Banjo-Kazooie ’em up Yooka-Laylee jumps out April 11th

Yooka-Laylee [official site], the crowdfunded Banjo-Kazooie-y 3D platformer, now has a release date. Come April 11th, 2017, we’ll get to do all those late-nineties jumping things with two new cute animal friends. Our Pip played a few minutes earlier this year and reported back, “the impression I currently have is that rather than this being a new game it’s very much like finding an alternate universe’s version of Banjo-Kazooie and playing that.” I’ve no love lost for 3D collect-o-platformers myself but hey, that is exactly what some want from Yooka-Laylee. Here, have a peek in this new gameplay trailer:

That’s the world of Capital Cashino, a big ol’ casino full of games to play. Developers Playtonic games explain:

“This glamorous, marble-floored playground has our buddy-duo navigating the casino floor, discotheques and oversized roulette tables in search of delicious golden bounty. But there’s a twist; players must now compete to win casino tokens, and exchange them with the banker for the pivotal Pagies!”

Yooka-Laylee is coming April 11th to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG.

Related-ish: I always adored the Casino Nights Zone in Sonic 2. I happily gambled and bounced around giant pinball tables but what really made it for me was the vast casino city stretching to the parallax-scrolling horizon. Its skyscrapers glittering in the darkness created a vast world inside my head, a huge imaginary space. In a curious crossing-over of worlds, this was back when I read 2000 AD and Casino Nights Zone fed my ideas of Mega-City One. Pinboing didn’t help that.


  1. Ur-Quan says:

    No word on the cancellation of the WiiU version?
    As a WiiU owner that makes me really sad. Thinking about trying to get a refund since I don’t own any other console and I don’t have any gamepad for the PC.

    • Neurotic says:

      Get a gamepad instead. 360 ones are cheap as chips.

      • Ur-Quan says:

        For a single game? No thanks. Not worth it for me.

        • SigmaCAT says:

          I can swear it is. You’ll buy it for one game, then eventually try a few other ones and probably won’t be able to let it down after that. Honestly, try it out. Once you go pad you don’t go back

        • mukuste says:

          I think you’ll find that surprisingly many games work extremely well with a controller (especially seeing how basically all AAA games we get are console ports anyway).

          And seeing how cheap a wired 360 controller is, even getting one for a single game can be worth it. I originally bought one just to play Psychonauts, and it’s become my most used gaming input device by far in the years since.

        • Kolba says:

          I don’t think any WiiU owner can make the argument that they don’t spend money on hardware without enough software to make it worthwhile.

          • Scripten says:

            The WiiU *was* a letdown, but you can still get your money’s worth out of the library depending on what you enjoy. NuSmash, Pikmin 3, 3D World, and a few others are solid investments. (Granted, I’m a PC gamer first, so AAA non-N games aren’t usually on my console radar.)

          • Ur-Quan says:

            Well I bought it close to launch so I think I actually can claim that. But yeah buying a new console close to launch was a pretty bad decision that I’ll never repeat.

  2. Neurotic says:

    Always good to see the ol’ Team 17 logo on a game! :)

  3. mukuste says:

    Something about the graphics in this one just feels sterile and off-putting. But then I’ve never played Banjo Kazooie, so maybe I just haven’t developed the proper nostalgia glands.

    • SigmaCAT says:

      I don’t have nostalgia glands either (I’m a donkey kong fan, I didn’t have a 64 so didn’t know banjo until quite late) but aside from the off-putting character design, I’m a sucker for nice 3D platforming so I got hope for this one. The environments are really attractive

    • Pazguato says:

      Personally, I love the character design, much better than Banjo and friends.

    • AYZON says:

      I don´t think the graphics are the issue but I agree there´s just something about the game that makes it feel empty.
      I hope it won`t give me that feel once I can play it myself.

  4. Urthman says:

    Wow, they’re really goin’ for the Banjo-Kazooie vibe, right down to golden-hexagon collectables and using the same font and sound effects for dialogue.

    I hope they can get some better music though. The Banjo-Kazooie games had some pretty good tunes (and I see the composer from the original games is on the team!), but the tune in the video just sounds like a half-hearted attempt to make something that sounds like Banjo-Kazooie music.

  5. pistachio says:

    Agree. I think it’s colour palette. Lots of grey and brown mixed with bright colours.