was mid June. Is there anyone left in this game? I haven’t really kept up with it since I started world of tanks.

  3. neofit says:

    You want “the tension of meeting people in the street”? Play on the PvP servers, it’s not difficult to grasp. You won’t have more sheep to gank even if people have no other option.

    Now I wish an SP version was available as well. I don’t want to be tied to other people, and it also might allow one to change the amount of baddies and their strength, maybe even the weather, xmas-y NY is too beautiful to limit my vision to a few meters.

  4. scritty says:

    The writer has a false dualism here. It’s not a case of worrying if PvP survives becasue they offer a good viable PvE. In my case, and of the majority (almost excusive-majority) of the many people I chat to when playing – if there was no PvE we wouldn’t be playing the game at all. And before you ask. No I don’t put one tiny iota of my self worth in my ability to compete PvP in a game and couldn’t care a less what “hardcore” PvP players think about that.