CS:GO Mod mod adds lightning, fog and more to Dust2

Counter-Strike has changed very little over the past decade, and aside from new maps and a couple of new modes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [official site] has mostly stuck to old routines. Thank goodness for modders, then, who add things such as maps which randomly select weather patterns at the start of each round.

So far they’ve released versions of Cache, Dust2, Mirage and Overpass which select randomly from ten available weathers at the start of a round. That means you might be playing in heavy rain one moment, and a sandstorm in the next, and then heavy fog after that. The above linked Steam page has details of all the available weathers and what features they include, such as thunderstorms which adds heavy rain, low visibility, puddles, lightning and storm clouds.

“When raining it is harder to both hear enemies approaching and to see without the aid of a sniper rifle,” co-creator Luke Millanta told Eurogamer. Millanta had the idea in August and worked with another modder, Lewis Palfrey, to make it happen. “This means that while your enemy may have an advantage while AWPing [aka while using the Arctic Warfare Magnum sniper rifle, famous for one-hit kills], it is easier for those stealthy players to sneak up on said AWPers.”

I was always fascinated by the roads not taken during Counter-Strike’s early development. The dabbling with vehicles, the abandoned VIP assassination modes, the gimmick-led maps such as de_railroad. They all made for a more varied game, all were rejected by the community, and the result has been relative conservatism in new iterations like Source and Global Offensive. I hope the popularity of mods like the above gives Valve license to be more bold in how they develop the (still great) game.


  1. Ross Angus says:

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  2. Mortivore says:

    “I hope the popularity of mods like the above gives Valve license to be more bold in how they develop the (still great) game.”

    I think most of the community just want CS like it is; Competitive gameplay without any clutter in a balanced environment.

    So who will they develop it for? Other ‘official’ game modes like gun game hardly have any popularity and is mostly considered a playing ground for new players. Surfing and BHOP being the main two modded gameplay elements that are actually heavily played, though on unofficial servers.

    Why go through all the trouble to add such elements to a game where most players turn down everything possible in order to save a few FPS and get more visual clarity so they can be slightly more competitive. Why waste the resources, especially since CSGO has like what.. 5 official developers?

    • johnnyG55 says:

      Just created na account to say thank you for that comment. Someone that understands the tought of almost everyone that plays CS on a medium level. Save your efforts to optimize the game so people like me can play a decent counter-strike without buying a 1000 $ PC .

      • jhon says:

        Just creating a F***G account for reply ( that take several minutes because F****G password maker is S***T ! RockPaperFU ! )
        THEN , im F****G agree we don’t care about Amazing graphic that mean Master Race PC cost over 1500$^! and that mean to have an ultra fast connection !

        that way you kill counter Strike.
        if i want an Amazing graphical game, i go to Arma3 or All other FPS like Call Of Beauty !

        • abobo says:

          Ah, the counterstrike community. Can you feel the love?

          • wtfpanda says:

            lol feel the love of a bare bones comp game that is getting raped by skins and gloves and chickens with pumkin heads the lack of stable fps has dropped huge over the last few years, when this game came out i could hold 300 fps in almost every situation 3 smokes 4 smokes, fire, even on huge high textured maps, since then, there has been alot of changes, the way guns shoot changes all the time, dmg changes a bunch recoil patterns, i get that its ment to balance the game out. but most people who play this game in a competative fassion want stability, fps, guns, and map inviroment. on a for shits and giggles level, sweet we have rain now im sure my eyes will love watching all the rain tare up with the fps spikes and drops, gonna look sweet