Steam Charts: Just Gotta Ride It

Well, this really isn’t the chart I’d expected to see at this point of the year. We’re in peak Silly Season, and yet last week’s 10 best-selling games on Steam form a broadly unexpected bunch.

Which is exactly what I like to see.

1. Planet Coaster

I did not expect this. It’s Call of Duty month. Dishonored month. Ubimap month. And yet here’s a rollercoaster builder sitting right on top the Steam charts as though that were perfectly ordinary. As though we were back in 1999. Do not get me wrong: this is a glorious thing. Whenever I come to write these charts, I desire nothing more than to see less predictable games doing well for themselves. Design and simulation: these are age-old PC game values, and it is wonderful to see them trumping (sorry) the brands and the murdering. It also, of course, puts paid to the belief that devs Frontier are reliant on Elite for continued success.

We’re big fans of Planet Coaster, by the way.

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Other than its developers occasionally retweeting obsequious fan messages, I really haven’t heard much chatter about the most recent Lara Croft game over the past year – but it always seems to be hanging around, just out of sight. I’d theorise that there’s a continued big appetite for Tom Braiding, even if the oppressively sombre Rise didn’t entirely scratch it, and that means there’s a mass of people who jump on it whenever there’s a sale. (As was the case last week).

It’s a fine and attractive action-adventurey game in the Uncharted paradigm, and with a particularly well-done survival side mode, so they’ll have a good time, but man, I pray the next game rethinks the perpetually grim, unconvincingly-voiced Lara we’ve had for the last couple of games.

3. Dishonored 2

Only a one-week spell at number one, as predicted. I don’t want to say ‘I told you so’. I want to say ‘don’t blimmin’ launch broken games just after you’ve loudly proclaimed that you’re ending pre-release reviews because you’re so darn sure that you only make quality stuff, you rotters.’

New patch landed today, by the way – I’ll be checking it out right after I’ve finished this post to see if it finally makes D2 playable on my poor, confused PC.

4. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

It’s Civ VI’s month, really. Two top ten placements, week after week. I take comfort from the persistence of a series that has been there for most of my life, though I must confess, I have not felt much compulsion to return to it after completing my first campaign. (I’ll come back for the first major DLC, I’m sure). However, I’ve started playing Civrev again on my phone – what a lovely little thing that is for gaming in stolen moments.

5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Still enjoying a free weekend-based resurgence. I don’t expect to see this still here next week, but it must have a damned healthy playerbase by now.

6. Watch Dogs 2

Now, it’s tempting to say ‘Oh dear, this isn’t off to a good start at all’, but don’t forget that the PC version is still a week away, even though the console versions have already landed – to reasonable acclaim but underwhelming sales.

The buzz is that it’s a big improvement on its preposterously self-regarding forerunner, but so far it seems like the public isn’t anything like as interested.

I guess the world’s had all the iconic baseball caps it can stomach over these past few months. Still, maybe next week’s PC version will fare better.

7. Planet Coaster Thrillseeker Edition

No longer on sale, in fact. This was a pre-order bundle which granted beta access and some extra DLC. I imagine the latter will be back at some point, along with more parts packs than our tiny human minds can possibly conceive of.

8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Too soon?

9. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid, Sid. Don’t do this to me, Sid. Don’t do this. Sid, don’t, The Vengab… NO NOT YET, don’t, Sid, I beg you, please don’t do this, please.

10. Tyranny

I guess Obsidian aren’t kicking down as many doors as they did with Tyranny’s predecessor, Pillars of Eternity, but they still get to say they’re doing better than Call of Duty right now, which is a pretty goddamn big deal for a cRPG.

Note because people always ask: these charts are Valve’s officially-released summation of what sold best over the previous week. It is not the same as what the Steam front page claims is selling best right now, and nor do I have access to any more data than the above.


  1. Xenotone says:

    TC’s R6S takes up all of my spare time at the moment (when I’m awake enough). It’s exactly the shooter I wanted to exist and there’s nowt more fun than blasting holes in things and then swinging through them in a hale of bullets.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Yeah, I love it too. It’s a bit like Counter-Strike, but with the importance of gunplay and creative shenanigans reversed.

    • DeadCanDance says:

      The netcode is trash tough, and I refunded the game after dying in places and positions I wasn’t.

      • Unclepauly says:

        You have to make sure your nat type is open. Which requires fumbling with routers and ports and such, but sometimes just a router reset. Mine was on moderate and had the same probs(not always), when I got it to open I was getting games quicker and any laggy issues went away.

      • Ferno says:

        When did you last play? I played a lot around launch and the servers were really low tick, meaning you’d often have situations like that. They’ve since updated them to be much better.

