Overcooked serves festive feast with free update

“Christmas time, mistletoe and wine,” sang Cliff Richard. I’ll decline the invitation to his Crimbo cocktail party if that’s his idea of a good tipple. Heck, I’d sooner eat something prepared in Overcooked [official site]. The chaotic cooperative chef ’em up has launched a festive update with new wintery levels, new festive dishes, and all sorts of new hats and gadgets. Delia Smith may recommend cooking a turkey at gas mark 7 but heck, Overcooked will now let you flamethrower it.

The free Festive Seasoning update hit on Friday. It packs eight new levels done up like snowy lodges, with new recipes Turkey Dinner and Stew. Merry Christmas! To help prepare those meals, developers Ghost Town Games have added a flamethrower. Sure.

And as Christmas meals involve dressing up festively, they’ve also boshed in santa hats, and a snowman and reindeer as unlockable chefs. Have a gander:

I’m daydreaming about some game’s Christmas update adding the option to gift awful jumpers to other players to force them to wear them.

I’ve not had a crack at Overcooked yet myself but do hear good things about it. If you’ve been enjoying it yourself, hey, did you read Pip’s interview with the studio’s co-founder?

Do you know Cliff also puts dogs on the fire and cats up the tree? Appalling.


  1. inspiredhandle says:

    Ffs. Now I’ve got that shitty song stuck in my head. Have been looking at getting this game for forever. Who has 3 friends though? ?

    • 3man says:

      Having three children works.

      At least until they figure out why you don’t have any friends.

  2. Nauallis says:

    I swear that you’re just making words up and hoping that people take it as vernacular.

  3. aerozol says:

    Bought this game last week to play at a stag do (sounds a bit non-traditional, but was a great weekend, don’t worry about it), and it was a blast with 8 pretty drunk people in the room playing on a projector. 4 people playing, everyone else yelling advice, the only way to play.
    Can really recommend it!
    Which is saying something, usually we just end up going back to the all-time greats (Towerfall and Nidhogg) when we try a new couch co-op game.