Dishonored 2 patch 1.3 hits Steam beta

Dishonored 2

There’s a – oh no! I just dropped a big toast crumb into my keyboard and the number four is now unavailable to me! Let’s start again and I’ll deal with that in a moment. There’s a Dishonored 2 [official site] PC patch currently being tested on the beta branch of the game in Steam which is aiming to help with the performance issues some PC players have been reporting. This is just a housekeeping patch so no sign of a mission select option for now.

Okay, so first and foremost I’ll mention that there is apparently an issue with Nvidia drivers 375.70 and 375.86 when it comes to Dishonored 2 so Arkane/Bethesda are recommending 375.95 on that front. For AMD users it’s 16.11.4 – thank goodness I have a 4 on the number pad otherwise that one would have been a mystery for you all.

Scanning through the rest of the notes, there are a bunch of bug fixes for options menu and UI-related bugs and on the performance side shadow quality settings have a more significant visual and performance adjustment at “high” and below and they have “Reduced performance impact of transparent surfaces & VFX”. The summary seems to essentially be that the team has identified some of the driver problems, has fixed a bunch of bugs with the UI, options menu and multiple monitor setups, and has applied some performance improvements which should hopefully help some players out if they were struggling with the game.

I wish Alec was in today so I could get him to load up the beta patch and tell me if the game was working better for him as I think he was the RPS person who seemed most impacted by all of this (and has the most awkward setup with his ultra widescreen shenanigans!). I’m pretty useless here as I actually switched to playing on PS4 although that’s entirely because I like being on the sofa for longer games so I can get cosy (and nap between missions).

If you want to try the beta patch before it hits the main game you can right-click the game in your Steam library to find the properties menu then select “betas” and pick “BetaPatch” from the dropdown menu. When you close that menu down the game should then update and Dishonored 2 [beta patch] will appear in your library.

I will say that given it changes the game to the beta patch version rather than adding a separate beta version I’m not sure how switching to the beta branch might affect existing saves and the like, but if you’ve been frustrated with the game on a technical front you might want to give it a whirl and see whether it’s helped with your issues.

You can find the full 1.3 beta patch notes here. Obviously, they might expand or change when it comes to the main game.

I’m not our resident tech expert so for more info you might also find it useful to read Alec’s pieces on the previous heftier patch and what that did/didn’t fix and why.


  1. ZippyLemon says:

    Serious discussion time: is there are better way to clean keyboards than turning them upside down and shaking them?

    • Ghostwise says:

      Fire. Nanobot swarms. Water elementals. Magic. Psionics. Little helper fairies paid in milk.

      The possibilities are endless.

      • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

        I rented a centrifuge from a former Soviet cosmonaut training facility. It works wonders, you would not believe how much G force is necessary to separate my dogs’ hair from the keys.

    • Luringen says:

      For mechanical keyboards, just remove all the keys, clean the surface, and put them back. Takes about 10-15 minutes total and it’s worth doing from time to time (especially if you have pets – the hair gets everywhere between and under the keys).

      • ZippyLemon says:

        I thank you, but the suggestion of “fire” sounds a lot more fun.

      • gunny1993 says:

        You’re clearly the person who writes the 1-2 hours assembly time on the packs of ikea furniture.

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        Use your phone to take a picture of the keyboard first so you’ll know where everything goes when putting it back.

      • fish99 says:

        It takes me 20 minutes just to remove the keys. Another hour to clean them all individually, plus clean out the keyboard, then 20 minutes to put them back.

        I’d love to see a video of someone doing all that in 10-15 minutes :)

    • TheManintheHat says:

      Serious answer: I got a Keyboard Cleaning Putty pack months ago, and I totally recommend it. You should be able to find it online no problem. It’s not something you’d do all the time although it’s actually very easy to use, and it really cleans the keyboard well and you can reuse it several times.

    • Creeping Death says:

      My go to cleaning method is simple. A can of compressed air.

    • eqzitara says:

      Dust off.

    • int says:

      Carefully remove every single key, then take them and the board itself to a nearby brook or river and just get in there with it.

      It can be romantic.

