Stellaris sends love letter in new story by Alexis Kennedy

“I love you” means different things when said to your cat, your parent, your emperor, someone who’s just sat next to you on the night bus, and a pint mug of foaming warm advocaat. What does love mean when it’s declared by an unknown entity in the depths of space? Ah. Maybe it’s best not to find out. But if you’re spacecurious or a spaceromantic at heart and you play Stellaris [official site], you can now get loved-up with a free new story update written by Failbetter co-founder Alexis Kennedy.

Here’s a love letter straight from the spaceheart:

Here’s Paradox’s teasy blurb about the Horizon Signal story:

“A signal in distant space is calling out to your empire. What does this entity want, and how does it know who you are?”

The new hunk o’ story arrived yesterday in update 1.4.0, which also brought fixes and tweaks as detailed in the patch notes.

Alexis Kennedy, to briefly remind you, co-founded Failbetter Games and wrote for their fine spooky games like Fallen London and Sunless Sea. He left Failbetter earlier this year and has since been working on his own cultist simulator and served as a wordslinger-for-hire to folks including BioWare as well as Stellaris.

I’ve sworn off love myself. It’s all






  1. DEspresso says:

    Secret Stellar Santa, you heard it here first, folks.

  2. inspiredhandle says:

    1st paragraph made me think a lot more deeply than I was expecting. You are an asset to this site for sure.

  3. Benratha says:

    Blue Velvet?

  4. Doubler says:

    Is advocaat commonly consumed warm over there? I usually have/see it served cold.

  5. Ruinous says:

    Well that went dark pretty quickly. Here’s an xmas hug, Alice!

  6. emilyariel says:


    (eta: and also for showing me the Hounds of Love video which is unsurprisingly amazing)

  7. Captain Narol says:

    I really need to find time to give Stellaris a new go between 2 other stuffs, this game is becoming more and more fascinating with each update…

    • Pogs says:

      Indeed I hover over the buy button but I wait with the patience of those born in the ancient and distant star systems until those in the know say it is timeā€¦

    • jasta85 says:

      Given that it’s made by paradox (crusader kings II and other grand strategy games) you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to get a ton of DLC over the years. I played it a bit right after launch, then decided to let it develop for a couple years and then jump back in. I’ve got like 8 other games I’m trying to play simultaneously right now so I’m fine with letting them put out more content for this one.