Hitman’s November update adds offline profiles

I still haven’t got round to playing it, but it feels good that there’s a good Hitman [official site] again. Blood Money is one of my favourite games ever, Absolution was terrible, but the general consensus is that the latest is somewhere between good and great.

A new update for it has just been released which, rather than adding more content, aims to improve what’s already there. That includes offline profiles, which allows you to continue using unlockable items earned while online when you’re offline.

“Items include all mastery items; including weapons, gear, starting/pickup locations as well as Elusive Target suit rewards and Challenge Pack unlocks.” That sounds like the kind of thing that should have been there from the beginning – and you’ll still need to be online in order to acquire more unlocks.

Otherwise the tweaks sound minor and focused around how the UI communicates things to you, like checkmarks to show when you’ve completed in-mission opportunities, an update to the statistics page for checking your completion level, and others. The best bit is surely this:

In this update, we’ve added the ability for 47 to pull people over balconies or out of windows, when he is hanging on a ledge or below the balcony/window.

Unfortunately, there is a known issue for this move: NPC’s that see this move will not blame 47, even if they are looking directly at the NPC or at 47.

For that reason, we will remove this ability with our December Update and fix this. It will then be re-introduced with a game update in January, around the same time as the disc release.

They’re adding something they know is broken and which they know they’re going to remove again before fixing and re-adding, which sounds bizarre, but in the meantime I can imagine having a lot of fun pulling people off balconies and getting away with it scot-free.

Here’s what Alec said when he wrote his final Hitman review:

This is an excellent Hitman game, and a substantial one. As an all-in-one package it perhaps doesn’t feel as vast as it did when released in chunks, but it still works well. The experiment to make each level bigger, more distinctive and more ornate instead of having a glut of them has worked extremely well.

You can see a full changelog at the Hitman site, which includes a bunch of bug fixes for each of the game’s six levels.


  1. gbrading says:

    This is clearly the month to be pulling people off balconies then.

  2. jezcentral says:

    This is my GOTY. Utter design brilliance. I would still like the online component to go to hell, though.

    • Klydefrog says:

      I’m with you completely, and mechanically I think it’s better than Blood Money. Don’t think I’ll recapture the feeling of some of the missions in Blood Money although with opportunity hints turned off discovering some of the cool opportunities just by overhearing things and watching them play out has definitely come close. I think if I replayed Blood Money now I’d be dissatisfied with the lack of some of the brilliant additions they made in this one. Definitely my game of the year and an utterly fantastic Hitman game.

  3. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I just discovered this website this morning thanks to Jane Douglas and you know, those other people. It’s a website that randomizes conditions for you in Hitman Bloody Money or 2016: link to thekotti.github.io

    Last night I also had the best idea for a Hitman level which is set during a baseball game and you have to take out the pitcher. One assassination would obviously be impersonating a ball player on the opposing team and hitting a line drive straight into the pitchers noggin. You would then be able to run the bases before walking out mission accomplished.

  4. Pharaoh Nanjulian says:

    I can think of nothing but Frank Drebbin trying to prevent the Queen’s assassination. There could even be a gun beneath one of the bases…

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      One of the opportunities would be to get OJ to do it!

  5. Koozer says:

    Hey! Absolution wasn’t too bad, it had some good Hitman levels between the corridor shooter bits.

    • PikaBot says:

      It was pretty bad. In levels that followed the classic Hitman formula, it almost worked, but that was only 11% of levels.

      • CriticalMammal says:

        I didn’t remember outright hating Absolution when I played it. It certainly tried to funnel you through a lot of situations but it honestly wasn’t that bad overall. It was definitely at its best when it gave you a mini-playground to explore though. I think the small town ‘Shaving Lenny’ mission was the most memorable level from Absolution for me.

      • KenTWOu says:

        People could hate Absolution and, thanks to Tom Francis, continue to push those ridiculous statistical fallacies. And the game was a step in the wrong direction limited by old gen consoles, but despite that it laid the necessary foundation for this Hitman. Lots of game features like really great engine, great AI, animations, contracts and challenges reviewers and gamers clearly praised in the new game were implemented there first. Without this foundation Hitman 2016 might be significantly less impressive.

  6. ludde says:

    Wow, able to use items offline. You really can tell it’s 2016.

  7. Arclight says:

    Does this mean the game would continue to function if/when they pull the plug on the servers?

    I’d rather have a mostly functional offline game than a non-functional online one down the road. It’s exactly what’s been keeping me away from this one so far.

  8. Kiytan says:

    the game more or less works offline now, you can play all the missions and things, but all the unlocks (such as additional options for starting gear and locations) wouldn’t be available to you.

    • Dilapinated says:

      Oh, wow! I got the impression you couoldn’t play missions or anything offline. Does it still boot you from your session if you d/c from the servers?