    • Sabbatai says:

      Datavac. It’s actually a blower but you’ll never need to buy another can of compressed air, and it doesn’t sound as loud as a standard air compressor. It is about as loud as a vacuum.

  2. Halk says:

    Framepacing still not fixed. Screw this game.

  3. TheBloke says:

    My solution for a broken key on my keyboard – and indeed, sometimes also used when I’m leaning back, mouse in hand, and am too lazy to lean forward to reach the keyboard – is to find the required character on a website and copy it clipboard, then Control-V it whenever and wherever required.

    For this task, and many others, a clipboard history app is invaluable – that is, an app that automatically saves everything you copy, then allows you to quickly browse the list or search through it to view or paste anything you’ve ever previously copied. They usually also include extra features, like editing clips, multiple options for pasting (plain text etc), and the ability to name stored items, allowing permanent quick access to commonly used texts like an address or signature.

    On Windows I use Ditto, which is free and awesome, and on Mac OSX I use Alfred, which isn’t free but does a lot more than just clipboard history.

    It took me a long time to discover the concept. Having done so, I’ve now realised that a clipboard history is one of those of features that one may never have thought of using, or even knew existed, but which will quickly become indispensable.

    • Harlander says:

      A fine plan until your CTRL or V key breaks.

      • Jenuall says:

        That’s when you fall back to SHIFT + INSERT

        • TheApologist says:

          This just blew my mind.

          • Jenuall says:

            Happy to be of service!

          • TheBloke says:

            Yeah Shift-Insert can be especially useful for systems administrators: when connecting to a remote Linux/Unix server using a login tool like Putty, Control-C, V and X will be passed to the remote server where they have very different meanings (eg Ctrl-C is the standard combo to terminate any in-progress operation.) Shift-insert is therefore a very useful alternative.

            Or there’s also the menu-navigation way, at least in most standard apps: for Windows apps, Alt-E activates the Edit menu, then C for Copy. Likewise, Alt-E-P for paste or Alt-E-T for cut. Doesn’t work without standard menus though, eg it won’t work in Chrome (I just noticed that Alt-E does actually pop up Chrome’s single menu, but then that menu doesn’t seem to have shortcuts for copy/paste/cut.)

            Yet another option becomes available when using a clipboard history tool as I described before – it will have its own (configurable) shortcut for showing its history list; I have Ditto set to Control-Win-C. When pressed this pops up a small window at the position of the mouse pointer, listing the most recent 9 copies. It can be navigated with arrow keys and then Enter to paste, or Ctl-1 to Ctrl-9 will immediately paste that numbered entry. So Ctrl-Win-C then Enter is identical to Ctrl-V/Shift-Insert (with the advantage of first showing what will be pasted), but the more likely use case is to paste one of the other entries.

            Best of all, any typing done after that window pops up goes into its search box and immediately filters the full clipboard history. So Ctrl-Win-C followed by typing any word/phrase will immediately show any and all matching entries, and the history can be infinite if you configure it to never delete older entries. I find this to be very useful, very frequently. I have Ditto’s history file (a single SQLite database .dat file) backed up to my Google Drive to ensure it persists.

    • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

      I typed this comment with my mouse and an on-screen virtual keyboard, just to make a point.

  4. Kurokawa says:

    Now I read a whole article about a silly game I don’t play just because I wanted to learn what happened to that stray particle of baker’s ware.

    So … good job Pip!

    Also, if you think toast is bad, try one of those fizzy powder cubes that explode in a gazillion bajillion tiny pieces if you happen to put a bit too much pressure on them while trying to get them out of their packaging.

    Now that’s a true keyboard killer!

  5. Fishpig says:

    Chekhov’s Crumb.

  6. thedosbox says:

    I like being on the sofa for longer games so I can get cosy (and nap between missions)

    Pip is a cat?

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    Philippa Warr says:



  8. frymaster says:

    “I actually switched to playing on PS4 although that’s entirely because I like being on the sofa for longer games so I can get cosy (and nap between missions).”

    As a traitor against the PC master race, I move that we sabotage her toast to be extra crumbly from now on

    (or is it crumb-y?)

    Though naps do sound good…