Hearts of Iron 4: Together for Victory invading next week

The first expansion for Hearts of Iron 4 [official site] will hit next Thursday, December 15th, developers Paradox announced today. ‘Together for Victory’ focuses on the British Dominions and Commonwealth states, making them more unique and interesting with new alternate histories, new unique art, new National Focuses and so on. The base game is a bit lacking so it’ll be interesting to see what direction Paradox are taking it in with expansions.

Paradox say in a press release:

“This expansion is not only the first for Hearts of Iron IV, but sets the model for many future add-ons, bringing new detail and gameplay options to nations outside of the great powers. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Raj of India have been given unique National Focus trees, more leaders to choose from, and a selection of industrial corporations to add extra color to your experience.”

Together for Victory will cost £10.99/$14.99. It’ll add and tweak more systems too, as detailed this-a-way. Here’s a chatty Paraman to tell you more too:

With Paradox games, patches can be just as important as expansions. We know that update 1.3, nicknamed ‘Torch’, one will bring changes including configurable garrison orders and AI improvements when it arrives alongside Together for Victory.


  1. Ross Angus says:

    Dat alt text…

  2. morganjah says:

    So… is the game playable yet? Is there naval war in the pacific? Is everyone still building a million naval bombers?

    • shde2e says:

      Why build naval bombers when you can just build fighers?

      It’s not like the AI tries hard to stop your naval invasions anyway, and your fleet mostly exists just to bruteforce those through in the first place.

      Although I do hope they fix the problems with the darned faction system, that makes way too difficult to play with a minor nation.

  3. BenWH says:

    Key question for me though is do we get the camera modes – the ones they keep using here where you can see the map and models without counters on top of them and further out than 3 territories, because it’s not in the game now!

  4. shde2e says:

    The expansion sounds… nice, but most of these things are already done by mods. So unless they also include a bunch of gameplay improvements, they seem a bit superfluous.

  5. wackazoa says:

    I do enjoy sometimes playing Paradox games, but man do I hate their DLC policy. I dont care so much that their games have DLC, its just there is so much of it and that it changes the game so much. Im not the 1st to state this. If you buy the game day one it will not play the same as day 300 or day 500, hell it wont even be recognizable. It almost makes it feel like to buy it day 1 is to basically buy a Early Access game.

    I would be fine if this was just for 1 game. But their last four in house developed games have followed the same pattern. I even get that people are happy and buy them, its why they do it Im sure, and you can even call me crazy, but I just want to be able to sit down and play their full game that they intend to make the day I buy it.

    *I have CK2 and EU4 (Put 200+ hrs into CK2 and 100ish hrs into EU4) and I havent played them in over a year. Everytime I get the urge to reinstall them there is another DLC coming out so I think “I’ll just wait until then”. Then they have to patch it all up. Then there is a new DLC coming out. Then they have to patch that. 5 or 6 DLC’s later Im wondering if I’ll ever get around to playing them again and how much stuff Im gonna have to re-learn, just to basically play a blob simulator any way.

  6. Rituro says:

    More Canadian options?! Pardon me a moment, reading the HoI4 wiki to see if I should be buying this game right now. Yes, I’m a sucker for anything that features my country. Such is life.