Telltale officially announce Guardians of the Galaxy

How do you feel about tape cassette players floating in space? Do they intrigue you? Are you interested in them? Would you like to play as one in a game? Telltale Games’ upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy series is hitting digital shelves, so to speak, in 2017. Groot. Is that how I use that word?

As you can see in the teaser trailer, that’s about all we have to go by at this point: a mix tape. Otherwise we can just make guesses based on the Guardians of the Galaxy comics and movies, which are about Star-Lord (a human), Rocket Raccoon (a talking raccoon), Groot (a talking tree) getting into scifi scrapes with various alien races and listening to old pop songs. Telltale remain pretty tight-lipped as to what of this we’ll see in the game, but I’d guess it will reference the film everyone lost their collective minds over more than the comics. I still haven’t seen it, but that’s by choice. I’m interested in trying out the game, however, so I’m very much looking forward to being properly introduced to the characters when the property has been given the Telltale treatment.

The series will make its debut, like the previous Batman games, as a special season pass disc in the future as well with the first episode on a disc and access to further pieces of the story as each one is released. I just hope it’s better than The Walking Dead’s Michonne spinoff.


  1. Turkey says:

    I’m holding off for the Telltale series based on Seinfeld.

  2. Hilloh says:

    The teaser reminded me of Tales from the Borderlands, so I’m intrigued at least. I have always liked Telltale’s fun side more than the dark side, so I hope this turns out good.

  3. Zenicetus says:

    I’m having trouble seeing it work in this format. GOTG worked as a movie because there was good comic timing between the actors, and lots of action sequences. Hard to pull off in this format, I think.

    How well is the Batman series handling action sequences? I haven’t played it, just the first series of Walking Dead and Wolf Among us. I thought the QTE-alike action bits in those games didn’t work very well; just a clumsy key-mashing interlude in the story. Maybe the Batman series is better. Or doesn’t he punch anyone?

    • w0bbl3r says:

      Wolf among us has been my favourite of these games so far. I haven’t played them all, but I couldn’t get into borderlands, the first episode of batman put me off so much I couldn’t finish the first episode, and I have no desire at all to go for the game of thrones.

      Walking dead were very good. Wolf among us was fantastic. The only problem is those QTE sections. They should come up with a way to just be able to watch the action scenes if you want. Like the witcher 2 had an “easy QTE” option in the menu.
      Because once you get past those first QTE sections (fighting the woodsman in wolf among us at the start was the worst), then you see a fantastic story with amazing characters start to shine through.
      Also, after the first episode of wolf among us, there aren’t as many QTE’s, or at least they aren’t usually as long as that first woodsman fight.

    • Booker says:

      Batman is 1:1 like TWAU. No difference at all. It’s just that the graphics look a lot worse, because they tried a more realistic look and their graphics engine can’t do that. You only don’t notice that it’s 10+ years old, if they have this complete comic look.

    • Ericusson says:

      I would tend to agree, the success of the original telltale games has a lot to do in my views with the drama constructed with the characters.
      Gotg is just a giant goofball of fun for which I do not see any experience in Telltale.

      But I am probably wrong and will hopefully be proven so by a future release, that is the best I can wish.

      • titotal says:

        You clearly haven’t played tales from the borderlands, which is pure goofball fun in the best possible way. Hope they can pull it off again, their drama games haven’t been as good lately.

        • Ericusson says:

          (I must admit I did not, will check it out if the occasion arises.)

  4. Scandalon says:

    but I’d guess it will reference the film everyone lost their collective minds over more than the comics. I still haven’t seen it, but that’s by choice.

    Seems a slightly odd choice, but yea, you’re not missing much, IMO. The film was really very generic – not enough time to care about any of the characters, and the barest hints of imagination (like an off-brand 5th Element)

  5. Optimaximal says:

    If Tales from the Borderlands taught us anything, it’s that Jared Emerson-Johnson scores a mean soundtrack when given access to licensed tracks.

  6. w0bbl3r says:

    Ok then, if this is how it’s going, they should do the evil dead next. And then die hard followed quickly by lethal weapon.
    Then, to top them all, snakes on a plane.
    If we are ditching story and character pieces now for all-out sci-fi and/or action, might as well go all the way.

    As much as I have enjoyed some of these telltale adventures, this is just getting silly now.

    Ohohoh, I forgot, they should also do the expendables. There are three of those movies for them to take the great stories and deep character progression from.

  7. Don Reba says:

    > How do you feel about tape cassette players floating in space?


    > Do they intrigue you?


    > Are you interested in them?


    > Would you like to play as one in a game?

    I would!!!

  8. Booker says:

    The only Telltale-like game I would be interested in, is a spin-off for each of the interesting characters from Witcher 3. Cerys as Queen. Ciri as Empress. Each of them a season. Maybe a season as Jonny the godling. That could be fun. Come to think of it, CDP should do that themselves, because they would use graphics and technology from this decade. :)

  9. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Didn’t care much for the film, but this looks like it will be the next “funny” one, probably made by some of the same people who developed Tales from the Borderlands?

  10. CMaster says:

    “How do you feel about tape cassette players floating in space? ”

    It reminds me of that awesome but difficult map from Plain Sight, a game that, as far as I can tell, was only ever played by RPS readers.

  11. Zekiel says:

    Sound waves don’t travel in space?

    Otherwise 10 out of 10 awesome teaser trailer.

  12. greywolfe says:

    i have pretty much stopped caring.

    telltale need to make a game of their own and not a licensed one before i’ll buy anything they make at full price ever again.

    it’s sad and it seems like such a waste. [that and their engine, which they desperately need to update.]

    and i guess what we’re getting here is another game with pseudo-choices again. when they did this in wolf among us, i was literally angry at the end. i shouldn’t have felt the way i did, i’m sure, but telltale keep selling it as “making choices.” and when you do, they box you in and give you an ending they want, not an ending you chose.

    so, yeah. not interested. [will probably watch this on youtube, though. more rocket raccoon? yes, pleaes. and that’s literally the best thing about this.]