Terrific Titanfall 2 is £25 on Amazon UK

Twenty five quid! Just three weeks ago, at launch, Titanfall 2 [official site] was twice the price on Origin. I’m always wary of telling people whether I think a game offers “value for money” because the value of forty quid is entirely relative to how many quids – or cash of another currency – a person has. When I reviewed Titanfall 2 I did mention the pricetag though because I was keen to recommend the game for its singleplayer as much as for the multiplayer. If you were unlikely to play online, it felt important to mention that fifty quid was getting you a short (but excellent) campaign.

Now, three weeks after release, Amazon UK are selling the game for £25. That gets you an Origin code and plenty of bot for your buck.

I didn’t expect to love Titanfall 2 as much as I did. Truth be told, I wasn’t even sure I’d like it at all. The first entertained me for a while but I rarely play multiplayer FPS games long enough to get invested in them, or even particularly good at them. Titanfall 2 hasn’t exactly captured my evenings either – I’ve only played multiplayer Titanfall 2 for a few hours since I reviewed it – but the campaign is so splendid I’m tempted to go back and play it on the hardest difficulty this weekend.

For detailed thoughts, look at my review but also cast an eye back to my early thoughts on the campaign, when I was at MAX EXCITEMENT.

Launching in between two multiplayer FPS big-hitters in the form of EA’s own Battlefield 1 and the new Call of Duty probably didn’t do Titanfall 2 any favours in the sales department, and there are price-cuts on console as well right now. That may not bode well for future robot adventures.

This is the cheapest price we’ve seen but keep an eye on our roundup of Black Friday’s best PC gaming deals in case anything else crops up, or indeed any offers for other territories. Amazon US does have a sale on the game at the minute, but it’s only a ten dollar reduction.


  1. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    If you had told me this would wind up being my GOTY I’d have said you were nuts. And yet, here we are…

  2. lyralamperouge says:

    No Steam no sale, unfortunately.

    • keefybabe says:

      I do kind of get this, but it always reads to me like, “if they don’t sell it at Tesco, I’m not buying it”.

      • Tigris says:

        Steam, GoG, Humble, boxed (without linking to origin) would all also be fine for me.
        I will just not install another launcher (from a questionable company) to play a game.

        • Anvilfolk says:

          To be fair though, if you ever want to show support for decent business practices, this is it. No paid DLC, with all updates to come being free. EA seems to have done it right for once.

          Also, I definitely understand the whole multiple platforms thing being annoying. I caved in at some point though and now I handle GoG Galaxy, Steam, Origin and Uplay with minimal annoyance. Might be worth the jump for this particular game – and all the free games you’re likely to get from Origin in the future.

          • Tigris says:

            It is on origin. It requires online activation even for the offline story mode as far as I know.
            They treated this game worse on origin than their own game Battlefield.
            They give a huge discount for the game after a short while.

            All of these things are bad. Just because it could be worse “Oh look they have no Season Pass lets give them loads of money” does not make these things good.

            If this becomes common practice to forget about bad things, since others are not so bad, than EA will soon make some things even worse, to sell their Season Pass games while people defending “hey for once you do not have to spend some organs to ea to play a game you should reward that.”

            Just because some shitty practices were done so often that people got used to them, does not make them good.

            It is bad for the developers, but EA will kill this franchise anyway, the way they treated this game,
            and well as much as I like the developers, making a contract with the devil its also kind of their fault.

        • MercurialJack says:

          Then you’re being petulantly stubborn and missing out on a great game for no reason other than an out-dated principle. Origin is just fine these days. I’ve encountered literally no problems with it whatsoever (or UPlay for that matter). I can’t say the same for Steam, actually.

          • Tigris says:

            Well thats called principle. Shitty companies can treat their customers the way, because some people forget to easy as you.
            Also I should reward a company because they for once did not use a toooo shitty business practice?…
            I never bought a game from Ubisoft again, after I had to install Uplay for Valient Hearts (and I havent installed it on my new PC), I never bought a game with a season pass.

            Also for me it is also a bad business practice to give a game so much cheaper so short after the release.
            Exactly this behaviour is why there is a race to the bottom.

            And about origin being fine: Can origin hinder me to play my games offline?
            Can origin download updates and stuff from the internet without asking each time?
            Can Origin check my computer for other software?
            Does Origin send Data from my Computer to EA?

            If any one of this is yes, it is a bad program.

            Can I be asured that I can play my game online if the EA is bankrupt or kills origin?

            Can I be assured that EA never bans my country?
            Can I be assured that EA never bans me because I think they should go bankrupt and say so?

            If any of these question has the answer no, than it is again a big no to origin.

            Well I may miss out one good game, I have missed out more good games, because of EA being EA.
            And every £ given to EA increases the chances they will kill another studio/franchise etc. in the future.

            So yes being consequent and not forgetting the own principels because of one game, may be outdated, but it is something I will definitely not change, just because some guys in the internet hope they get some more players since they killed their principles and bought a game from EA on origin.

          • Hartford688 says:

            Agreed, while Origin got a bad rap when it started, on the whole I find it runs just fine now, on a par in most ways with Steam. Can play offline, can control updates, fast downloads, very stable. I have no real issues with it (other than theoretical ones – and they for me don’t qualify as “principle”, it ain’t human rights level stuff FFS).

            And how did Tigris manage to fit into this comments section, riding on that mighty high horse as he was? Yep – Origin EULA, right up there with human rights in Myanmar and refugees in the Med.

          • Tigris says:

            Well: link to rockpapershotgun.com
            link to tomshardware.com
            link to theparanoidgamer.com

            I know they changed some things at some point, but not all and the problem is they can change Eula access to countries and other things just on a whim and are a company being known for being not to nice.

            Principles apply to everything, stopping them for “just a game” often lead to losing them completely.

