Grand Theft Auto 4 patch is the first in six years

Rockstar got their programmers down there to iterate on Grand Theft Auto IV [official site] some more, releasing the game’s first new patch for six years on Tuesday.

The update fixes some bugs, makes minor performance adjustments, and adds a little support for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. It’s housekeeping stuff but it’s nice that Rockstar are continuing to support their older games.

Here are the full patch notes, which you can also read here:

  • Added error code “WTV270” to indicate a problem with connecting to Windows Live Sign in Assistant / Games for Windows Live Servers.
  • Added Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 to compatible OS check.
  • Added Display Controller image in Controller Configuration.
  • Fixed a bug which made completing “Out of Commission” mission impossible when frame rate exceeds 60fps.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Resource Usage” indicator on graphics cards with more than 2GB of VRAM.
  • Fixed a bug that restricted settings changes when using modern video cards.
  • Fixed a bug with the map crosshair on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug with text scrolling in “Brief” Menu.
  • Fixed “drawlist overflow” crash.
  • Minor performance optimizations.

I spent an immense amount of time in GTAIV’s city, such as that I still remember it like the back of my hand. That’s in part because I liked to go walking there, using a set of mods to make it first-person. For whatever reason I’ve never done the same thing in GTA5’s Los Santos, despite it having a first-person mode by default.


  1. Det. Bullock says:

    How about taking out GFWL completely?

  2. samyewl says:

    Would’ve been sweet if they got rid of GFWL and made it a Steamworks game while they were at it, but I’m not complaining. GTA IV is easily one of the best GTA’s imo.

  3. Dances to Podcasts says:

    I’ve had it for ages and still haven’t played it. Maybe if they removed GFWL…

  4. jaronimoe says:

    I wish they would fix the performance issues with newer graphics cards.

    it ran smoothly on my old gforce 8800 and when I upgraded to a 670, it was completely unplayable with around 15fps even on low settings.

    anybody encountered the same issues?

  5. fish99 says:

    They must have known about that final mission bug for about 5 years, and it was probably a 5 minute fix.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Five minutes to fix, followed by how many weeks of certification and QA?

  6. Kefren says:

    I thought GFWL was dead now – so doesn’t that stop you playing this game? I have a memory of lots of Steam reviews saying it was unplayable. In which case it seems very strange that they didn’t patch it out at the same time. (Not that I’d buy it if you also have to create a Rockstar account).

    • qif_qgame says:

      Never really understood why people had so many problems with GFWL after its death. You can create an offline profile easily and use it to log in and play. Is there something else I’ve missed? Request for update, perhaps?

  7. Aetylus says:

    Fixed. A few days after a barrage of negative Steam reviews following the autumn sale, all saying variants of “Doesn’t work on windows 10”.

  8. CartonofMilk says:

    eh. Worst GTA game so far. Wasn’t worth the time then, still isn’t now.

    • fish99 says:

      Loved the game myself. Car physics were great fun and the story/characters were more interesting than GTAV to me.

      • flashlight_eyes says:

        have to agree, this is in my top ten favorite games, and i hate GTA5. Loved how much attention they put it into getting that new york vibe just right. lovely soundtracks, likeable characters, and a real reason to do the things the game asked of you.

        GTA5 had almost no motivation for my character except that you could get a bit richer than you already are if you killed some more people. The only sympathetic character was oddly trevor as he cared about something than fucking money

        • fish99 says:

          Towards the end of GTA5 I was quite surprised to realize the story had no real point. It was just some guys do a bunch of bank jobs. Also any moral dimension was lost when they let you pick who survived. I felt that was a total cop-out.

  9. Laurentius says:

    GTA4 is fantasitic, saracstic slavic Niko is one of the best charactre of hole video gams. ALso car handling is alos the best of open world games. GTA 4 is still worth playing.

  10. Fnord73 says:

    “Nico, its your cousin, why dont you take me bowling?”

  11. Poor People says:

    I’m really stumped as to how people believe the driving in GTA4 is “fun”. The vehicles accelerate, speed and corner like stone slabs with deceptively bouncy suspensions, are highly constricted in movement by the dense urban environment, and are really sensitive to damage from reckless driving (i.e. player getting thrown out at high impact crashes, or vehicle landing on the gas tank instantly exploding regardless of damage). It sucked out the fun of driving and reduced it to a chore, made only worse with missions that often require you to drive considerable distances from one end of the map to another.

    Have people forgotten that this game came at the tail end of GTA San Andreas and the Stories games, which driving physics had long been very responsive and nimble? I consider GTA5’s driving physics to be a return to form if anything.

    And that’s not even getting into how much easier it is to die in GTA4 compared to prior games, how unrewarding and downgraded many features were, and the pestering friendship system. I can still deal with these shortcomings when playing GTA4, but I do not miss them when any of these changes are absent in GTA5. Other than the excellent worldbuilding and grim storyline, the game has otherwise left a sour taste in my mouth since I first played it in 2009.

    • KenTWOu says:

      Regarding GTA4 driving, you forgot to mention incredibly annoying camera view which was placed way too low, so it was really hard to see what’s in front of your car, and changing its position didn’t help, because it auto corrected itself almost immediately.

      • Poor People says:

        This was actually a non-issue for me. I compensated by using a zoomed out camera view (because I’ve long been comfortable with a wider field of view in the series) and using the mouselook almost constantly (which I was already accustomed to using in San Andreas). But I can understand how frustrating it is if you’re looking to use a specific driving view without having to meddle with it always.

    • myhandleonrps says:

      I think San Andreas and 5 are boring as hell to drive in. 4 had a sense of speed and weight that was so much fun. Outrunning the police while needing to know the intricacies of every car and whether or not they’d fit down that alleyway or between those two cars was an entire game in itself for me. If they didn’t, you had a spectacular crash and had to take off on foot to get to the next car.