Doom adds AI bots and demonic ballsport

From the author who brought you such cutting insights as “Whaaat? id Software released a game without deathmatch?” comes the shocking follow-up “Huuuh? It didn’t have bots either?” Doom [official site] now has bots, which I suppose means it hasn’t had bots the past seven months. ‘Update 5’ launched yesterday afternoon, boshing in AI bots to battle in deathmatch and deathmatch along with a new multiplayer that’s a bit like extra-violent rugby played with a cute demonic eyeball. Futuresports!

Oh, and Bethesda say the final bit of multiplayer paid DLC will launch next week.

So! Update 5 has added multiplayer bot buddies, bopped in a new top-end multiplayer rank, smooshed in more things for SnapMap creations, and added Infernal Run mode. The futuresport sees two teams trying to carry an eyeball to their opponents goal, passing it between themselves, to lob it in. Check out the patch notes for more details. The download was a hefty 11.9GB for me, by the way.

A double XP weekend is on now too.

Here, this trailer shows off the new stuff:

As for ‘Bloodfall’, the last lump of multiplayer DLC, it’ll add three maps and the ability to play as an invisipinkie. Bethesda call this “the final DLC for Doom” so huh, maybe we won’t see anything singleplayer. Fingers crossed they’re thinking about a standalone expansion like they did with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

I do like futuresports but, ah, right now I’m too busy chasing the chainsaw trying to run away from me. It has been a while since I last checked out what people are making in SnapMap, mind, so maybe there’s goofy fun waiting for me in D44m now too.


  1. MercurialJack says:

    Doom is taking up more and more of my SSD space with multiplayer that I will never play. Oh, how I wish I could specify which parts of the game I’d like to install and which I’d rather not have wasting that space.

  2. Tiax says:

    Okay, can we get some nice solo DLC after that? Maybe even make the main campaign doable in coop mode?

    • shocked says:

      Or a rebalanced mode for the main campaign without glory kills.

  3. naetharu says:

    It strikes me as utterly baffling that they have been pumping out all this multi- player for for this game. The single player is fantastic and well worth the entry price but the multi-player is awful. Pretty sure most people got the game for the SP campaign, so seems to make no sense to keep trying to sell people doc for an aspect of the game they don’t want. Certainly the few times I have checked out the MP side if the game it has been dead.

    • Ericusson says:

      I also am waiting for an intelligent response to this mystery. Maybe there are some fine lines in the contract that call for it for the developers to get their full paycheck. Such wasted energy.

      I was not happy at all to have discovered I had to download 12 gigs of useless disk space for this crap.
      Then again, I had to get up at 4 am for a boat that was canceled due to the monsoon so that might also be it.

    • Baines says:

      These patches also update Snap Map assets (which are probably a sizable chunk of the patches), and Snap Map is used for creating both single and multi-player levels.

      There are a ton of single player levels available through SnapMap… Original creations, recreations of maps from other games, etc. Stuff that plays like a regular level, survival or horde style maps, and some weird experimental stuff as well.

  4. Yachmenev says:

    Worth noting also that this update apparently removes the Denuvo DRM from the game.

  5. dystome says:

    I assume this means the bots also know how to play eyeball rugby. That’s my evening sorted, then.

    • dystome says:

      Also, the way that eyeball looks around is surely an homage to Darkplace… link to

    • Baines says:

      Patch says bots are for deathmatch and team deathmatch.

      Deathmatch is one of the simplest things to code for, and they were probably able to reuse work that already went into the NPC monster support.

  6. A Wanderer says:

    Stupid question : how in the name of whatever can this crap be 12 gb big ? They are just entirely replacing some files instead of modifying them ?

    • Baines says:

      Probably replacing some files as well as adding new files. It is a fairly “console” approach to patching.

      At least they aren’t doing like Capcom with Street Fighter 5, which has released its last several PC updates as “title updates” of increasing size. I’ve a feeling this might not be entirely laziness on Capcom’s part, as they switched entirely to title updates only after people rejected their rootkit DRM.

  7. BlazeHedgehog says:

    Deathmatch bots? Wow. Don’t see a lot of those these days. I’m impressed.

  8. Massenstein says:

    That droopy eye there looks like a 3d-rendered version of an enemy from the ancient Catacomb Fantasy Trilogy, which was the grandmother of the original Doom.

  9. engion3 says:

    Beat it on release, will have to reinstall, seems like there’s so much new content. Especially since I just got my Asus mg279q :):)