      • Boozebeard says:


        That’s not actually that terrible a metaphor. For me it’s a convenience thing, I’d just rather not have my games spread over multiple services and clients and with there being so many good games these days that’s honestly enough to put me off buying an Origin only game. So in the terms of your metaphor it’s sort of like having a Tesco 5 minutes away and a Sainsbury’s 30 minutes away; I’m not going the extra distance to the Sainsbury’s just because they have a cereal I like the look of.

        £25 for titan fall 2 is pretty tempting though but as I was getting at wit the lots of good games things, I just bought Siege when it was on sale and I’m looking forward to playing Dishonoured when it’s fixed so I kind already have my MP and SP bases covered.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Except Origin isn’t “further away” than Steam is. For your metaphor to work the stores would need to be next door to one another.

          • Tigris says:

            Of course it is further away. You have to make an account and you have to download origin and you have to remember another password and you have to give another company your billing details etc.
            Buying on steam can be done in 10 seconds.
            If I would have to buy a game on origin it would take me 10+ minutes most likely.
            This is the equivalent of having to walk 10 minutes farther.

          • DelrueOfDetroit says:

            All of those are things you had to do for Steam at one point which seems like a miracle you had the patience to get through seeing as you can’t bear 10 minutes.

          • Tigris says:

            Yes I had to do them ONCE for a shop where you can buy 99% of the games. I will not do this for another shop which sells only 1% of available games.
            I actually don’t like steam but you had to do it at some point to buy games.

      • DarkFenix says:

        Well, if I do my shopping at one supermarket, it’s going to take a lot for me to go out of my way to travel to their notoriously anti-consumer competitor instead.

        I’m another of the people who flat out won’t install Origin. My games are (almost) all conveniently situated on Steam and as I found with the couple of games I owned on Impulse years back, using multiple software platforms like that is really damn inconvenient. And let’s face it, it’s EA, it’s hard to find a more anti-consumer company than them in the gaming industry, so inconvenience myself for their sake? No thanks.

    • Chaz says:

      Guess they just don’t feel like giving a huge cut of their profits to Valve just because, especially when they have their own launcher.

      So to play a certain game I have to fire up the appropriate launcher. OH MY GOD NO!

  3. keefybabe says:

    Instabought after what everyone has been saying.

    • oggnogg says:

      I really like this one. Multi player is fun even though I’m often at the bottom of the score board. Not many games can do that for me :)

  4. c-Row says:

    29€ on Amazon DE as well. Very tempting…

  5. Ferno says:

    Aww, and I just picked this up for 32 quid under a week ago! Well either way it has definitely been worth it. The campaign has been a blast so far and just starting to get into the MP.

  6. AshRolls says:

    I really wasn’t bothered about this, having not particularly enjoyed the first… I gave it a shot though based on the reviews, and my word, it’s damn good! Well worth picking up, a most excellent game, the pure joy of movement as a pilot, and then the lovely contrast of stompy titan time.

  7. Bull0 says:

    It’ll be in that EA access thing by january, guaranteed. If you’ve waited this long to play it you can probably wait longer.

  8. mavrik says:

    ” This item is not available for purchase due to geographical restrictions. It may be available on Amazon.co.uk.” (co.uk then sends me back to amazon.de).

    It seems that they’re doing well enough that they don’t need my purchase :)

    • Fontan says:

      Yes, geoblocking is absolutely ridiculous. The worst part is that Amazon in Australia is practically non-existent and the Origin price is higher than everywhere else. It currently costs double that UK price even with 33% off.

  9. sp0q says:

    Pick it up people! Bought it this weekend and had awesome fun. They really deserve support after how EA screwed them over with the release date.

  10. Vandelay says:

    Bought it a while ago (on PS4.) The single player is really something. It is certainly short and even at £25 it is hard to recommend purely on that basis, but it is the best FPS singleplayer I have played since Wolfenstein: The New Order, which was the best as had played since… I don’t even know (not played nuDoom though.)

    The multiplayer is great too, but I really suck at FPS with a pad. I was fine the first week or two, didn’t play for a few days and then suddenly returned to be constantly decimated. Can still be fun, but there were some frustrating moments. Like many modern FPSs, the time to kill just seems too quick to me, with most deaths happening without you even seeing who killed you. Still, it is the best of the bunch that have been released in a good long time.

    • ran93r says:

      Treat yourself to the new Doom if it pops up somewhere over Black Friday/Xmas. It’s lovely for different reasons than Titanfall 2 is lovely but I would be hard pressed to choose between them if I could only pick one for my desert island discs. I felt like the Doom campaign was longer but does get a little repetitive.

      • Vandelay says:

        Oh, I certainly plan to do so. My computer is pretty long in the tooth though, hence picking up Titanfall 2 on the PS4. I was pretty comfy with TF2’s singleplayer on a pad, but not sure if Doom would fair as well.

        As soon as I get around to building a new computer (around the time that AMD or Nvidia decide to have a graphics card that targets 1440p at a reasonable price – 1070s are still too expensive,) it will be first on the list.

  11. rapchee says:

    just a warning to cheapos like me: it requires a cpu that can do 4 threads, so either a quadcore or an i3 with hyperthreading
    i’ll try to get something on the black friday sales, but if anyone knows where i could get an lga 1150 relatively cheap, lemme know (uk)

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      eBay. You might need to find a used one that will hold you until you can do a full Mobo upgrade.

  12. Nauallis says:

    I find it strange that I just haven’t been able to get into the multiplayer but the singleplayer story was the most satisfying FPS story I’ve played in a while. Probably because my friends aren’t playing this one (at all) but somebody was always online for the first game.

  13. welverin says:

    It’s $40 on Origin right now, significantly better than it is on Amazon US at the moment.