Gust’s Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure coming to PC

The JRPGs of venerable studio Gust will start coming to PC next year, parent company Koei Tecmo announced today. Gust join a long and pleasing lineup of Japanese developers who once focused on consoles but are now starting to give PC a crack, which is splendid news. But while some have been starting deep in their back catalogue, Gust’s first PC ports will be recent ones: Nights of Azure [official site] and Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book [official site]. Both of them will hit Steam on February 7th, 2017.

As I know nowt about all this, I’ll turn you over to Gust’s stepdad Koei Tecmo to explain a bit about Atelier Sophie:

“Set against a vibrant background reminiscent of a medieval European town the Atelier series’ 17th instalment follows the exploits of a young novice Alchemist who discovers she is the owner of an enigmatic volume imbued with a soul. This Mysterious Book seems to hold all the secrets to Alchemy knowledge and it goes on to become Sophie’s mentor. Sophie’s improving alchemy skills start bringing back forgotten memories and uncover the strange tale of the book’s origin.”

Here’s a peek at some combat from that:

As for Nights of Azure, Koei Tecmo say “Unlike previous GUST titles, however, the protagonist has a very active role in the game’s real-time battle system.” More blurb:

“Few leave their homes after nightfall in the kingdom of Ruswal, let alone have the strength and skill to take on the powerful azure-blooded demons that plague the uncharted island. One of the best among these brave few is Arnice, a beautiful knight of great skill and power sworn to protect humanity and defend the priestess Lilysse—her best friend. As she grows in power, Arnice can summon creatures known as Servan to assist her in battle as well as transform into a demon herself in order to carry out her mission.”

And some moving pictures:

Ah yes, those are indeed video games.

These may be Gust’s first PC releases but their stepdad, Koei Tecmo, does have more experience here. Though, er, Koei games are often a bit wonky on PC.


  1. int says:

    Girls! Girls! Feck! Drink!

  2. Jokerme says:

    So these games are all standalone story-wise, right? It’s hard to imagine 17 games having a continuous story line.

    • Elisianthus says:

      Sorta kinda, Jokerme. They tend to come it sets of three loosely connected games, then shift over to a new one for the next three, and so on. Sophie is the first in a new arc.

    • NegativeZero says:

      The Atelier games are all stand-alone stories, each focused on a specific protagonist. Every 2-3 games will share the same setting, character designer etc. and have crossover characters. Sophie is the first game in a new setting so it’s a good starting point, though I found it to not be the best game in the series by a long shot (mainly because the plot is a bit threadbare).

      Nights of Azure is completely unrelated to anything else Gust’s made. It’s a weird game. Hard to describe. It’s mediocre but the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Personally couldn’t finish it though, the final boss too hard (or more likely I’m just too crap at it).

      Both games have sequels with localizations confirmed. Atelier Firis (the sequel to Sophie) was confirmed for PC recently too. Wouldn’t be surprised if Nights of Azure 2 gets the same treatment though it may depend on sales of the first game.

  3. epmode says:

    I was happy about this until I realized that this is all going to be published by Koei-Tecmo. Virtually all of their PC ports are hot garbage if you have a monitor over 1080p. Then there are the incessant 30 FPS locks.

    The framerate locks may be in place for a good reason but there’s no reason a modern 3D game should have them. I wouldn’t even mind so much if it looked like they were making an attempt to improve their ports but it hasn’t happened yet.

    • Ghostwise says:

      They could hire Durante. :-)

    • KDR_11k says:

      I have the general impression that Japanese console games are designed exactly for what the console can do with no thought to portability (especially to modern PCs, not just netbooks). E.g. if the console cannot render it at 60FPS anyway they design everything to run only at 30 FPS (especially physics and other time sensitive logic). So the 30 FPS lock is a lot deeper in the code than just in the rendering thread. See things like Dark Souls’s halved weapon durability which probably come from the logic for weapon durability being supposed to tick only once in a 33ms window. That assumption is likely buried in many, many places of the game code in those games.

      • epmode says:

        Oh god, I didn’t proofread my post. I meant to say that there’s no reason a modern 3D game should have a 1080p resolution lock. I understand that there are technical reasons why a framerate lock may be in place (even if they’re shortsighted and a little dumb).

    • mitthrawnuruodo says:

      You are mixing up Koei’s development and publishing businesses. I doubt Koei will port these themselves. Even then, Koei-developed PC ports have become progressively better with each new release.

      • epmode says:

        I couldn’t say how much better they’re getting. Koei-Tecmo still implement a 1080p resolution lock on virtually all of their ports which looks *terrible* on my 1440p monitor. It’s especially frustrating knowing how easy it would be for them to make their games resolution-independent.

  4. mitthrawnuruodo says:

    Yess! Atelier series comes to PC. F*ck Sony, made buying PS games hell due to region locking policies (and my nomadic life so far). Now no more reason to do so. I am going to ceremoniously burn my PS consoles.

    • cckerberos says:

      What are you referring to here? I haven’t experienced a problem with region locking since the PS2 days.

  5. Dinges says:

    Ehhh, whatever. All I want from the land of the rising nuclear meltdowns is the Legend of Heroes series on Steam.

    • nuttycomic says:

      @Dinges; We’ve got two Legend of Heroes games on Steam, hopefully get a few more in the coming years.

  6. Skandranon says:

    Dammit, I just bought the first trilogy on Vita, and two of the second trilogy.

    Ah well, guess I’ll pick up the last one on Vita and just make the PC jump for Sophie onwards.