Explore an island of garbage in Mundo Lixo

Ashes to ashes, dustbin to dustbin. I reach you today through future garbage, a screen upon a device you will one day discard. You are reading this no doubt surrounded by more future garbage, wearing clothes you will cast away and sitting on a chair you will chuck. And let’s not forget ’tis the season to show friends and family our love through gifts of future garbage. When I die, just feed me into an industrial waste grinder.

But for now, we live! We are alive and we are exploring an island of garbage in the free Mundo Lixo [Itch page]. It’s really quite good.

Mundo Lixo is a walking simulator set on an island of garbage, rolling hills of cans, bottles, bags, vans, and all that. I’ve really enjoyed exploring this island, finding out quite what’s dumped there and being surprised by the variety of local wildlife. One man’s garbage is another dog’s dinner, after all. I’m not sure I want to know what the alligators eat.

It is a good and surprising place to explore. I was delighted by each new ‘unique’ piece of garbage I found and each set piece that loomed out of the fog.

You can grab Mundo Lixo on Windows, Mac, and Linux for free from Itch. It’s made by Terri Vellmann, who you might know from his roguelikelike first-person shooter Heavy Bullets. He was inspired by the recent Ambient Mixtape, which I’d also recommend for some top wandering.

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  1. Kefren says:

    Quite a scary vision. I’ve seen e-waste mountains, and their inverted forms in landfills, and patches of sea with islands of plastic refuse breaking down, and wildlife whose carcasses reveal stomachs containing plastic bags and bottle tops. The packaging for many throwaway things has switched to nonrecyclable composite materials. Maybe all games will have a backdrop like this one day.