Euro Truck Simulator 2 expanding France next week

While American Truck Simulator has recently received a lot of love and care from developers SCS Software, it turns out they haven’t forgotten about Europe. Euro Truck Simulator 2 [official site] is now getting another expansion. Vive La France enlarges France, adding more detail, more towns and 20,000km more roads. It’s due out next week on December 5th and there’s a trailer below.

Check out this list of additions, too: “15 new cities, Rural French villages and sceneries, Enhanced vegetation, dense forests, New local companies to work for, French tollgate system, New industries including nuclear plants, New cargoes to haul.”

My love of Euro Truck Simulator is wholly unironic, but stuff like “French tollgate system” is still delightful for its nerdiness. (“Enhanced vegetation, dense forests” is just plain delightful.)

We occasionally talk in the RPS treehouse about what we want from sequels and expansions to these games. Larger terrain is definitely one on my list. I like long haul journeys, when you can enter into a kind of fugue state, forget about everything but the road, and flow across countries. I enjoy the satisfaction of making my delivery and receiving new goods, but those activities shake me out of my reverie. A bigger France will help keep me there for longer.

The expansion is being sold at the same price as the previous Scandinavian expansion, on Steam and other places. That means it’ll cost you £13.49/$18.99/€17.99.


  1. Stevostin says:

    It would be tempting to say “living there, this is not quite like this”… but it actually is. I mean some oddities here and there but all in all, they do capture the feel of it.
    Pretty good work although the game rendering itself looks a bit dated.

  2. Dajmin says:

    I’m glad to see they’re still working on it. ETS2 got a lot of love when it came out! I wish the UK roads were a bit more design accurate though :)

    • Chaz says:

      Yeah an overhaul like that for the UK would be great. So many UK A roads and B roads end up going through little villages etc and wooded stretches of road, and all of that is currently absent. Watching that video made me think that France in ETS2, looks more like the UK than the UK does in it. Currently in the game the UK is almost pure motorway.

  3. Kefren says:

    I only recently played ETS2 for the first time, and although there were nice elements, there was also a feeling of disappointment. The blurb said “Explore European cities” but that isn’t possible – it turned out cities were just a few roads with background scenery you can’t get to. It isn’t really “exploring”. Then I realised all of Europe was massively scaled down. No side roads, no towns, no villages, and only a fraction of the cities (all of which were tiny). So this article made me think it could be worth trying it again, until I realised it was a paid expansion, not a fix for the issue. Since it costs more than I paid for the game, and only improves one region, I’ll skip it.

    I think my main disappointment was to do with expectations. Much as I’d have loved it to be like driving through Google Street View, I had already scaled back my expectations. I assumed maybe cities would only have a third of the roads, something like that. I wasn’t prepared for reaching Cardiff, a city I know well, and discovering that it seemed to be two roads and a depot. Likewise with Swansea. I’d persuaded my girlfriend that we might be able to drive from our hometown across Wales, then on to Europe, and eventually down the coast of Italy, perhaps finding the town where some of our family live. Wrong.

    I understand why things have been scaled down – I just think it’s deceptive not to make that clear from the sales blurb. If that had stated that there were 40 urban areas out of the many thousands, and that cities were scaled down 1,000 times, and that places with populations of below a million weren’t included, I’d have at least had an idea of how far the game is from reality. For example, the UK alone has 69 cities (and many thousands of towns and villages) but ETS2 only has 18, each of which is a few roads. Cities mainly act as just blobs on a map, connecting points. A grand tour of Europe this is not – it’s a patchwork quilt edged by invisible walls (well, you can see them, big Xs and chevrons floating in the air to stop you heading towards landmarks or B-roads or anything that isn’t a motorway). The map of Italy seemed to cut off at the very edge – so technically Italy is included, but only as a few clumps of road in a teeny area. It seems disingenuous.

