Path of Exile is getting a big update with Breach

The free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile’s [official website] next update will brings a lot to the table. Next week Grinding Gear Games will launch the Breach content update, which will add a bevy of bosses, item enhancements, and a whole new challenge league.

When Breach releases, you’ll have the option to enter dungeons with interdimensional Breaches. If you touch one, it will open and slowly start to expand and reveal another reality with more monsters to fight, new loot, and tough new bosses called Breachlords. It sounds almost like my life, only a lot more fun and a video game.

The more kills you rack up, the wider the Breaches will expand, but they’ll only be open 30-60 seconds, so you have to kill enemies as fast as possible to explore the entirety of each Breach. There will be five different Breaches you can encounter. Fire, ice, physical, chaos, and lightning Breaches are the types you can encounter, and each has its own items, bosses, and monsters that you can take on.

Each type of Breach also has its own type of Breachlord, and to reach them you’ll have to obtain Splinters which are associated with one of the five types of Breaches. Once you collect 100 Splinters, you can convert them into a Breachstone, which will open a portal to the Breachlord.

The Breach update also adds cloaks, a cosmetic item that can be obtained in the two new Supporter Packs available now. The Path of Exile Breach update releases December 2, but you can get started in Path of Exile for free now.


  1. Truemas says:

    I am really looking forward to this league. Seems to be even more interesting than the previous essence league. Some people argue that breach forces you to much into a dps-role for high clear speed, but it’s also the meta right now. I guess this will change when they release 3.0.0. next year. At least, that’s what they hinted in the Lionswatch cast. I still really enjoy this game!

  2. pelicans says:

    Just a note for anyone yet to try out PoE (and you should) – new leagues are the perfect time to get in and give it a go as the economies for each realm are all reset, meaning everyone starts with new characters at the same time.

    This game is incredible but can be quite difficult to start out with. Check out the reddit in advance for plenty of builds and tips, and gl ss exile.

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      All good tips, I’d also like to add that your first character, unless you follow some kind of guide, will most likely be terrible. See it as a practice run.

      After gotten a little bit of experience with the passive tree and seeing what skill gems you like and want to play with, don’t be afraid to start a new character and do better.

      Also, unless you have other ways to survive (like Chaos Inoculation), you probably should take a few more Life Nodes than you planned to, at level 60+, you’ll understand why.