Titanfall 2’s first free map dropping from orbit next week

The first new Titanfall 2 [official site] multiplayer map will arrive next week and, well, it’s not really a new one. Respawn Entertainment have fancied up the first Titanfall’s map Angel City for the sequel, see. They’ve rolled it into an update along with a new weapon for pilot and new weapon options for titans, and the whole thing will launch next Wednesday. As promised, the map will be free (though there is one bit of silliness afoot, I’ll explain in a bit). The gang have also detailed their plans for future updates, including special temporary modes with different rules.

First, the foolishness. The Angel City’s Most Wanted update will hit on Wednesday, November 30th but the only people allowed to play it then are folks who pre-ordered. Everyone else will need to wait until Saturday, December 3rd. That’s silly. Still, it’s nothing compared to the damage that paid DLC maps did to the first Titanfall so EA certainly could do worse.

As for future updates, expect new weapons, new maps, and new modes, including temporary oddities which sound like the ‘Brawl’ modes Blizzard are putting into everything nowadays:

“Changing things up and trying out new ways to play is a big part of how we work here at Respawn. We’re carrying that philosophy over to multiplayer with semi-regular events that will change up rule sets on certain games, giving them a ‘twist’ to how you might normally play them. Changes like these force players (and ourselves) to look at the game differently and try some things you may never have tried before.”

Oh, and with next week’s update they’ll start selling purely cosmetic items which don’t change anything or nothing so don’t sweat it, okay.

If you’ve not picked up Titanfall 2 yet, do give it a think. Read Wot Adam Thought and note that it’s only £25 right now.


  1. crowleyhammer says:

    I can understand rewarding pre-orders with extra content such as in civ 6 but surely people who pre-order multiplayer shooters want to play with as many other people as possible and wouldnt want this to happen?

    Could get a bit embarrassing though if match making takes ages due to not enough pre-order players still playing!

    • vahnn says:

      Not sure why matchmaking takes “ages” for you. Queues are instant for me in central US, whether I’m playing at 8am, noon, 5pm, or 3am. In all modes except Pilot vs Pilot or CTF, but even those never take more than a minute.

      • Ayasano says:

        I think you misunderstood. He was saying matchmaking might take a long time for people playing the new map early because a lot of the people who preordered have already moved on to other games, which only leaves a small pool of people able to play the map early.

      • 2helix4u says:

        My friends convinced me to buy this at £25 and there were literally no players in Europe for CTF last night haha

        • thestjohn says:

          Depends at the time of night in Europe; during primetime there’s enough players in the CTF playlist, but a lot of people just stay in Mixtape, where they can play CTF plus other modes.

  2. Ayasano says:

    I was excited for a minute, but I don’t see anything in the blog post about new weapons for Titans, just new kits and one pilot weapon. Am I missing something or is that just a mistake in the article?

  3. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    On of those Brawl modes had better be a mode with tiny Titans and giant pilots.

  4. Disc0 says:

    I for one am glad to see EA trying a slightly less offensive form of tiered DLC delivery. It still splits up the playerbase, but only for a few days. Battlefield as a series has been ruined by DLC (and now near-annual installments) fragmenting the player base. Avoiding this is why CS:GO makes the Steam charts over and over and over, and still rules the roost for esports shooters.