    • tonyboard says:

      amigo eu imagino que saiba que isto é apenas um jogo de cimulação e não vida real ou algo parecido. se fosse colocar tudo que tem nestes lugares do mapa e dar maior realismo , consegue imaginar o tamanho que ficaria o jogo que tipo de pc iria roda lo ? com certeza a maioria não teria como rodar o jogo . e especialmente aqui no brasil onde montar uma maquina gamer fica uma fortuna.pare de reclamar e aprecie o que foi feito por nos.este é o melhor cimulador de caminhões que conheço.e ainda é muito leve e quase todos pcs rodam ele de boa.mesmo pcs muito fracos.gostei muito do que fez por nos equipe do SCS estão de parabens . continue com o bom trabalho. e quanto ao reclamão acima se quer realismo vai nas cidades ao vivo. ou faça voce mesmo um jogo com esta qualidade mas detalhe no neste tamanho viu ??!!!pois enquanto GTA5 tem cerca de 50 gigas este tem 3 gigas . e roda de boa em qualquer maquina e o gta5 precisa de maquinas top de linha. então esta é minha opinião .t+

      • huebr says:

        English? Please?

        Cimulador??? Apparently someone missed the portuguese gramar AND english classes.

        Your shift key is broken by the way.

      • Kefren says:

        My issue wasn’t with the scale of the game – it’s with the fact that all this is hidden until after you buy it. It could be easily fixed by making it clear in the description that the scale is 19th of real world, with only small sections featured at that scale (e.g. north of Italy), no towns or villages or B roads, and cities being only a few roads. Something that accurately describes the game – as you’d expect a description to do.

  4. Chaz says:

    Very excited for this, I really hope a bit of Spain comes next.

    Even though ATS is out ETS2 is still my favourite. Never having driven through America there’s a lack of familiarity that makes it look quite unreal to me. The vast majority of my experiences of the US coming from film, TV and other computer games. My only visit being in 81 when I was about 8 years old. I remember climbing up to the top of the Statue of Liberty, but I couldn’t tell you what the roads looked like. So ATS to me feels no different from driving around in a GTA game or similar in that sense.

    ETS2 on the other hand, living in the UK and having driven through France, Holland, Spain, it’s more of a familiar environment and more believable to me when I’m driving through it in ETS2. They’re also environments that you hardly ever see realised in games. The vast majority of open world games are usually set somewhere in the US, so it’s very refreshing to be able to play in a much more familiar setting closer to home.

  5. gbrading says:

    Hell yeah French péage. Glad they’re continuing to work on ETS2 alongside ATS.

  6. Xipheas says:

    For all those posters complaining about the map, try

    It’s such a huge improvement on the base map, it has to be tried.

    • Kefren says:

      It does look good, but says: “You need to have the Going East DLC and Scandinavia DLC installed to use ProMods.” So you can’t use it without buying the ETS2 DLC – presumably the France one will also be a requirement later if you want to keep using Promods (they said they work with SCS and will keep updating Promods to work with the full ETS2 game).
      I’m not downplaying Promods, it seems like a great addition, but it’s worth flagging up the need to have all DLC.

      • Xipheas says:

        Fair point.

        They are all on offer atm, I think!

        • Kefren says:

          You’re right, they’re on the Steam sale for a few more hours, only about £5.50 for the two you currently need (normally £22 after the sale ends).

  7. Collieuk says:

    Its got a bit too realistic for my liking. Drove my truck to Calais and had a 10 hr wait before I could board the ferry. Meanwhile I watched another truck get broken into by angry looking migrants. Games are getting too life-like and bleak these days, bring back fun escapism.

  8. fish99 says:

    Gonna be weird driving between these nice looking new areas, and the original not-so-nice looking ones. Also 20,000km of French roads, while the UK has like 3 roads. Actually I’m assuming the 20,000km is how long the real roads would be, not the scaled game versions.

  9. Lurid says:

    The one thing I lack that I had to use mods for, was having old, terrible trucks roaming around.

    It’s hard to find good ones that aren’t weirdly overpowered or too cheap though.

  10. edwardoka says:

    Having spent the best part of a month cycling through France earlier this year, I think they’ve totally nailed the feel of it.