Get your Nurgle on in Blood Bowl 2 now

Whether you’re a fan of American Football or not, the idea of Warhammer’s various factions solving their problems on the gridiron is hilarious. Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl 2 [official site] lets you do just that, and they’ve added another team for the side of Chaos, the Nurgle team, in new DLC.

The players of the Nurgle Team fittingly worship the Chaos god of corruption and disease, Nurgle. Their unique ability allows them to use their god’s fetid holiness to rot their opponents from the inside out with disease. If you’re Nurgly enough for the Nurgle club,  you might just fit in.

Nurgle Rot and the Nurgle team, in general, are best close in where they can use their strength and overall nastiness to take down opposing players. Their long game is pretty terrible though as their agility and move rates are low.

The Nurgle DLC costs £4.99/6,99€/$6.99 on Steam.

If you prefer your sportsfights to be on cardboard, you may be interested to know a new edition of the original Games Workshop tabletop game has just launched. It’ll cost you £65, mind. The digital Blood Bowl 2 is down to only £8.74/11,24€/$11.24, 75% off the regular price, right now in the Steam sale.


  1. Vedharta says:

    My physical copy is waiting for me, hurrrr plastic crack >:-D

  2. Jediben says:

    Tabletop version! Woohoo!

  3. Silent_Thunder says:

    A quick note, the boxed version contains a 50% voucher for the digital game, so if you have the voucher code now, they actually combine for about $5 total price.

  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Apparently, Nurgle is not one of the easier teams to play. They’re slow and need some levels to really bring the pain.

    • gou says:

      they are mostly about being as annoying as possible for their opponents, sort of play-for-the-draw team that squeezes a victory in the aftermath

    • Silent_Thunder says:

      Nurgle is a very defensivly minded team, which is problematic for new coaches as offense comes far easier than defense to most people.

  5. lglethal says:

    From a quick look on the Games Workshop website, the physical edition is just Humans v Orcs, and at least at present the only other team available to buy is Skaven.

    Still hopefully they get all the teams back, and then I might have to make that purchase… (but not until my Chaos boys are back in the mix!!!)

    • Ross Turner says:

      If you don’t mind unofficial minis, there’s a whole wealth of awesome “fantasy football” teams out there to fill in the blanks.

  6. Gothnak says:

    I played a lot of Blood Bowl, but i’ve heard the single player campaign mode is WORSE is Blood Bowl 2. Is that still the case?

    • lglethal says:

      The campaign mode is really just for people who have never played Blood Bowl. It’s effectively the tutorial. However, there are single player tournaments, which are not bad, although lack a bit of the atmosphere that the old BB1 single Player had (in BB1 you travelled around the Old World on the way to the Blood Bowl, now its just a 4 Level tournament where you work up from the Bronze League to Platinum). It’s still fun, but you end up playing the same sorts of Team a lot because there isnt a great number of Teams yet (humans, orcs, norse, bretonnians, high elf, dark elf, Wood elf, skaven, chaos, nurgle, necro and undead). The missing Teams (like Khemri, Goblins, Ogres, Amazons, Halflings, and Vampires) are really missed, as they offer the more crazy tactics to play with and against.

      Still, I mainly play single player and the UI (and AI) are a big improvement over BB1. I Play BB2 regularly and really enjoy it. I’m just hoping they get the rest of the Teams into BB2 in the near future! As I miss playing against the Gobbos! ;)

      • Gothnak says:

        Ah thanks. Sounds like it isn’t for me then. I tend to avoid playing anything multiplayer unless it’s co-op with friends.

        • lglethal says:

          Hey Gothnak, please dont get me wrong. BB2 is the best digital representation of Blood Bowl out there, and it is a lot of fun in single player. It is my go to game when I want to just smack some heads together (I play Chaos naturally! :P).

          The only disappointment is that we’re still waiting for the rest of the races to be added. Also that the single Player tournaments lack a bit of the atmosphere of BB1, but its still a fully enjoyable experience with much better UI and AI.

          If you can pick it up with the 4 founder pack races (Wood elves, Necro, Nurgle and Lizardmen) at a good Price you wont be disappointed, but I can understand if you want to wait for all the races to be added. but you might be waiting a while… ;)

  7. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    If you get infected by Nurgle, do you end up with Blood(y) Bowels?


  8. Ross Turner says:

    So happy about the tabletop re-release, that’s my Christmas sorted :)