        • Kitsunin says:

          Same here, the experience was really bad on launch, long matchmaking, unbalanced games, often laggy. Now it works as well as I could possibly hope. And I live in Taiwan, so that’s typically less than ideal.

  2. Antongranis says:

    I can recommend Tyranny, but maybe at at-least a small sale. It feels ever so slightly unfinished. like, its pretty short compared to what you would expect. Thats not to say you dont get value for money.

    • GDwarf says:

      That’s intentional, really. The idea is that you’ll play through the game with completely different choices a few times, which apparently opens different locations and quests. That’s harder to do if the game is super-long.

      So it’s a 30-ish hour campaign that you’re expected to play at least twice.

    • Premium User Badge

      buenaventura says:

      I would love Tyranny, I prefer a shorter game to keep it fresh. However, I presume that it uses the same engine as PoE, and I have that game, and it is simply unplayable with the long loading times – I gave up after like 20 hours of which it felt like half were loading screens. I play Icewind Dale EE and wish that Tyranny and PoE were also in the infinity engine – NO loading times at all, and so much more of a better game for it, so much better immersion. Please, port it to the infinity engine! It does not need any silly 3d stuff! I just want the prerendered backgrounds and the text!

      • Antongranis says:

        The loading times are… Long-ish? Like… 15-30 seconds, depending on the thing its loading. It might be diffrent on your system tho.

        • Premium User Badge

          buenaventura says:

          I do not have very good specs I am afraid. Considering that PoE gives loading screens at EVERY transition, 30 sec is not OK for me – the game would just be much better on IniEngine, would it not? Who plays it for pretty 3d characters? Silly devs.

      • Premium User Badge

        Qazinsky says:

        For me, the main reason I have such a hard time starting up Tyranny is that i know that I will have to wait like five minutes for the game to load my save the first time (subsequent loading will be faster). I can tell you that if load times bother you, this is one game that most likely will bother you.

    • Snschl says:

      A note about Tyranny: for all the talk of how “short” it is, I’m getting more of an “unevenly paced and front-loaded”-feeling. I’m currently 46 hours in, still in Act 2, and the thing is still a joy. It’s also suspiciously content-rich; I’ve still got loads of items, spells, artifacts, abilities, spires and recipes to find/unlock/research, and a whole new mechanic, Edicts, is just about to be introduced… Yet Paradox keeps saying the game is 30 hours, and everyone who’s powered through it says the game smacks into a brick wall in Act 3. I’m guessing Obsidian was planning for this to be PoE-sized, and simply ran out of steam. It’s a shame, because it has all the ingredients of an expansive CRPG, but everything’s truncated at the end.

  3. dystome says:

    I bought the 2013 Tomb Raider in the same sale that put Rise into this chart and yeah, similar thoughts. It’s a well executed action game but it’s just a bit uncomfortable watching the protagonist having such a miserable time of it.

    • vorador says:

      Same here. While i get that is a reboot and Lara isn’t supposed to be skilled at “tomb raiding” (lol) yet, it is annoying seeing the main character being put trough the grinder constantly, both physically and emotionally.

      It is a good game, but wished it wasn’t so abusive of her main character.

      • TheMightyEthan says:

        She’s still grim in Rise, but she’s more competent now so she doesn’t seem so abused.

      • Shadow 99 says:

        Ok, reading your response just pisses me off seeing that you say she is inexperienced at raiding tombs yet this is what the game is based off of! I understand that she would be inexperience but the game would be boring if it was some easy puzzles to solve. It also pisses me off that some morons said in the article that they hope they are going to get rid of the voice actor of Lara which is ridiculous because I think who ever it is who does the voice for her is the perfect damn person for the job. This article is ridiculous for negativity on Rise of the Tomb Raider, your response is bogus and this is literally a joke at this point! If you are trying to piss people off with your response then congratulations, this article and you managed to piss me as well as a few hundred thousand people off.

        • Universal Quitter says:

          The complete lack of formatting is somehow perfect for this comment.

          • Shadow 99 says:

            Who gives a crap! This is the internet, people get upset seeing stuff they don’t like much like this article and terrible comments. Besides, I was in a hurry to type this comment because it’s Thanks giving today. If you want better format of a paragraph and not to see a lousy one much like the one I rushed earlier today then try another day.

  4. Darth Gangrel says:

    How nice that “Planet small piece of material used to protect the surface of a table, upon which one places cups or mugs” (or in other words, Planet Coaster) is number one this week.

    • April March says:

      Flat earthers rejoice!

    • Universal Quitter says:

      And here I thought it was about a man who skates through life, drifting from town to town on some Bohemian, circumnavigatory journey.

  5. Symarian says:

    No CoD? *-*

  6. fish99 says:

    Enjoying Planet Coaster, although it seems better as a sandbox building game than a park management sim.