Rainbow Six Siege’s season two to bring 8 new operators

We found out that Rainbow Six Siege was preparing to rappel and breach with another year of content earlier this month, but now the Year 2 season pass is for sale we can see just a little of what the game’s second year will bring. It includes 8 new operators.

Operators are Siege’s character classes, each with their own abilities. The game had 20 operators at launch with a further 8 being added in season one. We don’t yet know what season two’s 8 new operators will be, but to buy them now costs £20/$30 and also gets you gear customisations, 600 in-game credits to spend on other unlockables, and “VIP Perks” such as 7-day early access to each new operator and a 10% discount in the in-game shop. If you also bought the original season pass you’ll get a second load of 600 credits.

If you’ve been following Siege this might all sound familiar, since it’s pretty much exactly how season one’s pass worked. On the face of it I don’t much like a business model that asks you to buy new characters, but everything in the game can be earned through play (although it takes a lot of time to do so) and I like that new maps are always added for free.

The new operators will be added in pairs across four seasons, again as per before. It seems likely that you’ll also get four new maps across the season, with one added to coincide with the addition of each pair of operators.


  1. BobbyDylan says:

    Really glad about this. R6 is a great game.

    • Tgernos says:

      Awesome game, i’m really happy that they keep updating it! hope to see the swiss special forces one day ^^

  2. Palimpsest says:

    “On the face of it I don’t much like a business model that asks you to buy new characters, but everything in the game can be earned through play (although it takes a lot of time to do so) and I like that new maps are always added for free.”

    I think it’s worth thinking a little more deeply about this. The developers didn’t owe people anything after they’d received the money in exchange for the product. They believed in the quality of their product, knowing there was a possibility that people would enjoy the game so much and for so long that they would be happy to support its expansion and continued development with more cash. How many yearly $70 CoDs, Battlefields and FIFAs will people have been disappointed by before Siege’s player numbers start to go down? Ubisoft could have done with the same with Siege, eventually burning out the goodwill they had generated, but instead they’re choosing to support a quality product that they know doesn’t need pointless full-price yearly sequels. This presents an issue, however, in that profit has to be the company’s primary goal. Can we really expect them to keep letting us play Siege without releasing a ‘Siege 2’, while CoD and Battlefield merrily cash in every November? This season pass model, which even lets players earn the content for free, is an excellent compromise for all parties. It’s not by chance that the Steam reviews of the Year 2 Season Pass are 100% Positive right now, with cries of “show your support!” everywhere. That said, I still won’t be buying it for $30 (I might consider paying that for all 16 DLC Ops), and I hope the new operators don’t have a ‘pay to win’ motive.

    • snappycow says:

      When Buck first released, he was pretty OP and many cries of ‘Pay2Win’ and ‘NerfPls’ was heard. Guess what? Devs listened and not only did Buck get slightly nerfed, the standard Operators got buffed too.

      I don’t care much for the 5v5 (55 out of my 60 play hours are in Terrorist Hunt), but I reckon I will shell out for the Y2 season pass.

      • CMaster says:

        I don’t remember anyone complaining about Buck.

        Frost though, and her sniper-shotgun with Nitro on the other hand…

      • MataDor says:

        quite the oposite here, 80h in and I haven’t even tried Terrorist Hunt yet, only 5vs5 for me

  3. MataDor says:

    Bought this season pass yesterday already.
    This is best FPS game in years.
    Gameplay is so rewarding. Just can’t stop playing this.

  4. TR`Ben says:

    I bought Siege on release and loved the game so much! But then tragedy happened. I lost my Uplay account. I un-tied it from steam somehow and, as it was created long ago with my “trash” email, i couldn’t restore it.
    I wanted to play the game badly. I watched hours of videos on youtube, but didn’t want to pay for it again, not even with 50% discount. And I thought Ubisoft should release Siege 2 or something later this year or so. But after the article on gamebiz (Ubi’s praise of game-as-service model) and announcement of continued support of the game and season 2 i bought the game again on black friday sale. Do I regret? Hell no. Siege shares No.1 with BFBC2 on my “Favoried Multyplayer FPS” list.

    But i’m not buying Season Pass No.2, though.

  5. Darth Gangrel says:

    8 new operators, you say? That begs the question: will any of them be a Smooth Operator?

  6. renner says:

    For the curious amongya, the new CTU’s will hail from Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea. Slightly more info here.

  7. CMaster says:

    If anyone is playing this and looking for squadmates, then hop on the Rock Paper Shotgun Discord (I can’t link it here, or the spam filter eats my comment), and ask for @R6Siege

  8. Chewbacca says:

    I really love this game but I still can’t get my head around the fact that the GSG9 operators all fight in jeans and sneekers. IQ even has pink sneekers!!!

    I know that they are supposed to be fast operators but that equipment is just so stupid…